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  1. Negator

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  2. Vikingo

    They sound better! Now do I have to wait untill NC gets underpopped before we get a sound rework on our weapons.... :(
  3. Spectre 694

    The AMC and pistols sound good, they rest are worse.. too low pitched, weak.
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  4. Bankrotas

    What you have now is damn wooden instruments playing. And video sounds do sound way better than anything you have, except maybe max weapons.
  5. Gustavo M

    Not the best thing ever,'s a start.
  6. eldarfalcongravtank

    whoaa! AMC and Repeater sound so baaadassssss!! others sound good too. that said, anything is better than those old toy gun sounds for TR carbines. well done, SoE
  7. Admiralty

    Well, its a start. Next would be for guns in the TR which sound exactly the same, like the TRV/TAR, T16/TMG/T32(?) and a few more.
  8. JudgeDeath

    Repeater sounds nice.

    It must be glorious to have a burst pistol available to ones faction :(
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  9. Bankrotas

    I immediately switched it to Commissioner on my TR alt, personally Repeater is not reliable enough and I can't wait, when I'll be kitted out enough to swap Commie to Emperor.
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  10. sustainedfire

    Much better then the current live sounds.

    Too bad I already Auraxiumed all the TR carbines.:oops:

    Well, except for the Trac 5 burst- but that's a real piece of work. Maybe it will be more forgivable if it has a new firing sound.
  11. AdmiralArcher

    but the T5 already sounded the best.........i think the lynx sounds like crap now.....i wonder what the LMGs sound like
  12. hawken is better

    LMGs haven't changed at all, unfortunately. I was really hoping for an upgrade.
  13. Babope

    i really like the sounds of the guns from the movie Aliens, TR should get something like those
  14. Tycoh

    Thank god they at least fixed 3 of them. They sound better than the "child aggressively playing with chopsticks" sounds we had before.
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  15. doombro

    I'm using that. Thank you.

    I hope one day my mercies won't sound like a child playing aggressively with grocery carts.
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  16. WyrdHarper

    The Emperor is beastly--definitely try it out when you get the certs.
  17. sagolsun

    It's like a slightly nerfed SMG. The ability to continue full-auto fire after your primary runs out is simply glorious.
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  18. Flashtirade

    They sound better, but they lack a certain.. sharpness, I don't know what to call it.
  19. Maljas23

  20. Maljas23

    Thats... disappointing.