New Striker Feedback (as of 09/09)

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by DrTeeth, Sep 9, 2014.

  1. DrTeeth

    The Striker is always going to have lower DPS and alpha than the other rocket launchers. Without proper lock-on it's going to have to have other advantages to make it balanced. Personally I would buff damage per rocket a little, fix the infantry resistance and tighten up the hipfire CoF.

    For damage against Maxes and Ground Vehicles 5 Striker rockets is roughly equivalent to 1 Decimator rocket at the moment. I think this isn't sufficient given the difficulty of landing multiple Striker rockets without getting killed and the overall lower DPS and alpha.

    I think 4 Striker rockets = 1 Decimator rocket would be a good starting point. This would give the Striker an advantage in DPM (1.25 Decimators per mag) and loadout (6.25 Decimators per loadout) to compensate for its poor DPS, alpha and the difficulty of being exposed to land multiple rockets.

    Against infantry the resistance is messed up at the moment. It's taking 8 rockets to get a kill. This should be fixed. I think 3 rockets for a kill is fair (4 with flak armour), given that the other rockets still one-shot people. Splash damage should be negligible like the Fracture.

    The hipfire CoF should be tightened, right now it's about as bad as the other launchers which I think is unfair given the difficulty of landing multiple hits while exposed. If hipfire is improved it will give the Striker more of a role at closer ranges / more dangerous situations where hipfire strafe speed is useful.

    Against aircraft the Striker is going to be worse than before, but still a decent deterrent to hovering ESFs. The damage is probably fine where it is, at 12 shots to kill.

    Hopefully with the improvements I'm recommending the Striker will overall be a decent choice. Not the best against Maxes or vehicles or aircraft or infantry but a good all-rounder with a lot of damage per loadout to make an impact.

    TLDR: boost damage so that landing 5 rockets on a Max or Ground Vehicle = 1.25 Decimators. Infantry should be 3 shot kill (4 with full flak). Tighten hipfire CoF. Anti-air damage is probably fine as-is.
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  2. Tuco

    The lancer and the phoenix have 2 things in common, they can engage targets at long range.

    Making the TR striker nothing but a fancy decimator would be very bad for TR infantry attempting to engage any vehicular targets at anything beyond point blank range.
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  3. Kociboss

    Solid feedback. No OP ideas. I'm liking it.

    Now let's wait for the hordes of VS trying to debunk your argumnent.
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  4. gigastar

    The Striker is ever going to be anything other than complete tosh against infantry.

    Please get over it.
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  5. Flea6.8

    The new striker isn't terrible... It NEEDS a massive rof increase though. Increase the reload time if you must but i should not have to stand out of cover for 10 seconds to empty the mag.

    Also 5 direct hits should kill infantry. Given how hard it is to actually land 5 shots in a row.

    I do like how it does not lock on to ground vehicles. This prevents something as simple as shooting over a hill to get hits.
  6. Jaedrik

    Such determinism, but, why? Nothing is so inevitable where frail humans are concerned.
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  7. DrTeeth

    I consider a 3 shot kill to be pretty "tosh" but it's at least reasonable. An 8 shot kill is just broken.
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  8. gigastar

    The other ESRLs are utter crap at infantry. Pheonix has to reload once to kill any infantry and the Lancer has to do at least one full charge to get enough damage to kill without reloading.

    Why should the Striker be given any significant advantage?
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  9. Jaedrik

    So, what if the other ESRL are bad against infantry? I thought we wanted uniqueness.
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  10. DrTeeth

    Honestly, the ESRLs are so different from each other than balancing them against each other directly is a waste of time. These weapons should be balanced against the other options available to each faction, and hopefully fill a niche.
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  11. Ztiller

    Lolwut. 300m at absolute max with no turns is long range now? The current striker have a 500m range.
  12. Tuco long as the target doesn't move
  13. gigastar

    Youre uniqueness isnt going to be a Deci replacement.

    Before the Strikers "uniqueness" was being an Anni replacement, and we all know how that ended.
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  14. axiom537

    So it will be like the Phoenix.
  15. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    Seems like reasonable suggestions. Not that I could tell, I didn't even try it yet. Having it a short range weapon as opposed to the longer ranged option of the Lancer, with more mobility in contrast to sitting still with a phoenix, would do the factional difference thing nicely.
    However: If 3 shots are base for Infantry, that means with Max Flak armour it's 6. 50% reduction is what it is.
    Well, if it took 2.1 Shots (effectively 3) it would be 5 afterwards, not 6, but I'm not sure how 4 is to be reached.
  16. MrEpicHeroGuy

    8 rockets to kill 1 infantry... Lol. Probably nobody will agree with me, but I think the Striker should have TR traits, like a sort of rapid-fire of the mag with a longer reload time. Not this craziness where you have to stand out of cover and pray you can land all 5 given the time it takes not only to lock, but actually get all 5 to land. By that time whatever you were firing at is already long gone.

    Lets see, the Phoenix can hit targets behind cover... The Lancer can charge up and do high damage very accurately over range...

    The Striker can lock-on... Cool? So can the Annihilator which is pretty much better in every aspect. The Striker should have the TR trait of being able to empty the mag quickly, and a damage buff to make it at least competitive compared to the Annihilator or Decimator options because in the time it takes you to fire a mag and reload, a Decimator or Annihilator has already shot twice. It should have a much longer reload time than the other rocket launchers, because it holds 5 (five) rockets at the same time.
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  17. Tuco

    No actually the Phoenix is a guided missile so it can hit moving targets. Shocking isn't it.
  18. gigastar

    Except a Pheonix rocket is kinda slow.

    Ive evaded Pheonixes by simply backing up in my Lightning in the past.
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  19. Tuco

    Yes I'm sure you have, and I'm sure other backing up lightnings have been hit by the Phoenix as well.
  20. gigastar

    Im sure a stock Lightning goes backwards faster than 42m/s (Pheonix rocket speed) but i dont use the Racer chassis and so i dont know exactly how fast that is.