Next Game Update, Holiday events, Roadmap updates and more!

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  1. Higby Developer

    Hey all!

    I wanted to drop by and let you guys know about the upcoming Game Update, Holiday events and some changes that we're making to the Roadmap.

    First up, the next game update will be released early next week, barring anything unforeseen we are targeting Tuesday (December 17th) early AM to release the update.

    This update contains a number of performance enhancements, notably in client memory and memory management. While we don't expect you to see the same level of performance gains that the first O:MFG update had, this should add stability and performance for many of you.

    We also have some extensive balance and gameplay tuning updates coming as well which I know are being hotly debated here already, changes to MAXes, Harassers, AV weapons, infantry weapons, and more. As usual full patch notes will be available with complete details as we get closer to the update.

    This update also comes with a lot of changes to Esamir, mostly performance optimizations, but you'll notice some level tweaks here and there as well. One major difference will be the Freyr Amp Station which has been completely revamped and now plays in a totally new way, we're really interested in hearing what players think of this approach to base building in Planetside 2.

    And of course, the next update will be bringing some Holiday cheer to Auraxis!


    Over the next few weeks you may come across some snowmen (conveniently pictured above for easy identification!) scattered across the frozen wasteland of Esamir. These jolly and harmless fellows can be blown up for a nice chunk of XP, and, if you can light up enough of them you may earn a special reward. Also, keep your eye out for a rare blinged out Golden Snowman who gives a very exclusive reward. If you see one, make sure you get it before your squadmates do!

    In addition to new holiday camos and decals, from the 18th of December through the 1st of January we will be having some huge sales in game.

    Each day during those two weeks a new category in the marketplace (such as "shotguns" or "helmets") will be on sale for 50% off. In addition all Item of the Day items will be 99SC regardless of their original cost, and Members Only Item of the Day items will be 1SC, so make sure you log in every day and don't miss out on anything good!

    Finally I wanted to discuss the Roadmap

    As anyone who's accidentally stumbled into the Roadmap section recently knows, there isn't a lot of content on there right now. That's about to change. While working on O:MFG we retooled our feature schedule, and we've retooled the way we're going to use Roadmap in the future as well.

    As a way to learn what our players are looking for, excited about, and worried about in upcoming features, Roadmap has been terrific tool for us. However, so far Roadmap hasn't been particularly accurate about when those features would be available to players - some of that is due to changing systems due to the feedback from the Roadmap, some is due to changing priorities on the dev team, such as pooling all our effort behind the O:MFG update. We're going to be making the following changes to the way we use Roadmap.
    1. From now on, most features on Roadmap will be kept under unscheduled until we're more certain of a solid release date for them. What that means is when you see something move to "March" you will be able to reasonably expect that feature is ready to be released in March. That isn't a guarantee of course, things will still shift from time to time, but since things will be in Unscheduled until we are very confident that we can hit the dates, this will be a lot more accurate.
    2. Roadmap entries will now have a field for "Status" so you can see what state it's in. We will have statuses for: Designed, In Progress, Internal Testing, On Public Test and Complete.
    Starting early in the new year we're planning on cleaning up many of the Roadmap threads and consolidating based on some revised designs for many of the features which had been up there previously. Some entries are already up for the Amerish Revamp, new Missions & Directives systems, as well as the new Death Screen.

    Death Screen:

    Please check those out and let us know what you think - one thing that isn't changing with Roadmap is our commitment to hearing and acting on your feedback.

    It's been a great year for us here on Planetside 2, and the best is yet to come. We hope you enjoy the Game Update and have a fantastic end to 2013 both on Auraxis and off!

    Until next time!
    Matthew Higby - @mhigby
    Creative Director @Planetside2
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  2. DJPenguin

    Are the rewards from the rare snowmen unique? What if i blow up two? Just the XP?
  3. Kid Gloves

    Esamir snowmen looks like a good way to push everyone on to Esamir. :)
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  4. WyrdHarper

    Hopefully the snowmen will spawn frequently so that us team players get fun shinies, too!
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  5. BITES

    Yay :) Thank you sir for posting and keep up the good work :B

    PS more Rum Codes!!! :p
  6. Rockit

    Really glad the mission system is back in the discussion once again. With the recent performance update one barrier of entry was lowered now it is crucial to keep the new players around by giving them better guidance early on in their game experience. Hopefully they stay around for many hours to come. Need to work on evolving the "end game" though so players feel more substantive results of their efforts but all-in-all this is a good ordering of priorities you have listed.
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  7. Cirevam

    This sounds like it should be a good update. My only concern is ending up with an SC amount not divisible by 5 after spending everything I have left over. I've never liked things being priced as X + .99 but that just means I'll have to buy five or ten items.
  8. MarvinGardens

    OMG. Shut up and take my SC! :)

    Hmm, maybe I should grab a membership for the month...or so...
  9. MarvinGardens

    Dangit though, should I buy all the items in the category when it's flagged for the 50% sale, or should I pray that the items I want will show up in the Daily Sale or the Member's Daily Sale...
  10. Cougarbrit

    It works similar to Pyro title iirc. Blow up like 10 snowmen for snowblower title. I'm guessing rare snowmen might be worth more kills as well as xp, but either way they're like 5k xp per kill for golden snowmen so I'd say 20 certs is already a good bonus.

    Also, am I reading this right?

    1SC for Member only daily items? That is some crazy discount I am seeing there, I must be seeing things :s
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  11. Solo59486

    How often do the snowmen spawn and do they spawn in, or around bases or at some random spot on esamir? Or is this something we will have to figure out ourselves?
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  12. Cougarbrit

    They're on PTS right now I hear, something like 10mins between spawns and they have fixed spawns dotted around Esamir. But that's PTS, they might change that stuff for Live.
  13. Lazaruz

    So I'm guessing no double XP event this Christmas, since the snowmen give XP as rewards?

    I really hope they are randomized. Otherwise the points are going to get camped if the XP is good enough.
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  14. IamDH

    Well we had a double XP recently so i don't really think they'll do another one
  15. Duvenel

    Bah humbug!
  16. Kid Gloves

    Wait a minute!

    We all know Higby doesn't post on these forums!

    Who are you and what have you done with Higby?
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  17. Netsurfer733

    Thumbs up, thumbs up, thumbs up. You're a good man, Higby.

    You should have some live Q&A sessions that are announced wayyyy ahead of time for people about things like this, and spill a bunch more beans with us, too!
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  18. MarvinGardens

    Watch your backs! I will team kill for a golden snowman... :) Nice guys finish last suckers!
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  19. SquattingPig

    This is exactly what I was thinking about. If the spawns are fixed, there are bound to be groups of players who'll tk other people until each person in the group has a kill.
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  20. MarvinGardens

    It'll be total anarchy on Esamir! Madness! Sweet madness!