Newbie Looking for a Fun Outfit

Discussion in 'Connery (US West)' started by mechblade, Aug 22, 2013.

  1. mechblade

    Hello forums,
    I started playing Planetside 2 a little under two weeks ago and am really enjoying the game. While it is nothing like most other games I play (the last fps I owned before this was Metroid Prime 3) the experience of being in a giant battle is awe-inspiring. That said however, I do feel like there is very little I can do on my own, and heard that one of the best ways to enjoy the game is by joining an outfit. As far as time constraints go, I am usually only available on the weekends, but will be glad to help when I have the time. I play heavy assault almost exclusively and am working on upgrading my Gauss Saw at the moments. If there are any outfits open to an inexperienced player looking to have fun, please let me know.
  2. boldeagle3

    Hello Mechblade I am boldeagle3 from the bastards outfit on Connery and we would love to have you in our outfit. We primarily play on fridays and saturdays at 6:30pm pst so feel free to hop on with us just shoot me or acerimmer a friend request and we will gladly send you an outfit invite. We also have a website so feel free to check it out
  3. kaptinkrunch88

    The Bastards is a solid outfit. You could also give us a try. TUBB. Small but Chihuahuas.
  4. Hosp

    We're not for the feint of heart while running ops and our activity has its highs and lows, but we do work with anyone willing to contribute to an effective Mobile Infantry unit. Check us out, Praetorian Guard: