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Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Maelthra, Jun 25, 2014.

  1. Maelthra

    So, I just finished the Auraxium medal on the Orion and I already have Auraxium on the SVA-88 (loved both of them). Now I'm trying to decide which LMG to try out next, so I figured I'd ask my Vanu brothers for suggestions!

    As far as VS LMGs go, I already own the Lasher, Ursa, and the NS-15M. However, the Pulsar LSW, Polaris, and Flare are all very cheap cert-wise, so I'll go with anything. After the Orion and SVA-88, which LMG do you guys think is fun and effective to use?
  2. NCDaniel

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  3. reydelchicken

    The flare, the polaris, and the ns-15m are all great weapons that are worth the auraxium imo.

    The pulsar LSW isn't bad either, but doesn't really shine at anything since you have the sva-88.
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  4. MorganM

    I like the Pulsar LSW... it's soooo smooth. I like it more than the Orion.
  5. SharkSpider

    I've got all of them auraxiumed (some many times over) and my advice to you would be to go for the NS-15 or the Polaris. These guns are still 143-damage so you'll keep what you're used to, but they have substantially lower ROF and to do well with them you really have to learn to get advantageous engagements, score headshots, pick your ranges, etc. You probably won't want to use them much after getting auraxiums but nothing teaches you to be a better player like using a crappy weapon and trying to match how well you did with a good one.
  6. Ohmlink

    They honestly need to do something with the Pulsar LSW or SVA they are essentially the same gun, but one has the higher ADS speed.

    Maybe buff one to the 723 ROF like the Zenith or something. Just to distinguish them.
  7. vanu123

    Flare, hits like a truck and it was my first auraxium. Just get headshots.