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  1. xthezerohunter

    I've been thinking about but I have no idea how it would work in-game. Should it go to Infiltrator, Heavy or Engineer? If it's an Anti Tank Rifle then Infiltrator would make sense, vehicle zerg? Infiltrator can handle it. But it would need a system to do less damage than rocket launchers, but enough damage to damage G-Vehicles. Like maybe a charge mechanic similar to the Railjack or Phaseshift VX-S. For the railgun, I don't know. Like it does the damage of 2/3 of a tank mine but has to charge up and the charge time is as long as a lock-on, and it's damage dips off dramatically the longer the distance. Like 100m it's good then 150m it gets 1/3, then so on and so forth. And like a new weapon called the Hossin Homicide, it's made out of the foliage on Hossin and can OHKO tanks and infantry. It's the size of a butterknife and the hitbox is smaller than the knife. If you get a killstreak with it you can fly, but while flying you take 30% damage increase. Also if someone kills you with a Hossin Homicide they take your killstreak and it gets added to theirs like the Demoknight in TF2.
  2. Hatesphere

    first off you seem to have two ideas jammed together there, so that doeent help. secondly the infiltrator does not need to be able to deal with vehicles directly ever.
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  3. Scr1nRusher

    The anti material sniper rifle would probably be very effective against MAX's & light armored vehicles.

    The Anti material sniper rifle should be a infiltrator primary weapon.

    Now a Anti Armor Rifle.... that is a different story.
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  4. customer548

    Kind of anti ground vehicules rifle or amnos for Infis only would be just awesome.
    Could be a kind of deployable heavy rifle like engi turrets with a long cooldown. Something like this , against tanks only ( And don't forget to create a dam hudge "BLAM!!" noise each time a round who be shot, like for the Commissioner :D ) :


    Low damages why not, but give us anything for vehicules : long range heavy rifle, or a nade which would temporary disable ( even for a very short lapse of time ) or slow vehicules...Would be fun ^^
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  5. Goldmonk

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  6. Geddes

    If we get AV infiltrator, I want cloak shield heavies.
  7. TheKhopesh

    Materiel (that's how it's spelled, not "material") means armor.

    An anti-materiel rifle is an anti-armor rifle.

    Also, this game already has one.
    Only, it's an energy AV rifle, and it's called the "Lancer".
    (And it's VS only.)

    Obviously, this new rifle would be an AV weapon, and is going to take the HA's rocket launcher slot (this isn't up for debate from what I've been hearing. It's nothing more than a new rocket launcher that functions more like a lite version of the lancer, but under the guise of being an AV rifle. Kinda like how the Baron is essentially the Jackhammer lite).

    I imagine this will be somewhere along the lines of the 2nd charge level of the Lancer, with some drop, a slower velocity, and possibly a bit more ammo.
  8. TheKhopesh

    Relax, from what I hear it's just another NS rocket launcher in it's application (in other words, it's a heavy assault tertiary weapon, so it goes in the HA rocket launcher slot).

    But I'd guess that it's supposed to function as more of a cross between the Lancer's second charge level and the Striker when the Striker is used against ground armor.
  9. thebigbortishbort

    i dont think an infiltrator should have it , as they were tossing around before it was going to either heavy or engineer in tool slot , i dont fancy seeing av rifles popping out of nowhere plinking at armour , kinda hard to give an opinion on just an idea :p
  10. Makora

    Well. Why not an EMP launcher or something for the infiltrator? Can't hurt a vehicle directly, but movement systems go offline, turret turn speed is capped at a constant low speed (no high DPI bullcrap gonna save you here) like 10 seconds for a full rotation and reload speed is also... tripled.

    I'd use it exclusively against ESF's. I don't care how difficult it will be. But essentially a teamwork tool. Replaces the primary. Has an EMP effect on infantry too.
  11. thebigbortishbort

    primary huh , it could work in the tool slot as well and make it work against players aswell and it could be an interesting gadget , 10/10 would buy ( with certs )
  12. Scr1nRusher

    Your getting the Rocket Rifle confused with the Anti material Sniper rifle.

    The Rocket rifle is going to be a alternative to the RL's on the HA's.

    The Anti Material sniper rifle is going to be a infiltrator primary weapon. Also the Anti material sniper rifle would be more effective against light armor & MAX's.

    The weapon is based on the Beretta afterall.
  13. TheKhopesh

    Still though, while the name isn't technically wrong, it's exceptionally inaccurate and misleading.
    "Anti-Materiel" applies only to armor like tanks, armored humvees, that sort of thing.

    While the word "Materiel" itself applies to any non-human military resource (anything from a radio to an aircraft carrier), an AMR (Anti-Materiel Rifle) is only designated as such because it's meant for striking at key systems in heavily armored targets like the tread, engine, weak spots on mounted weapons systems, etc.

    So firing an AMR at a guy in a metal suit (max) or a stripped down assault vehicle (harasser) would be like firing an $80,000 Javelin missile at a naked guy with a knife at 200m (Or pulling a Zephyr lib to kill one sniping infil).
    It's overkill in the extreme (And in the service, you'd be court martialed for doing so).
  14. ColonelChingles

    Not quite. At least not in any modern usage.

    An anti-tank rifle is distinct from an anti-materiel rifle (although many anti-tank rifles became reclassed as anti-materiel after they were ineffective against tanks). One is used to penetrate tank armor, the other is used to deal with things besides personnel.
  15. Ballto21

    Difference between an anti material rifle and an anti amor rifle.

    Anti material in real life is to dispose of heavy munitions from a distance (someone correct me, i think i got this a bit off) but are not very effective against heavier armor.

    In game, i assume this would mean MAXes, Harassers, Air, and base turrets would be damaged by it.

    An anti armor rifle is for tanks, and usually would use depleted uranium or something of the like. Not sure if DUR is allowed by the geneva conventions though, since its technically radioactive munitions.

    Give us vehicle hacking. The balancing criteria are as follows.
    >Cannot hack deployed sundies
    >Alarm is played for the occupant of the vehicle getting hacked if there is one
    >Bigger the vehicle, longer the hack time
    >Time to hack is affected by hack cert line
    >Order of hack speeds fastest to longest:

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