New Weapon Cert Prices are an insult.

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  1. Alan Kalane

    You asked me then DBG is doing the right thing buisness-wise,

    increasing the cert prices while improving membership will certainly make people buy more stuff for real currency. I don't think this is bad,the game needs more funds.Furthermore they had to readjust the prices for the free 1500 certs for new accounts.
  2. thingymajigy

    Incorrect. They added the 1500 free cert thing as an excuse to raise prices.
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  3. Goretzu

    A local garage use to do that, if it was short of money it would increase it's labour price (sometime by as much as double) - it never seemed to realise that it didn't make any money long-term with this as customers just got stung once (or even not at all) and just went elsewhere. It went bust in the end.

    Personally I'm vast unconvinced the F2P model is remotely sustainable for anything over 2-3 years..... but if it is then certainly it would be with cheaper prices and mass buying, not expensive prices trying to make as much profit from each sale as possible.
  4. Obzidious

    But if free players and players that feel spending money on items that can be bought with certs is a waste of money start leaving, the game is going to become boring. And once that happens you lose your full blown paying players. A game like this not only needs money to stay alive but it also needs a decent sized player base. So it becomes a balancing act, and right now I think DBG has unbalanced that equilibrium because things were priced moderately low for so long (prices came down on many things and exp gains were increased over the past couple of years).

    On top of that high cert prices turned a lot of people away when PS2 came out, but drew them in later when prices were a little better to deal with. Now it's going to happen again and people are going to walk away once they see how much they have to grind or how deep their pockets have to be. Again it's a balancing act of maintaining a player base which will in turn help with income.

    Also the readjustment had nothing to do with the free 1500 certs for new characters. The cert increases goes beyond what those bonus certs will help with and new players will still feel the sting of the increase.
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  5. PrimePriest

    And that's why MechWarrior Online is now almost ghost town with 10+ min wait times in matchmaker (at least I heard a lot of complaints about it on forums...I never personally tried Community Warfare...can't be bothered to grind C-Bills to build proper meta mechs.)
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  6. Kanil

    I'm not really thrilled with them increasing the price of some vehicle weapons. It's one thing to make infantry weapons more cert expensive, as any weapon deficiency can be easily overcome with positioning/accuracy/etc. But your viper lightning or HEAT magrider is never going to beat an AP tank, ever.
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  7. Mongychops

    Except didn't they just do that?

    Many DBC prices went down (except for NS weapons), the ratio of Cert / DBC costs is overall more consistent than it was before, and many cosmetics have now come down in DBC price permanently.

    It is Cert costs that have gone up, they are hoping that these changes will make it so that more players will choose to buy weapons with DBC than Certs. IIRC many 100 Cert weapons before cost 250 DBC, so you would never have bought them with DBC rather than Certs, that was unsustainable.

    Personally, I think the new pricing structure does make some sense (I disagree with the scale of the increases 250 should have increased to ~400-500), though I would like the certs / level scheme extended, perhaps at a reduced rate as your BR rises. For example; BR 1-20 = 100 Cert/level, BR 21-40 = 50 Cert/level, BR 41-60 = 25 Cert / level, BR 61-100 = 10 Cert /level. This would give a total of 3900 certs to BR 100, and would gradually withdraw the levelling bonus, rather than your Cert / hr falling off a relative cliff after BR 15 when you are still a relatively new player.
  8. Kristan

    It doesn't take that long for ordinary matchmaking. And if it does, most likely that's because there is very few people who plays light mechs and match won't start without them.

    As for Community Warfare.... it's in beta and not made well for reasonable matchmaking yet.

    I think MWO was abandoned by players because devs brought nothing new, except for new mechs to grab cash on.
  9. hostilechild

    Companies have to make money to keep games alive, so i have no issue with increased cert costs. But they REALLY should have lowered the SC/DBG whatever they want to call the cash now used to buy stuff by about 50% to make people want to buy vs use certs.
    Someone there needs to take a basic economics class about supply/demand/price etc.
  10. Psykmoe

    Even ignoring the cost increase on regular infantry guns, the new costs just make it more annoying for free to play players to break fully into new roles. Want some AA on the Heavy? 400 certs more than before. Want to have paired MAX arms for AI and AV? Minimum investment went up by 1400 certs.

    Want some Walkers on your Sunderer? Costs more. Want something other than the Basilisk on a Harasser? Two options got like 150 certs cheaper, every other option got more expensive, some doubling in cost.

    Babby's first Flash gun? Doubled in cost.

    Want to get something other than Drakes on a Galaxy? That's something like 800 certs more than before for the set. The only thing that went cheaper were the high capacity guns for ESFs, the more recent wing mount options, and the Spur, Hyena and Dalton/Duster.

    Same for ground vehicles. Yeah some 1000 cert stuff got very slightly cheaper, but all the previously affordable things (ES-AI guns, Kobalts, Bulldogs etc) more than doubled in cost.

    Cost decreases are both fewer in number and outright minute compared to all the cost increases.

    Yes a well informed new player will spend the bonus certs to max out their heal tool sooner and get the good utility grenades but then they're still looking at a LOT of extra tedium.

    I mean yeah the hypothetical future PS4 playerbase won't know that it used to be easier to get into being anything but a regular infantry guy, but the middle tiers (like people I recruited back in March/April) are really annoyed at all the cert cost increases for stuff they don't have yet.

    The new player experience is bad enough without making it more daunting to break into all the stuff that distinguishes PS2 from like, any given team shooter.

    And considering I've already seen schools of mutually repairing skywhales being extremely annoying to get rid off, making AA equipment more expensive to get for new players is just petty. Praise the skygods! Do not strike at your betters, peasant!
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  11. BloodyG

    You mean like camous/helmets for PS2?
    Well all i can say is this was the last time i put up with this game, it's now P2W and nobody can defend it anymore in that regard.

    Maybe if SOE/DBG would have spend some time to make the game better, instead of releasing one broken patch after the other it would look different but they didn't...

    Now they do the last step the final nail in the coffin, all that will be left are high BR players and cheater because high BR has already everything and cheating will be the only way to get enough certs to unlock stuff for new free players.

    You will see a dramatic decline in the playerbase the coming weeks have fun...
  12. Shiaari

    Did the OP even bother to notice how much lower the actual prices are?

    And by actual prices, I mean the DB Cash prices? You know, that in-game currency that is only available for purchase?

    Did the OP even bother to notice how DB Cash redemption for subscribers has *gasp* remained the same?

    Why not just subscribe to the game? You get an immediate 50% bonus resource and cert accrual now. It used to be you had to be a supporter for a number of months before you got that bonus, but now... you get it the moment you subscribe. You also get priority continent movement, 500 DB Cash every month (which goes great with those lower DB Cash prices), and other perks.

    Basically, what DBG has done is add VALUE to their subscription base.

    Become a supporter. Stop b***ing.
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  13. Goretzu

    Did they actually go down though?

    -1 SC/SB doesn't count IMO, did others go down by more than that?
  14. Psykmoe

    Vehicle guns seem to have gone down 101 compared to just 1 like Infantry guns.

    Some Cosmetics also got much cheaper.
  15. Eyeklops

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  16. Shiaari

    Player Studio helmets are a little over 600 DBC now... That's almost a 30% drop, because they used to be 900. I didn't get a chance to check if those were promotion prices or not, but if that's the new normal... then yeah... DBC prices have dropped like a stone.
  17. Shiaari

    Ok, so it is a promotion. New DBC prices on helmets is now 700 (699). That's still a little over a 20% drop.
  18. JonboyX

    How are NS weapons more valuable?

    You mean, if you hop empires you can get to use them on another avatar? So... right... you're changing empire, to use the same weapon as you used on the previous empire?

    Sure: I get that people may want to do this. I hardly see that as being more valuable though. I can't personally see why you'd want to either, outside of a desire to get an Auraxium again.

    I think £0.69 is a bit much for a gun pixellation, never mind £5 (69p being your average android app cost).
    Hiking up cert costs isn't really very helpful for new players now is it; oldies already have SC lint and plenty of certs, so you're just penalising newbies. Or PS4 owners. Wait... ah, now I see.
  19. 00000000000000000000

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  20. BloodyG

    What an idiot you are, it's so funny seeing you defend this obvious money grab,

    PS2 is P2W win now and nobody in their right mind pays money for a game full of hackers, ****** server and a "elite" community that tries to **** everyone over for their own "fun".

    "Become a Supporter" lmao...

    Leave the sinking ship, it's obvious were it's travelling too... to the bottom of the P2W ocean.
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