New Weapon Cert Prices are an insult.

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  1. Kaitos

    Daybreak Said:

    • We’ve made some pretty significant changes to our cert and DBC pricing across the Depot. The vast majority of DBC prices will be dropping, some only slightly, but in many cases pretty significantly. There is one noteworthy exception, and that’s NS weapons that are available to all factions on purchase – those are going up slightly to account for the extra value they bring to the table.

      We also updated many of our cert prices to account for the two years we've let them go unattended – and this meant that in addition to many prices going down, or staying the same, cert prices increased for a number of weapons as well. To give some context and hopefully alleviate some fears, our updated weapon cert prices range from 200-1000 certs, so there’s no drastic departure on that front.

      So, no 100 certs weapons like the Awesome GD-22 for the NC,
      Bulldog price was 250 certs, now is 550 (MORE THAN DOUBLE)
      Grinders for the MAX were 250 now 650 (More than double again)
      Vehicle Weapons on the 750 range now cost now cost 875.
      Now there are no weapons on the 500 cert range.

      So, explain where are those "Many prices going down" on the Cert department?

      You guys are making it way too hard on the newbies (Br 20 - 60)
      I have a couple of friends rank 25 more or less, i was trying to make them love the game, like i do, but crap! this even makes me mad and im almost rank 100, how im going to explain that to them? (Oh sorry bros, DayBreak just decided to increase all the certs prices)

      I rather have the old prices on the depo, those certs prices are outrageous.

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  2. Yuki10

    they should look to inherit another players account. That's the best way to deal with it. One with many unlocks or as much of allowed 10K cert as possible.
    Doing it form scratch is not going to be fun.
  3. Ballto21

    WTS Planetside account, BR 100 VS all infantry guns unlocked, PPA and saron on both harasser and maggy, 15 auraxiums, skorpios, parsec, all tank cannons except VPC and python AP, all ESF unlocks, all lib belly cannons, lib almost full certed, full certed battle wraith flash, 150$ CDN
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  4. Dualice

    Be sure to use plenty of bubble wrap when you post it off.
  5. Corezer

    lets all just move from live to test. New players can come in and cert right up!
  6. ScrapyardBob

    DBG is under the mistaken assumption that "higher prices = more revenue".

    We've been yelling at them for two years now that they need to drop their prices by about 50% on in-game items. Lower prices would result in higher impulse buys, which would lead to more revenue.
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  7. Kentucky Windage

    You forgot the Fluffy Bunny:eek:
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  8. Psykmoe

    The only thing that got cheaper were a small number of vehicle weapons that used to cost 1000 certs. EVERYTHING that used to cost under 1000 certs now costs MORE. 1000 certs for the second Falcon/Comet? 650 for a Mutilator? Setting up a MAX with a pair of AI and a pair of AV to switch between now costs 1400 certs more than before! All these changes do is keep new players locked into the 5 basic infantry classes longer since most of the previously affordable vehicle guns are more expensive now too (Kobalts, Bulldogs Canister/Marauder/PPA).
    And remember that infantry weapon SC prices only went down by 1 unit too, lol. The cert cost change only benefits people who buy guns with SC or NEVER buy guns and only buy other upgrades.

    Feel free to remind Radar_X of this extremely misleading post he made when you see him next :)
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  9. Ballto21

    ******* good

    less maxes can only help the game
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  10. Psykmoe

    I guess I figured actually balancing the idiotic MAX meta would be better for the health of the game than just dicking around newer players, but I guess we're still looking at mostly the same dev team so that's a naive hope.
  11. lothbrook

    There won't be less maxes, lol. Just maybe a few more with mixed arms.
  12. Vargs

    This doesn't affect me too badly since I already have just about everything I want on VS/NC (hopefully I never play my TR alt), but I've been getting a few new people into the game recently and it seems like DBG just took a big ol' dump on them.

    You want to be capable of fighting back against aircraft? Lol, too bad, now the G2A launcher costs a ton. Get farmed, *****. You want your MAX to actually function as an AI/AV platform by purchasing the cheap but imperfect second arms? Nope, screw you. Like most newbies, you're having a hard time dealing with the Gauss SAW? Hope you want to shell out over 3x the original price for a GD-22S.
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  13. Psykmoe

    I got some friends who bought various combinations of Falcon, Hawk, Grinder and GD-22S. Even the guy who bought all 4 paid a modest 850 certs for all four of em. If he rerolled now to benefit from the bonus certs he'd eat a huge loss because those 4 guns together would run him like what, 2600 certs now? So he can't get those 1500 free certs AND he's gonna pay way more certs for stuff like Bulldogs, S-variant guns, Empire specific AI weapons etc. he might want to buy in the future.

    As you say, people in the middle BR range were easily hit the worst if they're free players.
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  14. Lucidius134

    "How ******* DARE you pull a max without investing 1500+ certs into it first"

    I'm actually annoyed with these changes. Are they saying Falcons are WORTH as much as ******* RAVENS!?

    I'm not quitting but my incentive to play is severely hampened and I will make sure to deter all 550 of my twitter followers from trying to start playing this game lmao
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  15. Kaitos

    Yeah, the vast majority of people in this forums are High BR guys, those price tag changes are going to hurt this game in the long run.

    Like Psykmoe said: "people in the middle BR range were easily hit the worst if they're free players."

    I guess i will be playing solo again, my friends are going to wave good bye to this game after seeing those prices lol.
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  16. Pikachu

    Bah. Ba k in my time all weapons cost 1000 certs.
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  17. Mefi

    There always were few cheaper weapons.
    On release most of weapon types had at least one 250 and 500 cert weapons (except shoties/scout rifles/MAX weapons, I think).
    For example: T1 BASR was 100 certs, Rebel/Manticore/Emperor were 500, Halberd and ML85 were 250 certs.
  18. HydeAut

    New NC-players hat a disadvantage before with the SAW and a worse stock-MAX compared to Vanu, I guess that price-changes won´t help the faction balance.
  19. Kristan

    They want you to buy weapons for cash. That's reasonable for a F2P game. Players able to unlock weapons with certs without any problem, they decided to stop that. That's a reasonable decision to boost sales.

    For example Mechwarrior Online devs reduced C-Bills income from battles for like 50%. Don't like that? Buy membership, cope or leave.
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  20. Drzewo

    at least alert bonus XP is back.