New VS armor colors on Test Server

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  1. Goretzu

    I don't agree about the night time thing, (some TR classes show this too with when they have a lot of black on them), and basically IF they ever bring out a Black Camo you'll see exactly what I mean, sure you still show up in NV, but no one is running around 100% NV all the time, and the range is pretty short on NV scopes anyway. A lot of black on a toon does give a significant advantage for night fighting.

    However I do completely agree with you on the VS Alpha style, and that's the way I think they should have gone, silver and nice carapace type armour of that colour, almost futuristic LOTR elvish style plate armour.
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  2. WetPatch

    What we got and what i we wanted is oceans away.

    What we got:


    What we wanted:

  3. Neopopulas

    I would have preferred more dark purple, but more grey is better than the teal
  4. y3ivan

    got to miss the all color. Those default colors are excellent camo, especially in the dark
  5. WalrusJones

    I dunno. I see lots of TR painting themselves totally yellow.

    We call them giraffes.
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  6. Zotamedu

    So they made the VS even harder to spot at night?
  7. Goretzu

    That camo works on a different principle (except maybe on Indar), if I were to give it a name it would probably the "WTF principle", which gives just enough advantage in a game with this sort of TTK. :D
  8. Crysander

    I actually liked the teal. Being a boring, shallow, grey-scale type colour only is awful. The teal highlights added depth and defined line on areas of the armour and the same can be said of the silver bits as well. Hoping this is just first pass - looks terrible.

    This please. Purple/teal highlights on silver carapace.
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  9. Elrobochanco

    I think everyone is jumping the gun. I don't think this is "the new design" so much as someone shuffling UV's around the texture sheet in order to make room for the actual changes upcoming.
  10. WalrusJones

    The NC almost got their own version, which made their helmet have a frontal pattern that was suspiciously catlike.
  11. Goretzu

    That would certainly fulfill the principle.

    When you think of all the design options this brings it really seems bizarre they went in such a different direction, considering they were heading that way in Alpha. :confused:
  12. WalrusJones

    Indar Dry Brush, it was called.

    I think.
  13. Evilsooty

  14. Crysander

  15. Riftmaker

    I can't remember the last time i used armor colors to tell friends from foes. I either go by the in-game models(at close-medium range) or by the triangles on their heads on long range(q spamming is your friend). That being said camo actually acts like camo now. So it's a great step forward in that regard. As far as models changing step at a time...
  16. WetPatch

    Here they are,

    No no no no no no no, oh and purple helmets for the lose.
  17. felfox

    But, but I love being purple! That said the new looks, particularly the MAX and inf look great, the HA is not bad and all round the others do too, though I would like a little purple back on like the shoulders or something. The camos look amazing though and again the infiltrator is just great!
  18. SinerAthin

    Wow, if this goes live; my playtime as Vanu is going to go up by 200%!

    This is a BADASS CHANGE! :D
  19. gunfox

    Telling apart the HA from the background needs eye focussing. Just imagine how bad it will be ingame, especially at night.
  20. FnkyTwn

    The future called, they said Teal is dead.