new underbarrel grenade launcher option

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Candarian, Oct 1, 2014.

  1. Candarian

    u can shoot shotguns grenades and smoke with it
    i think a blacklight paracute would fit in

    i think u know these military lights that are attached to a paracude to light up nights

    u could use it to make infiltrator and the flashs visible for a short time and light up nights
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  2. Exonis

    Could use some fleshing out, kind of vague, but I support anything that gives an excuse for darker nights.

    I actually had an idea for a flare gun that was similar to this.
  3. Leftconsin

    Just make flare guns illuminate infils.

    Done and done.
  4. Archiadus

    So...not being able to shoot back, being very visible and having a hard counter that only costs 100 certs is not enough?

    Must you really nerf the cloak even more so that no one wants to use it, ever? :(
  5. Tommyp2006

    but in all seriousness, an actual flare gun with a light that hangs in the air for a few seconds would be awesome.
  6. Candarian

    fist cloak is free

    second even if the inf is visible its a ohk sniper rifle vs med range mg
    to begin with the s-guns arent the best guns out there

    and its not much of a difference than darts/bolts inf scanner flash with radar ...
  7. Rovertoo

    I don't have any qualms against infiltrators, but golly does a great big illuminating darklight flare sound cool!
  8. Archiadus

    Not all Infiltrators play as a sniper, and as you said there's already more than enough ways to spot them currently.

    Also cloak is not free on the flash and to have it be of any use in CQC you'll need to cert into higher ranks.