New upgrades for my pc , good enough for medium game run ?

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  1. GearsOfWaR

    hey peeps
    in couple of days i will buy processor Intel core i7 or i5 ,,, i have now core 2 duo 2.8 which is run the game of course in low quality with a bit of a lag in massive battles
    i have 8 G Ram
    and video card : GeForce GT 630
    anyway with the new processor i would be able to play in medium quality ?
  2. DJPenguin

    if its between those two get a 2500k or a 2600k and you'll be set (assuming it can go in your mobo). and gaming graphics cards on nvidia's side are typically at least x60 in number ie. 560, 570, 660 etc
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  3. Grayson

    +1 to Mr. Penguin.
    -Don't bother with i7 unless your going to edit videos,render etc. Get a "k" series i5 (for OC purposes if you want it, and it "keeps it's price" much longer if you want to sell it later)
    2500k is decent, i have the same with a 660 card...running stable 40-50fps in bigger fights with high-med settings.
    -If you want to get a nvidia than never go under an x60, under that series is.....just, just don't even bother, or get an amd card, they usually have better at "money - performance" but it really depends on the card, and they are usually between two nvidia cards in performance vise.
    Get something from Gigabyte( <3 Windforce) ,ASUS or MSI imo...they have some really cool cards.
  4. GearsOfWaR

    thanks for reply it's really helpful
  5. OldCuban

    Are you keeping your old motherboard?

    I ask because the Core 2 Duo processors use a different socket.

    And if you plan to keep the motherboard, the i7 or the i5 will NOT fit.

    Personally, I'd suggest the i7, a better video card than the one you're planning to get, and more ram. Also, what's your current power supply? Are you aware that this upgrade may require a larger power supply as well?

    Also, where are you getting these items from? I'd suggest

    Here's a personal suggestion:
  6. IamDH

    Erm not sure if this will help anyone or not but

    PU02 will help dual cores
  7. Grayson

    OldCuban had some good point there, but if you go for gaming imo i5 is enough, and the saved money can go for the vga.
    Btw whats you full spec? Motherboard, power supply, etc?
  8. GearsOfWaR

    sorry for replaying too late .
    1- yes i am gonna buy new motherboard that supports i3,i5 and i7 because the one i have which is GA-G41MT-ES2L
    only support untill core 2 quad
    2- my current power supply i don't know it's spec , i bought it since like 3-4 years so i assume it's too old for the new upgrades
    how many Watts you advice me to get ?
    3- i buy these stuff by my self from shops , it's quiet difficult to buy form internet because where i am from .