[Suggestion] New solution to spawn & revive protection

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  1. Ronin Oni

    So in the spirit of this thread:

    I wanted to come up with more of a solution rather than simply a (valid) complaint.

    Hard spawns are already protected with shields and aren't really part of the consideration. Likewise drop pods you have visual and can guide yourself in, so you can be aware of what's going on as soon as you have control and should be aiming for cover on your way in. Since they changed new character first spawns drop-podding is no longer an issue either (and open to abuse with invincibility shield). So lets look at what issues the invincibility is supposed to fix.

    Sunderer Spawning:
    The problem here is a character will be entered into the game world and the spawner is usually the last client to know. The solution seems simple and has been recommended by others.
    • Spawn into the sunderer.
    • You have 3 seconds before being auto ejected
    • You can change seats to delay hopping out. Most useful to hop into a gun to kill a camper.
    • Of course at any time the owner can kick people out if location is secure and to expedite faction spawning.
    • a sunderer set to squad/platoon only will only allow squad/platoon spawns and be exempt from sunderer spawn radii

    The problem here is when revived, you don't know if it's worth accepting or not. I propose a number of changes, some just to add to quality of life in dealing with revives.
    • If a revive is "Declined" then the medic who attempted the revive cannot attempt again. Other medics may still attempt revive. (Outfits roll with max revive medics)
    • Add "Refuse all revives" option to both "do you want to accept?" prompt as well as below the deploy button, allowing a player to prevent medics from wasting their time if they want to change classes, or spawn elsewhere. (and prevent the popup nags for the respawning player)
    • Only valid revive targets and all valid revive targets within LoS have an icon allowing you to quickly determine who to, or who not to, go to.
    • A 4th option added to the accept revive screen "view body" which hides the menus except for the revive accept prompt. You can click (left or right) on the background to pan around (or some other means of controlling camera + menu) and check to make sure it's not a death trap. While waiting to accept you'd be in that half raised up state, in which an enemy can finish you off for a small 10-25 point "execute" bonus (medic attempting revive gets nothing and doesn't count as kill or death). You can of course still opt for accept, decline, or decline all.
    • (Optional) If executed you would then be invalid for revive. This may only apply to the reviving medic as well.