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  1. TheZetifate1745

    I thought of many ideas for new weapons which i will post. They might seem slightly op but they will have downsides. 1 downside all of them will have is your second implant will only be able to have its tier 2 effect. The weapons should cost 500 certs but have slightly more expensive attachments.
  2. Pelojian

    i don't know why you didn't post them together in a single thread. even if combined they are over the letter count for posting you could have split it up into a main post and a reply post.
  3. TheZetifate1745

  4. Demigan

    Having looked at a few, your weapons have no balancing to them. Some are wildly OP with accuracy models that even at full blast are less than 1/3rd of ADS accuracy of normal weapons. Others have no point in them as they are already weaker than their counterparts and have additional negatives to boot?
  5. TheZetifate1745

    Well i didnt look at accuracy and stats of other weapons while making the discussions these are just general ideas
  6. Pelojian

    i'm gonna be honest it looks to me like you just threw some ideas together without really thinking about them, then started throwing them out as separate threads to clog up the forum.

    all your threads are simply variations of the same theme 'new weapons'.

    if i were to brainstorm new weapon ideas first i'd come up with them in notepad and then post it as a single thread as not to push down other threads without cause.
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  7. Demigan

    starting ADS accuracy of SMG's: 0.3 (and from there each shot blooms the COF higher).
    Maximum accuracy while hipfiring and on the move with a lot of your weapons: less than 0.3. Some weapons have a maximum COF of 0.08! I mean holy crap the SMG starting COF is 3,75 times more than the maximum COF of such weapons! And every single shot they bloom more than the maximum COF of these weapons!

    But COF isn't the only problem here. Damage as well. You seem VS oriented as almost every VS weapon you proposed has far more thought into it as far as stuff or uniqueness of it's mechanics goes, but their damage is off the charts. Many weapons would out-DPS any current weapon, if not outright kill people with the first burst (like your VS/NC Carbines and the VS Shotgun). There's also zero balance between each idea, often leaving one faction weapon (almost always the VS one, figures) to be so blatantly more OP than the rest. Like the VS Shotgun that fires 2 pulses in one shot with such a small delay it makes no difference, and the pulse just hits you and deals full damage. Since it's a pulse you probably want it to keep moving even after a hit, meaning you can 2-shot kill any person within the 15m range with barely any aim required unless they activate a shield.

    And as already mentioned, there's the time between "bursts". When you've got a time between bursts of 0.05 or something similar it barely makes a difference to add that delay unless the recoil and COF meddle with it, but hey that recoil and COF is usually almost nothing! The one time it is something the COF bloom is so ludicrous that you can't hit anything.
  8. DarkStarAnubis

    In PS2 there are already too many weapons, a lotof them are copy&paste of each other. The weapon spectrum of all factions of more or less fully covered. Typically you have:

    bullet hoses weapons (high RoF, low DMG, low precision and high bloom, sucks at range but excel at CQC)
    mid-range weapons (average RoF and DMG, can engage at any range with reasonable degree of success)
    long-range weapons (low RoF, high DMG, high precision and low bloom, excels at range but suck at CQC)
    "finesse" weapons: overall low DPS and high precision
    "hammer" weapons: overall high DPS but low precision
    full auto, semi-auto and single shot weapons

    So what we need is not new weapons but new weapon mechanics and design. Tossing some ideas:

    1. Rocket (pardon, missile) Launchers could be enhanced by using "ammo" just like the rocklet launchers and be more specialized (more punch/less range, more precision/less damage, flechette, EMP rounds, smoke rounds, sabot rounds, ...)

    2. Cooperative weapons: bombs and missiles dropped by aircrafts and laser guided by infantry using a specialized tool

    3. Deployable weapons requiring set-up time, e.g. mortars used by Engineers

    And so on.
  9. Demigan

    I think it could use a bit more variation of the UT variety as well.

    UT has 3 bullet based weapons. A pistol, a chaingun and a sniper.
    Then there's a temporary mine-layer (biorifle)
    A DMR with the ability to flush people out of cover or lay down slow traveling defensive fire (shockrifle)
    A type of area denial weapon that can often be used for repairs or CQC cutting people to pieces (plasma rifle)
    A weapon that bounces its ammo, can cut people's heads off or be fired as low-yield explosive (ripper)
    A shotgun with bouncing but slow moving projectiles and a mortar ability (flak canon)
    A rocketlauncher that can fire rockets in patterns or use them as thrown grenades on a fuse that also explode on contact.
    A portable tactical nuke.

    Now many of these arent going to be suited for PS2 even after adapting their damage models and physics to the game, but it does give the opportunity to diversify PS2's arsenal, especially if each weapon gets a similar treatment as bulletweapons got, although hopefully less exhaustive.
  10. TheZetifate1745

    obviously if their not going to give it op stats if they added the weapons into game and they would be balanced im just trying to think of different than normal weapons.

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