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  1. StormFrog

    No. Look at damage per magazine, not magazine size. The NC experience the lowest increase in damage per magazine, going from old to new SMG.
  2. sosolidshoe

    Yep. If people were (completely unjustifiably) whinging about Infiltrators with SMGs before, we're going to see veritable waterfalls of tears once people start toting these new ones with Suppressor, IRNV, and Adv. Laser attachments. I have enough SC left to buy the new one, but I really don't want to reward SOE for this sort of total dick-move; the first time they did it with the bolt-action snipers, you could give them the benefit of the doubt; the second time, when they "nerfed" the existing camos by drastically increasing their saturation right before releasing the new, coincidentally nicely muted camos, they were stretching my goodwill; well SOE, third time's the charm, you've now demonstrated a pattern of behaviour, one that I'm not willing to support with my money.
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  3. StormFrog

    No, not at all. SMGs are close range hipfire weapons. Their ADS accuracy is awful when compared to a carbine, they have extremely low bullet velocity as well.
  4. DrankTHEKoolaid

    Why are the Damage drop off numbers still not out for these. These could be different between the SMGs.
  5. Rusky

    I doubt they're different, they seem to be giving drop off tiers based on weapon class (LMG/AR get 1 tier drop off, Carbines get 2 tiers, SMGs.... 3 ? would make sense)
  6. Snotgurg

    Now that you mention it, indeed the camos changed in GU2. What's up with this stuff SOE, care to debunk?

    Snotgurg - silver member, but on the fence.
  7. ArcMinuteLight

    Something seems very wrong about these calculations but I just can't put my finger on it!
  8. Rusky

    You already have a huge ROF SMG :p
  9. TeknoBug

    It frigging figures, they give us something new then introduce an improved version later, much like Ford was doing back years ago- well pretty much what EVERYONE does now.
  10. Xind

    Okay, someone correct me please...but statistically speaking, the new TR SMG just seems worse. It has a substantially* longer TTK than the first one and all it seems to gain is a big clip.

    * In comparison to the new TTKs of the other two.

    What's the gain?
  11. DrankTHEKoolaid

    Actually compare the AC-X11 to the GD-7F, both NC carbines, both completely different damage drop offs. The difference between those two weapons is very similar to the difference between the Cyclone and the Blitz.
  12. Rusky

    The AC-X11 and GD-7F both have the exact same 2 tier drop off.

    The damage tiers are 200 - 167 - 143- 125 - 112 etc..

    The AC-X11 is 200 max with 143 min.
    The GD-7F is 143 max with 112 min.
  13. DrankTHEKoolaid

    No they don't. Teh AC-X11 doesn't hit min damage til 85 meters, the GD-7F is at 65 meters.
  14. Phazaar

    Accuracy, thus decreasing real-world TTK as more shots will hit. With the new one you can equip the Adv Laser Sight.

    You now have to choose between having the fastest SMG but with lower accuracy and smaller mag, or the medium rate (still much faster than the slow firing NC+VS alternatives) SMG with higher accuracy and larger mag. You could also equip the fastest SMG with the lowest TTK and highest accuracy at the expense of round capacity, whilst having only 5 rounds less than the extended mag capacity NC+VS versions.

    Seems reasonably fair (at least as far as the Jag/Carv, though I'll wait for some play-testing before passing judgement.
  15. Snotgurg

    I trialed the Blitz and really liked it. It seems like a great gun for you as well (judging by your videos). What's your opinion on it?
  16. DrankTHEKoolaid

    I'm trying to get clips to do a review on all 3 hopefully tomorrow. Very first impressions are that I like it, but not sure yet if I like it over the Cyclone. The TTK is supposed to be similar yet I feel like it's taking me forever to kill some guys that are about 15-20 meters out.
  17. Phazaar

    Yes but in a real world setting in the situations SMGs are worthwhile in, the increased hipfire accuracy and rate of fire mean you'll hit your targets more reliably and more frequently, equating to lower TTKs/more damage done per magazine. Damage per magazine is far less relevant than magazine size combined with ROF and damage per shot.

    Situations where you have to use the entire magazine to kill someone (and have not first been killed yourself) level out TTK to around 3.5 seconds (off the top of my head), which every weapon is able to rival.
  18. Xind

    I pretty compulsively ADS, thus far it hasn't failed me. So if the advantage is a laser sight, which I've experienced on Cycler TRV and MSW-R is all it gets, I suppose it's just not for me.
  19. Raital

    The VS SMG seems like a straight upgrade (400 bullet velocity? They have 0 bullet drop, it's not like they're the ones going to be hurting from a low bullet velocity), the TR SMG seems like a straight downgrade, and the NC seems like a side-grade.

    I'm curious to see how bad drop would be with a silencer and SPA on the TR SMG, now. 335 bullet velocity sounds painful.
  20. Phazaar

    There is absolutely no reason to ADS on an SMG (don't worry, I'm exactly the same. I've had to set up an extra mouse profile for when I get my SMG out so I -don't- ADS); the COF is exactly the same. All it does is reduce your movement speed.