New update has killed PS2

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  1. Shadowdev

    Do you think this new DX11 update has killed PS2 because of poor gameplay?
  2. vonRichtschuetz

    There are more players playing than usual. Lots of low BR too. Question is if those who are new or came back will stay.
  3. Gary

    Honestly I believe it will have no impact at all. After a week of issues and an almost unplayable game atleast on the EU Servers I cant see many of the new/returning players sticking with it, Some will sure. However I think some long term fans have given up so overall it will balance out.

    For now popualtions seem to be a little better but after the hype dies down it will be interesting to see where the game stands. if I had to guess though it wont be any better.
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  4. Lord_Avatar

    PS2 for lyfe! :cool:
  5. Gary

  6. Mercyceleste

    I'm part of a core of players who adore this game. There is nothing else like it. We especially love the vehicular combat aspects and the social, outfit chatter. Even with this weekends cluster-egg-fart, we kept logging in - because we love the game and those special PS2 moments that are just so awesome. Today my experience was definitely better than the last few days - so things are improving. It just takes time for kinks to get ironed out. The problem is - new players won't give it days - they'll give it 30 minutes and then uninstall. So I hope it all gets settled soon and that any hype around the big update can continue to drive more fresh squishing under my mag-boots. x Love you all x
  7. VeryCoolMiller

    This update is the first step toward some new content.
  8. icufos

    Totally agree with you. I am a huge, huge fan of this game.
    See all my posts on this clansite as proof..

    It has improved enormously for me in every aspect.
    I'm not sure why others are having problems. I suspect GPU drivers one way or another.
    I have an AMD RX580 8GB running on these drivers..

    Honestly I've had no problems at all and a big improvement.
    The drivers I use are old but very stable.
    My pc has to play Overwatch/Minecraft/Titanfall 2/Apex Legends without problems and these drivers do that.

    I like all the changes with gameplay. Got my 'robot' so I can see life from the other sides.
    The spawning was always too easy. Like the changes there as well. So, just great.
    I'm TR and that new 'Kindred gun' is frankly me. I love that weapon probably more than heavily buttered toast.

    I've been playing this for about 7 months now and it did take about a month before I understood it at all and got hooked.
    It does have a hard learning curve. Not for the fainthearted.
    Kills are hard to get. This is no COD/CSGO even slightly.
    Oddly like real life it's an aim carefully for the head and keep cool game.

    I've not bought any new games for myself in the last 7 months. Just put the money into supporting PS2.
    Which for me is the game I've been looking for since 1981.

    Incidently have tried to recruit players.
    1. Members of my clan. As yet not successful. Still working on them.
    2. My son. He will play it with me. Unfortunately it's my money but that's ok. It's only muh-honey.:eek:
    3. His friend, who gave up saying it was too hard. However my son has lots of friends so here's hoping I can bag one or two for PS2.

    Anyhoo, 'Mercyceleste'. If we ever meet on PS2 I most certainly won't shoot you even slightly.;)
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  9. JibbaJabba

    Heard they added over 1k memberships.
  10. BigG

    I could be mistaken here, but I see the faction balance Q running away more players than anything, especially when the server actually has people wanting to play. I always wondered why people are standing around waiting on Q when only 182 people are even on the server. After the patch I watched almost 100 people stand in line to get in to the fight. Many of these people bought membership because the game said if they did it would let them skip the line, but guess what happened when they bought it? They were put right back into the same line with all the other members.

    The best way to run people away from your game is to not let people play it!
  11. JibbaJabba

    I'm a member and the worst queue I've had in the past week was maybe 2-3 minutes. The NS Operatives have been obliterating the faction balance queues.

    The max pop queues have been appearing more often but members don't wait long. Those are the best though, you know the fights are gonna be rockin' when you get through. We hit enough pop to open three continents several days this week. Yeah there might have been a nasty max pop queue at one of them but with two other choices available you could definitely play.

    Keep in mind the super high triple digit queues usually occur just after a continent unlocks. They are neither max pop nor faction balance. They are just deliberately bottlenecking players pouring into the just opened warpgate. You'll see big batches of people move through those. Numbers are high but actual time is low.

    /shrug. I've not had a bad queue experience but I'm just speaking for myself.

    Really even with the HORRIFIC bugs we have, I'm still having more fun on Planetside than I've had since like 2012 / 2013. Plus... the bugs are temporary. The improved gameplay is for good.

    one more whiner whose cheats and third-party programs do not work.came to cry about that. How dx 11 is bad. And I will say now it became more interesting to play. dx11 is the best thing that could happen to this game. if still servers did not lag
  13. BigG

    I am glad you have not had a bad experience as someone who has been playing since 2012 and is a member. I doubt anything DBG could do would give you a bad experience at this point. Any sane person was run off years ago. I am mainly talking about new players who just installed and don't have years of investment riding on the game's success.
  14. JibbaJabba

    Oh no, definitely many bad experiences and yes I have run off. Took several years off in fact.

    You asked about the queue though. Very few bad experiences there. I've seen some rough queues during primetime if I try to join some gamebreaking overpop (37% +) but shame on me for trying to do that to my fellow players anyway.

    Ah, so "not my opinion" is what you're looking for. Ok, well just keep fishing. I'm sure eventually someone will come along and confirm your bias for you.

    I told you factually what my experience was. My implied opinion is that it's not bad. Maybe you find a 2-3 minute queue bad. /shrug.
  15. Sparkatb

    The bugs aren't too bad.
    Its just the extremely slow server ping time that is super annoying :(
    Yesterdays patch seems to have made the lag even worse.
  16. Tarvaldd


    I came back from a hiatus back in 2015. The DX11 update has made the game more playable and optimized for my Guild and I've brought along about 10 of them in total, and I'm happy to say they've been bit by the bug.
  17. Campagne

    Well, it certainly killed the game for me!
  18. Scroffel5

    I am going to ask you, and everyone else who has a borderline clickbait title, to choose your words more carefully. No, Planetside 2 has not been killed. It is not dead, nor is it bleeding out on the ground. There are more players coming back to the game, so it is still alive and kicking. A big update hit. It is not uncommon that there would be bugs. The game is still in a playable state; whether you want to stick with it and keep pushing through is something you have to ask yourself.
  19. ObiVanuKenobi

  20. OneShadowWarrior

    DX11 has brought alot of players back but with it came a host of bugs, server stability concerns, login issues, graphical glitches, animation problems, lag variance for players for performance at the loss of stability.

    Older bugs are becoming more prevalent now such as headless soldiers or missing canopies on tanks, the perpetual shooting bug from a random player, audio irregularities, radar not registering correct on hud.

    They got a whole host of hot fixes ahead of them!