[Suggestion] Next Map Should Be Heavily Urban

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Cavadus, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. Cavadus

    Give us a bombed out half destroyed city please!

    I need to brush up on MOUT anyways ;)

    Seriously though, all of the maps so far have been big open spaces. Let's get something where half of the map or more is just the bombed out ruins of a giant city.
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  2. Kairus

    Why would the TR, VS, and NC fight over a bombed out city?
  3. Bavieca

    Because it would be goddamned amazing! I also want a flash deathrace map. With races every 15 minutes from one side to another, the flashes all spawn on one side, join the main track about 1/10th of the way through, and have to make it past spawn points for enemy infantry the rest of the way, winner gets bonus exp! (ruins the meta but what the hell right?)
  4. Morpholine

    Be careful what you ask for.

    You might receive Core Combat.
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  5. Bill Hicks

    the next map should be covered a giant sheet of metal that is 50 feet off the ground so that aircraft have to fly real low, then give every heavy a rocket pod: call this new continent soviet side : where infantry pod you!!!
  6. Bill Hicks

    or lifeless rock? maybe the city has the last roll of toilet paper
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  7. bPostal

    Ziplines! NOOOOOOOOOO
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  8. TribbleFluffer

    whats core combat? I wasnt a PS1er... :(

    also i can picture the bombed area's having a green glow to them and like really foggy or dusty due to atomic rad or something.
    Urban Combat, the Snipers dream....or Nightmare. depending on how you play.
    Its also the infantry's worst nightmare, plenty of places to lay in wait for an ambush.

    I can picture that the center of the map would be the capitol of the once grand city, there might be a couple of military garrisons or bases strewn about the city, a hospital, airbase/field/port. Citys = unexpected resources, you have metal, water, sometimes you can find non spoiled food, it also means shelter from the elements and strategic locations to advance from or retreat too.
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  9. Selerox

    Sounds like a good idea to me.

    For the simple reason that it would allow for a combat theatre that actively limited armour and air superiority. They have a major role in the other continents, so it would be a good addition to allow for an area that infantry can really shine.

    It wouldn't even necessarily need to be purely urban. It just needs to be close enough terrain to allow for cover against air attack and to restrict the use of massed armour. Heavy forest cover would do much the same job as an urban environment.
  10. Morpholine

    Core Combat gave us "urban combat themed" caverns, where the main form of transportation throughout were a confusing and illogically-tied series of zip lines.

    In most cases, the safe bet to get to where you wanted to go was to pick a line that ran in the opposite direction.

    Some loved the caves, but most PS1 players panned the expansion as a whole, and the vast majority of the people who ventured there for any length of time did so to meet BFR certification requirements.
  11. Kracken

    no tank spam or esf spam.....diggin it for a change of pace.
  12. Cavadus

    **** me, I can't handle another Core Combat. That **** sucked.

    No, I want a real bombed out city. We have no environment even remotely like it so far.

    I think the best way to go about it would be to have a map that is a lot of coniferous forests and then to pack the city ruins in the open corner (open, as in not occupied by a faction warpgate) or they could do something with the shape of the land that isn't a square.

    You really can't think of any reason why armies would fight over a city during a war...?

  13. yadelah

    Not gonna lie, that sounds pretty awesome but I do see how it can suck.
  14. Morpholine

    Sounded good on paper, trended to the suck in practice.

    Edit: Done right, an urban map would be a fantastic addition. I was just giving a little nod to the veterans, considering how the last time we suggested this turned out.
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  15. siiix

    i WISH ... but it wont even happen.. i think it would be to graphic intensive for now ... maybe in a few years (for most players)
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  16. MilitiaMan

    I would love to see this, it would give infantry the advantage over ESF and MBT.

    It would give a whole new world of thought to MBT for checking surrounding and watching for traps and ambushes.

    For ESF, they would need to use hover control very well and learn how to stabilize in tight spaces or risk crashing. Also start using dive bomb techniques.

    I support this thread!
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  17. Cavadus

    Like this:

  18. Sevre

    An urban cityscape environment is one if two things that I really want to see implemented and would make this game unique compared to PS1.

    The other is naval warfare.
  19. Revanmug

    the next continent is Searhus which is a volcanic kind of environment. Very doubtful it'll be urban like.
  20. Admiral Ackbar

    When it comes to a game like Planetside 2 and many other games.. You remove the why.. I could ask why in Guild Wars 2 the Asura built a cube city.. They built it because its cool, not because its accurate.. There is always a reason why a city is made also.. Lets say this city continent was a center of trade.. It could be in the middle of the area where all the 3 continents are located..