New SMG = OP

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Phaze, Jul 24, 2013.

  1. Phaze

    Seriously. An SMG with that range. It's just silly.

    Infiltrators de-cloaking and insta-gibbing you from ranges that aren't even fair. Awful job SOE. Awful job.
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  2. DuckSauce

    It has a longer ranged TTK than the auto scout.

    Clearly Scout Rifles = WAY OP
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  3. Alexandrix

    Well do you think they are going to get people to buy things if they arent op at first?
    Dev time was spent making the weapon.that has to be recouped.its going to be better than the other options,so people will buy it.
    That's how this game,and free to play in general,works.
    I dont like,but that's how it is.
  4. Stew360

    its mostly a medium range weapons , not that good not that bad seams average to be but i havent test all the atachement that can come with it , it will be patch tomorow ... i sould say that medium range weapons are outperform most of the time by ( true close range / true long range weapons ) to be honest ...

    well see in a weeks or so if your claim are valid ..
  5. Bape

    Yeh but with the SMG you can hipfire while the scout rifles u need to ADS. I don't know if this NS smg is good at medium range I didn't bother buying it.
  6. ReformerTR

    Its garbage. Low damage, 750 fire rate and only 30 in the clip. no thanks.
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  7. Larolyn

    How is the bloom and recoil on the SMG in comparison to the full auto scout rifle? I find the scout rifle to be all over the place when firing at mid range. Can someone post a stat comparison of the two?

    30 bullets is nice. 24 on the full auto doesn't quite cut it at times.
  8. Chowley

    It really does not seem that way in use, maybe i was having lag issues, but up close or at mid range it was like a ttk of a shotgun. I may have a different view of it tomorrow, but in the short time i played tonight, i came across a lot of them and all i could think was wtf.
    Thats from being on the receiving end of it.
  9. DuckSauce

    It's meh. Kills like .06s faster at 40m than the 2nd gen SMGs and is worse up close.

    Sort of fun as a novelty but nothing to get upset about. I didn't buy it, and won't until it goes on sale.
  10. zedfonsie

    It's pretty terrible in my opinion, it's a mid range SMG that is pretending to be a carbine. The only reason I can see people using it for is because they want to get the auraxium medal for it and because it is one of the best modeled guns in the game.
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  11. Phyr

    If you have an SMG already there's not much reason to get the new one.
  12. ih8Darian2

    New SMG isn't that good, I prefer the sirius.
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  13. Cromell

    New SMG is mostly attractive because it's cross-empire. Being available for all classes, it's a fairly good deal, too. Other than that, empire specific guns are more efficient and seem to define their roles in a proper way.
  14. treeHamster

    I got it just because I unlock all the guns I can (part of the game for me is unlocking EVERYTHING I can with certs) and I think it's kinda crappy. Up close it takes forever to kill compared to the other SMG's.
  15. Trysaeder

    The new PDW is slightly better at 30m than the older ones, but is still worse than the carbines in every way. The question is: why are you trying to use an SMG at 30m with an Infiltrator instead of a scout rifle?

    The only benefit of it is that you can use it on every single class in faction, which really isn't much of a benefit as 80% of classes have a default weapon that is superior to it.
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  16. ALeviathan

    Not OP. Just because every tom dick and harry is using it and you died from it doesn't make OP.
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  17. Iridar51

    Have you tried forward grip? I used to run silencer/ALS combo, but realised I use ADS all the time anyway, so I got forward grip and it got a lot more manageable.
  18. Crayv

    I really don't get this new SMG. It is like it tries to be a Carbine but it really fails as it. Also I was kinda surprised to see it only had a 30 round mag and not at least a 35.
  19. exLupo

    I'd considered buying it but, running the numbers, I'm underwhelmed. I like an Armistice as my default CQ kit for any class due to the combination of high dps and hipfire mobility. I wanted this as I'm a fan of the NS weapon concept but it only has one role, Infil Carbine equivalent. Every other class has a superior mid-range weapon (NS across the board, really) and this one doesn't keep up with the Armistice in CQ. I may still buy it for my Infil kit (I'd like the range flexibility) but that'd be the only reason.

    Not sure how to fix it or if it even needs to be fixed. The Infil flex-ranged weapon role ain't bad. Just pricy for a one-trick-pony.
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  20. ZoeAlleyne

    I bought the GOLD NS-7G because I'm a sucker like that, plus it goes so well with my giant GOLD revolver. However I don't really like it, I prefer my Cyclone but I have my auraxium with it so I might as well use that since I don't like the Blitz either.