New Weapon Cert Prices are an insult.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Kaitos, May 19, 2015.

  1. BloodyG

    tzz you are boring... like i said i wont get polical here i did that ones and got a nice PM from RadarX for it so stop it...
  2. Antillie

    As I understand it this game is barely profitable. If you like the game then buy some guns with cash or sign up for a subscription and rake in the bonus certs and free monthly Daybreak cash.

    This move makes perfect sense. The devs have bills to pay and families to provide for just like everyone else. All the free players ******** about guns costing more certs can shove it. Spend some damn money if you like the game enough to play it on a regular basis. $60, the cost of a typical shooter these days, will get you plenty of unlocks for several classes, including MAX, and plenty of vehicle stuff. More than enough to get you going in several roles.

    Just be happy you *can* unlock all the cool toys for free in the first place.
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  3. Hatesphere

    I doubt you even know what a scam is, but thats ok. Im sure there is a DBG employee with a gun too your head making you buy things you could get for free. the fact is this game is better off then it was in beta, when most people hailed it as having one of the most forgiving f2p systems on the market.
  4. BloodyG

    How often i have to say i don't play anymore, it's to buggy to many cheaters and nothing gets done to fix it.
  5. BloodyG

    ONes upon a time... things change and now it's P2W.
  6. Hatesphere

    hah, sure it is sonny, sure it is.

    how would you even know?
  7. Antillie

    Then why are you even here? Your opinion counts for literally nothing. I might as well go post on the CS:GO forums or some other game I don't even play.
  8. BloodyG

    This community is the worst ever, you get a toiledbrush rammed in your ***** and it looks like you guys like it!

    edit: oh you have an forum account since this monday i guess you know everything already...
  9. Saokeh

    Here's 2 things wrong with what you're explaining. One, the Marketing aspect. Outside of the PS4 version there is none. Even a respectable business or company knows that your new customers drive profit, not the existing. If there was marketing towards getting people in the game then yes I would expect this type of behavior with their sales. Marketing is also closely tied with development. Having an existing product, if they wanted to make more money in a short amount of time, they would release more content (More than a patch). While marketing that they added more content. This is where players have complained about the META.

    Now add both of these up even in retrospect, they will most likely suffer losses in overall Revenue. I know what they're trying to do and it is equally like what players describe it as. So close to PS4 launch of the game they are hoping the market of PS4 will give a boost in PC players. Basically price gauging a game to hopefully get an increase in cash flow instead of taking resources to something that has better payoff like marketing new content. This is why existing players are disgusted, not because of just what they're doing currently, but the lackluster of support, balance, and cries for content while paying literally top dollar for a FPS genre style game we had for years. Then all of the sudden throwing it in the face of avid players who try to get friends to join but met by an ever-growing amount of P2W hoops. They showed promise doing hot fixes when DBG headlined the title purely due to the lack of invested time that SOE put in the game overall. But ended up flipping the community off while literally making you invest more time and money in an already Subscription dominated game. That isn't business, that's greed.
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  10. Antillie

    I seem to know enough to recognize BS when I see it.

    In fact I probably know more about this game than you do as I didn't exactly create my forum account and station account on the same day, or year, or even decade.

    Lets start with when you first started playing the Planetside 1 beta shall we?
  11. Shiaari

    Ok, first we need to dispense with this notion of price gouging. There is no price gouging happening. Prices went down, not up. Certs don't count in the pricing scheme. Only DBC and subscription prices, because those are the only things that operate on actual currency.

    Second, releasing more content requires more money. Not only do developers not work for free, but they are only permitted by the company to work so long on certain projects. Each project has its own time log, and each project must stay within that time log, lest it over run.

    Personnel hours are a fickle thing. The company allocates hours to specific projects, and they have a limited number of hours they are allowed to allocate total. Each hour reflects a cost in labor, and this goes for BOTH hourly AND salaried employees. A lot of people think that being salaried means you can put as many hours into a project as you want. That's only true in certain professions, and under certain circumstances. But not at Daybreak, and not now. Columbus Nova has tightened the budgets, and Daybreak must find ways to get around that.

    Yes, right now the PS4 version is the priority, because that's a bigger market with greater profit potential. It is likely that if it weren't for that project SOE/Daybreak might not have survived.
  12. BloodyG

    Please explain?
  13. Saokeh

    Price gouging doesn't have to include overall price. If you have an alternate way to pay for said product "Balancing" both is the forced way to do it. Especially since one currency is time invested and the other is dollar amount. It's distortion of value and is by definition gouging.

    Again, you are not addressing actual increases. You're trying to justify their means. This is pure and simple not an actual business plan. In other words this is Milking a made product. If preservation was the actual goal, then those other factors I mentioned, Marketing and Content would be driving points of revenue. But look, they are absent and have been for a long time.
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  14. Antillie

    There is a very good chance I have been around in the Planetside scene longer than you. Much longer.

    Looking at the date you created your forumside account, I am going to guess by at least 8 years.
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  15. BloodyG

    Maybe you are just here to defend the reasoned changes, is that a possibility?
  16. Shiaari

    No, price gouging is a very narrow definition, not a broad one, and it only includes--exclusively--prices on products. Period.

    Do you spend money on cert points? No, you don't. Certs aren't a product. They are an in-game metric. The product is the DBC that is used to purchase in game content. Since the DBC costs on items went down, the value of DBC increased.

    That is the opposite of price gouging, and it is the only way it applies.

    If it doesn't involve real money, then it isn't price gouging.
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  17. BloodyG

    If you get a boost+sub you pay for certs sooooo....yeah.
  18. Shiaari

    No, you did not. You bought DBC, but you PLAYED for the certs. Just buying a boost doesn't give you certs. You have to actually play the game to get them.

    Certs cannot be bought. Period. Ergo, the cert increases are not price gouging.

    Please, stop being an intellectual plebeian.
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  19. Saokeh

    Apparently you aren't familiar with the term. It isn't the opposite, because they control the Value. If you drive up the market value of non dollar amount to force people to use the dollar amount it is gouging. Because you are not only distorting the demand, you are controlling it. Also considered as profiteering.
  20. BloodyG

    Hair splitting is what it's called you are doing here.