[Suggestion] New type of alert: FARMING (dont get scared)

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  1. Nemetis


    I have a very good suggestion, which may contribute to a new and fun dynamic to the game.

    Introducing Farming Alert
    Each faction will have a mothership, which will come from the sky and will appear above the goal (whether a biolab, tech plant or amb station), the mother ship will "drain" the resources while above this base (where the light beam points up) at the end of the alert whoever has the most resources wins.

    Functioning of the Mothership
    - The motership would be controlled automatically by the computer, and it would be only ONE for each faction.
    - The inside of her, act as a traditional base, but without capture points, but with panels that can open entries to make it more vulnerable to ESF attacks.
    - The controlling faction of his mother nava, could spawn from it, regardless of their location on the map.
    - She would automatically from one objective to the other, as the bases were won in soil.
    - It would move very slowly.
    - Will be led by autopilot, following an imaginary line to the next captured bases.
    eg: if it is a farming alert of biolab, it will automatically fly to thenext biolab, forcing the faction to make progress by land to capture it, and defend it until the arrival of the mother ship, to suck the resources.
    - You can recharge aircrafts and deploy them.
    - The mothership can be repaired by engineers from inside. Every 10% damage the ship suffered from external damages, can be repaired (in sequence) by repairing internal security fuses (10 in total, in different places of mothership). That way, the enemy will have to attack from outside and inside to destroy the ship.
    Other way to increase the external damage is to sabotage thegenerator shield from inside of mothership, or fight step by step goals inside the ship to reach the power core, and destroy it altogether.

    Ways to win the alert
    There are two ways to win the farming alert:

    - Who get more resources on alert time.
    - Who destroy the 2 motherships from the other factions.

    ps: if any faction have your mothership destroyed by another faction, their can only have it again in the next alert. The faction with the mother ship destroyed will be expelled from the continent for up to the end of the alert, and its territory will become neutral (yellow)
    The faction that destroy the enemy mothership, and earn enough XP on alert, will also loot all the resources it managed to capture during the alert.

    Ways to destroy the Mothership
    - Shooting with AA turrets, aircrafts or tanks. (But the mothership would be very strong and take damage enough if your shield is running)
    - Breaking into the mother ship by air (galaxys, Valkyries, ESF) and battling inside the ship to the power core, and destroying it.

    Mothership Weapons
    - Depending on the design that developers want to call it, it would be possible for anti air turrets, and anti infantry (in the landing areas), and anti vehicle turrets plus AA turrets in the sides.
    - It would have a strong shield that minimize the external damage, but can be sabotaged from inside.

    Mothership Deploy System
    - You can deploy only Aircrafts (obvious)
    - You can use dropship pods (running into some kind of portal)
    - You can jump with a light assault or use a valk to get to a strategic point.
    - The mothership have a portal inside the "deploy base" that connects with the warpgate, making it easy and fastest to get from one point to another.

    To illustrate the operation
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  2. Mianera

    This was what made BF2142 great however....

    BF2142 didn't have as many balancing issues and bugs. Why can't we focus on balancing the game and cleaning out the bugs instead of suggesting new content?
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  3. Ronin Oni

    You're on PS4 so you haven't realized this yet....

    but they'll NEVER clear all the bugs and balancing is impossible because everything is potentially OP. "Balancing" in this game is a living and ever changing task as player behavior changes.

    Also, to you, everything is new. For us PC players, we've been playing with largely the same content for 2 years with not that much REAL content added for all that time (Hossin, Valkyrie which was meh, Harassers which were broken OP for a few months and now good, a few good weapon systems and dozens of non-original weapons. Also gobtons of cosmetics.)

    So for us PC players, we really want some new content and objectives.

    "Titanmode Alert" sounds bloody awesome.
  4. Mianera

    Nooo, I have been playing this since 2013. You must be quite new to the game if a single icon confused you.

    Yeah, because people like you keep asking for bling to a car without wheels and a coughing engine. The problem is the gamers, because they keep buying and liking all the new crap that is jingled infront of them instead of saying "Bugger off, fix the game, then jingle stuff infront of me".

    And we definitely need more frikken pistols in the game, right?

    Which I am by the way. So no, it isn't new....

    Yes, because we all gave that new crap praise. People were praising the valkyrie when it was announce while others were yapping on about how it would be OP. We then got a useless taxi vehicle with a bunch of bling that can be added to it.
    Harassers were better the way they were before, now only the TR variant is worth anything as the other two factions cannot compete with it.

    Broken non-original weapons falls into broken non-original CONTENT.

    I don't get your logic here. You've given up hope on the game becoming stable and are therefore only interested that they provide you with new content to keep you entertained?

    Do you even remember OMFG? Operation Make Faster game? The community was so fed up, united, protested and many players left because the game had become borderline unplayable. At which stage all effort was put into seriously optimizing the game. We could do with a 2.0 OMFG it if wasn't for people suggesting and asking for new content.

    The issue with that is that adding new stuff to the game isn't that hard or time consuming and it provides profit. Where as fixing code, stability, bugs, errors and balance is very hard, very time consuming and provides little profit.

    But the latter is still what makes this game enjoyable and playable.
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  5. Tommyp2006

    I certainly remember OMFG. Do you remember what happened after OMFG? The game ran almost as poorly as it did before 3 months later. Bug fixing is an ongoing thing that will never end, especially with the rate in this game which new bugs get added in. Every time they freeze content to fix bugs, the game is just as buggy a patch or two later. Freezing content to entirely fix bugs and performance is a waste, because it'll never be entirely fixed. The only way bugs will actually be fixed and stay fixed, is to permanently halt new content production.
  6. Mianera

    Which is exactly what this game needs right now.

    Don't get me wrong, Titan Mode would be frikken awesome. But broken, glitchy, gamebreaking and unbalanced Titan Mode would be a disaster.

    My point is, that the game is simply not ready for new content at the moment. As long as people keep buying and asking for more customization's it will remain unstable.