New TR and VS helmets from TRay and Tayradactyl's tweets.

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  1. Vastly

    VS and TR are just better artists than NC ;).
  2. Crayv

    That 2nd pic... look at all that fabulous purple! I hope they change it so the VS look like that all the time rather than that being a camo. Tired of their primary color being black with a bit of purple trim and the very rare cyan.
  3. Pikachu

  4. Rockit

    I believe the only thing holding this game back from heights of greatness never seen before in the history of gaming is MOAR HATS!!!
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  5. The Shermanator

    Liking the classic VS agile exosuit helmet.
  6. Axehilt

    Always feels like they go overboard on the complication with helms.

    The best existing helms in the games are the simpler designs like this:

    Good helm designs tend to not be all that complicated really:

  7. FIN Faravid

    I already have helmet i love (stormie) so could we please get new armors? I want COMBAT medic armor, less white marks please.
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  8. uhlan

    The NC don't have any good designs yet because you can't make good helmets out of card board...
  9. firewolf

  10. Hibiki54

    Wow. TR and VS are going to get new helmets, but NC isn't getting jack.


    I would put out something to contribute to NC, but my talents lie in real-world applications -- like building America.
  11. Van Dax

    I didn't bother to look, If I had I would have noticed that the NC are getting 6 helmets next patch. Instead I prefer to rant.
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  12. Ravenorth

  13. Hibiki54

    From top left (your left) to right.

    Broke-*** Gundam
    Macho Man NC
  14. Axehilt

    Having classes be readily identifiable in the middle of battle is pretty important (for both enemies and allies), so the white marks have to stay (or medics need some other obvious indicator that always shows they're medics.) White marks are the easiest, since they allow for more creative freedom (for modelers/artists to create unique-looking stuff.)
  15. CrashB111

    That top left TR helmet.

    What are we, Sith Lords?
  16. HadesR

    Oh looked and he's kinda right .. We get a do-rag and lego bricks ..

    Seems the best get rejected for not being NC enough in TRay's eyes ..

    * looks at the bottom left pic * Yeah that's NC style :rolleyes:
  17. Sordid

    We already have a Stormtrooper one. Seems appropriate. :p
  18. Bill Hicks

    I see you took my class.
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  19. Aegie

    I'll buy two if they give NC the Boba Fett. Maybe even three if it makes it happen.
  20. HadesR


    Meanwhile ..... NC get a Lego Welding mask

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