New Weapon Cert Prices are an insult.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Kaitos, May 19, 2015.

  1. Freedom Fries

    This so much this. They really expected people to pay6.50 for a spare tire placed on the back of a sunderer. I added it all up once. A fully geared flash would have cost like 25$. I think they reduced the prices slightly since then. Still ridiculous.
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  2. Shiaari

    You seem to think that by not supporting the game you show your dislike for what's happening. That's not how the company sees it. What company? You ask? No, not Daybreak. The company I'm talking about is Columbus Nova, the investment firm who owns Daybreak.

    When you don't support the game, Columbus Nova doesn't think: "Maybe we should invest more money into the labor required to give the community what it wants." Instead they think, "We should cut our losses and liquidate Daybreak."

    These people are capitalists who think in terms of supply and demand, which means they're not going to "supply more game" (invest personnel hours and money into development) if there isn't "demand for more game" (actual money spent on the game).

    Free to play players are not a demand factor. If anything they are a burden. Only players who are converted into paying players (conversion rate, an actual retail metric) signal demand.

    So, what this game needs more than anything right now is a community who signal demand for the game by spending money on it.
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  3. BloodyG

    Before i feed the sharks i let them burn...
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  4. Shiaari

    Unfortunately those sharks determine whether or not PlanetSide exists.

    Do you want the new resource system to ever be completed? Do you want a new player experience that actually retains newbies instead of scaring them away? Do you want a better game instead of more of the same?

    Consumer logic dictates that you don't buy something you don't like. However, investor logic dictates you don't invest money unless you expect a return. Sometimes these two forces conspire to kill good ideas. The consumer doesn't want the bad product, the investor doesn't want to spend the money to improve it.
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  5. NinjaTurtle

    They in the same patch gave new players a free 1500 certs over the first 15 levels.

    Seems a good change to stop them wasting certs on guns since the default weapons are more than good enough.

    Also if you are giving in game currency out more freely you have to adjust the shop pricing to incentivize new people to pay for weapons
  6. KuraiSim

    If you have to pay for a buggy game to get fixed and more updates then you're better off not playing the game in the first place IMO. Gonna take my business elsewhere, find another game that enjoy (which I already have) and let those people close this game down (if it comes down to that).
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  7. Shiaari

    All games are buggy. Considering how large this game is I'm surprised it doesn't have more.
  8. BloodyG

    Yep, that's the logic why gaming is as ****** as it is nowadays, no vision, no skills, just $$$.

    If PS2 goes down the drain (what it will with this strategy) i couldn't care less, they get what they deserve they make the model, it fails you have no game to play.

    Even when you find enough ... to pay for the game to keep it running it will be a terrible experience so why should i pay money for it? I did get some SC way back to get a little boost and cosmetics and that's all i'm willing to spend for this mismanaged game.
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  9. Shiaari

    Why should you consider supporting the game's further development? Because, capitalist logic doesn't need to win.
  10. BloodyG

    I don't even understand what you want to say here... trying hard and failing is in your DNS i guess.
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  11. Garrum

    I agree, we should definitely do things that make it even more unpleasant to play the game for those dirty, dirty urchins that allow the game to function.
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  12. XilentJustice

    I'm not motivated anymore to play this game. A lot of my friends who are non paying players are also quitting this game if Daybreak doesn't reconsider reverting the cert prices back down to the original price and bringing back the free camo and weapon on newly created characters.
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  13. Lucidius134

    Weapons didn't even have the same (max) prices when we used auraxium as a resource for buying weapons.

    Calling BS, frankly.
  14. fishstick101

    This is the worst update I have ever seen to this game. Prices SKYROCKETED on EVERYTHING that wasnt already full price. 650 goddamn certs for a lockon laucher? For a cqc bolt action? I have to pay SIX HUNDRED AND FIFTY CERTS to put a low zoom optic on a gun that I ALREADY HAVE??(in as much as the cqc bolt action and default bolt action are statistically identical.)

    Do they not realize that players' NUMBER ONE COMPLAINT with PS2 is how long it takes to unlock anything? And that was with the OLD pricing. Dropping the prices on weapons was the best thing that ever happened to this game, and now theyve shot through the roof again? Let me make this perfectly clear;



    New players are the ONE audience that PS2 has always had the HARDEST time impressing, and now theyve put through an update that makes the game a huge pain in the *** for new players exclusively. Fantastic.

    "We're going to lower the prices on some things and raise them on others." What a bunch of ******* liars. Is this how daybreak is going to treat their community? I'm done with PS2 until this **** is rolled back. I want a video game not a second job.
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  15. JonboyX

    Sorry Ballto, I wrote the post knowing it unlocked across all accounts and new characters, with the assumption that this was implicitly understood.

    So, yes, I know they open across every account. What I was really saying is this:- why would you change empire and then use an NS weapon; surely if you're changing empire, it's to use their ES stuff? Otherwise, it's just a different colour and you may as well have stuck to your original empire.
  16. Goretzu

    Did any weapons drop by more than 1 SC/SB though?

    I'm not surprised that some vanity stuff may have dropped though, they were way overpriced compared to most similar items in other games.
  17. Shiaari

    Yes. The DBC prices dropped across the board, by about 20% as far as I can tell. Everyone keeps pointing at cert "prices" and ignoring the fact the game's actual prices went down. Yes, they'd much us rather buy stuff with DBC instead of certs, and to motivate you to do that they've increased cert prices and DROPPED DBC prices.

    It's basic economics. Not sure why people can't see that.

    What I hear are players b**** about it being harder to play for free. I've been subscribing to MMOs for decades now. Sony Online Entertainment invented the MMO. No, Ultima Online wasn't considered an MMO. The very first one was Everquest, and I played that one too.

    The free to play model is a double edged sword. It allows you to put your game out there into more hands much faster, but it is financed by micro transactions, little things that players buy that make the devs look like tools. It also suffers from something of an inherent bait and switch: Play for free, yes, but the game is balanced around the paying player. The free to play player therefore becomes a product themselves, instead of a customer.

    It's been pointed out that F2P players boost a game's population, and that's true, but since the game is supported by the paying player, those F2P players effectively become garnish for those who are supporting the game.

    Nothing is lost when a F2P player stops playing.
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  18. AxiomInsanity87

    Unfortunately, although the staff at Daybreak may care, your friends who are purely f2p players never were relevant to the game and never added anything to it's development.

    Sorry. May i suggest that a sub is dirt cheap and that anyone can get what they need within a month due to the easy cert gain it brings and they could get 1 cosmetic on top?.

    Quit the game or a 1 time simple and cheap fee, their call.
  19. Goretzu

    That's not so bad then, the ones I looked it seemed to only have dropped by 1 SC/DB, but I already own most so it's hard to tell.
  20. Richter03

    LOL, then why they still use free to play model, just make it like FF14 that player must pay for play, I dare they do that.
    You should take a look that how many allies and enemy still use default helmet then you remove all of them, now what's left ... yep a ghost town. Like it or not this game need those free player to keep pay player like you enjoy with the game, if they can survive without free player why they bother to continue use free to play model.

    Oh wait, are you try to say "shut up free player, I'm pay player", right ?
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