new structures and veteran builder suggestions

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by nagibator, Jul 10, 2023.

  1. nagibator

    hello. i understand that you will never backup old style. otherwise it would mean an admission of your incompetence.
    its playable now but need correct few things
    1, of course skywall and flail.if your base is not located on a mirror plane, there will always be a critical target
    available for flailing. need improve skywalls range and fast set. silo slot for skywall module for example. if your base start flail 100% its dead. in old style was 50% and it depended on how quickly you react to flaive beacons. or rework, remove flail.
    2 holey walls wthour shield useless now. 90% builder prefer set solid.
    3, back ai module for turrets. 1 module to choose from repair or ai will be good and not much overpowered.
    4 full rework command center for buildinclined and damagable hit boxes something like special bastion modules with the ability to close it with walls. because if you want its to stay alive right now, you need to constantly run around with the fortress modules despite the fact that there is no saboteur waving you inside
    5 back easy damage annoy pain module in command center
    maybie any another reworks but right now that what i need as veteran builder