New sniper rifle stats (plus TX2 Emperor change)

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Xiphos, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. Xiphos

    The RAMS .50M, Longshot and Parallax all have identical stats:
    Damage: 800 (the other bolt action sniper rifles do 750 damage)
    Rounds per minute: 40 (the other bolt action sniper rifles have 46, 49 and 55 respectively with lower range ones have faster speed)
    Bullet speed: 650 (the LA80 already has 650 bullet speed, whereas the SR-7 and V10 have 600. The other bolt-action sniper rifles have 550 and 500 bullet speed for the long-range and short range versions).

    The TR unlockable pistol TX2 Emperor had its damage increased from 112 to 167, bringing its dps to 1113 which makes it worth unlocking if you prefer a semi-automatic pistol over an automatic one.

    TL;DR: the new sniper rifles give TR and VS a higher bullet speed rifle. For NC it's a downgrade. The unlockable TR pistol isn't gimped anymore.
  2. KukKung

    so basically the new ram .50 is the same as the LA-80 for NC?
  3. KukKung

    whats the point of having +50 damage when the bolt action will still only do 1 hit kill on head shots and 2 hit kill on body. its pointless, just another ploy for cash
  4. KnifeSupport

    It's the higher bullet speed that is important, makes long range shots easier
  5. Krrr8or

    That is the beauty of the sidegrade system they want in the game.
  6. Kich

    Does the la80 still have 650 bullet speed? Just checking to make sure it wasn't stealth nerfed.
  7. voody

    Not everybody you shoot at will have full health. A gun with 800 dmg might kill a guy a gun with 750 dmg would not.
  8. Rasui


    Think infantry slightly damaged by explosions. Now they're an even easier 1 hit body kill.
  9. Tasogie

    Be warned too, you cant fit 10x or 12x :( I just got screwed on buying the longshot :(. ive spent 200$ on market in last week, never again.
  10. Xiphos

    Still has 650 bullet speed. BTW this is almost certainly an oversight.
  11. Kich

    Why not? I see the 10x and 12x listed in the cert options.
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  12. Tasogie

    I only get 8x...
    edit hmm thats strange, it just flashed on my screen now the 12x is at top of screen instead of bottom... my mistake.
    Being SOE I just assumed someone had cried nerf so they removed the ability lol
  13. 80Bit

    I enjoyed using the Longshot on trial. I had not tried the LA80 yet, but I found the Longshot to work great. Sounds like there no reason to have both though.
  14. Wren

    Hmm how many cert points/station cast do these new ones cost?
  15. ST4LK3R

  16. Sku1c

    1000 certs.

    Used the Parallax trial, but had a streak of bad luck during those 30 min. and didn't get to many shots off.

    Being used to my XM didn't help either, the bullet speed increase is comparatively massive, need more practice :)
  17. Tasogie

    whats really sad is you cant mod the carbine, it wont let you.
  18. Gearlock

    What faction are you? Theres surprisingly little chatter about how the new engy gun is all but pointless with ironsights and no mods able to be bought.

    I'm an NC and am wondering if all 3 factions are borked with the new engy gun or just NC.

    havent seen any info on that yet.
  19. Tasogie

    NC is buggered too mate. I dont use it, its junk. I am jsut pissed off I spent 30$ today.... 250$ total now. Not spending another cent, its far to expensive, an you cant even change sides without loosing all that money. I hate to say it, but its a Con.
  20. Revanmug

    At certain range with nanoweave, bolt action do not one shot people. This new rifle could.
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