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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Higby, Jun 20, 2014.

  1. Torok

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  2. eldarfalcongravtank

    thanks for this status update higby! we really really appreciate the extensive info you give us here. much better than having to search every single bit on reddit, twitter or other pages about what's going to come to PS2 in the future
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  3. Maljas23

    Agreed 100% with this. Even lore-wise it sounds great.
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  4. Gammit

    This is good for two reasons: one, you're releasing meaningful content, and you're releasing in pieces rather than perfecting for the next 2 years.
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  5. Stanis

    the number of major bases is right.

    the number of smaller bases and satellites is too much.

    is there still a plan to lift 'old oshur' from PS1 as mentioned some time last year?

    I'd settle for half a dozen emptyish continents with a dozen facilities on each that can later be completed or expanded.
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  6. Ranik

    ooh ooh better idea.

    Why not create some empty continents and use that base construction technology you've developed with people you've moved from PS2 to H1Z1.

    You were talking about outfit base construction ages ago and H1Z1 must have some of that tech present. Just translate the basics for now and the players will make the bases for you. Just provide some basic limitations (bases X distance apart and only Y many base objects) and then set the players loose.

    Create some sort of deployable menu only accessible to outfit leaders. The deployable menu would first concentrate on building the main Control Point stucture. You could easily have a few prefabs of different building designs. From there depending on the base size (outpost/base) you then have secondary control computers. All of those would act as the control points we have now. And the larger the base the more construction objects available per base.

    You'd have to set some hard limits on things like walls to prevent chicanery but if you set a limit on the various types of objects it would prevent abuse or spam.

    EX: Small outpost
    Wall sections: 10
    Railing sections: 50
    Barricades: 20
    Platforms: 5

    etc etc.
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  7. Red87

    Looks awesome. Let's hope the servers don't die a fiery death on the release of this.
  8. Pikachu

    Downtime has been extended due to outstanding technical issues.
  9. WorldOfForms

    There can only be one continent locked at a time. Currently we have 3 continents. So, adding Hossin will spread out the playerbase between 4 continents, but once a continent is locked we are back to 3 continents.

    Nothing is changing.
  10. Pikachu

    On the roadmap thread you can read this line:
  11. WorldOfForms

    Thanks, Higby, this is amazing work. Nobody expected Hossin so soon, and you're adding outfit base capture? Impressive.

    One question: what happens if no empire manages to cap a single continent? What happens if an empire does cap a continent, but nobody else can break the lock?

    I am guessing in the first scenario you'll reduce the requirements for a lock, but in the second, will the dev team step in and artificially break the lock?
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  12. Hajj Podge

    Looking forward to Hossin. If it's even anything remotely like the new Amerish, it will be baller.
  13. Pikachu

    Its latest version has some of the warehouse buildings.
  14. Sixstring

    Everything but infantry,doesn't anyone else see where this is going? I was watching the "mlg" thing today on twitch and the outfit they highlighted was just going from base to base with a huge infantry zerg and sunderers any other vehicles were pointless against so many infantry since they can just instagib any vehicles with infinite rockets. First of all rockets and C4 to a lesser extent should be nerfed(I really hate that word) before anything else with the rockets given a resource cost as well.The guy on the Twitch stream even said that was their strategy because it costed them no resourceso_O how is that fair? However the devs think they are balancing the game makes no sense vehicles should overcome mass infantry when you are outnumbered end of story not the other way around.
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  15. Roland2TowerCame

    I like the idea of tagging the base with the outfit name, let the glory of whoever lets me into their club reign!
  16. minhalexus

    can some1 explain how continent locking exactly works?

    is it like being warpgated for the empire that does not own the continent, and a resource flow that owns the continent?

    ^if its so, I don't see how that's fun.
  17. Rustcan

    Numerous posters have already agreed with this dispensation; +1 more.

    The effort to shoehorn outposts into relatively equidistant locales combined with said base saturation has, admitted by Matt Higby here, overburdened Continental Implementation. 1 New Continent every 2 years is not what anyone, including the Dev Team, expected, nor desired.

    Larger expanses of terrain help with 3 elements, perhaps more:
    - Opportunity for new vehicular (air and ground) interaction, given increased area for Maneuver (also future additions, one could hope, such as LLU's or similar mechanics, in addition to Resource Revamp)
    - A bit more immersion due to the Continents actually looking like there's a modicum of wilderness, rather than quasi-Suburban
    - Reduces development time
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  18. elkikko92

    This is the solution I suggest.
    Macro lattice + shield system capture.
    I Hope Higby consider this also if can be a long update.
    Please like The post and suggest me with the commemts.
    (actually 23 like, pic explaination)
  19. VonStalin

    "Once another continent is dominated and locked, the lock of the previously locked continent will be broken, the warpgates will be rotated"
    So this is basically the same as making one continent out of 4. Nothing changes. What's the point?
    I suggest there would be no warpgate rotations at all - no reset. - So home continent would feel like true home continent.
    And faction who owns the locked continent should be able to spawn at it and have some fun, like galaxy crash and so.. Because no enemies are around and it would give the feel that this continent is ALL YOURS. - That is really important.

    There must be a way to figure out how to make system without warpgate rotations "From GODS". Because that feels not natural, not part of the game. Factions themselves should move those warpgates by fighting and conquering. Rotation is bad.
  20. PhantomOfKrankor

    Just wanted to say thanks for starting to post things like this here. A constantly stickied thread or two about the coming updates and about bugs and other issues being looked and worked on is a good thing.