New secondaries

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  1. TheZetifate1745

    Dual revolvers ads just zooms in 1.75 times. 3 modes 250 dmg up to 30m drop to 200 at 60m. 450 velocity 12 bullets. Reload 2.25-3
    7 bullets a second auto
    Shoots both guns at once 4 times a second semi auto
    Use 6 bullets shoots plasma ball with 150 velocity and 400 damage
    Somewhere around .02 accuracy at all times

    7 bullets 500 damage up to 15m drops to 350 at 45m. 100 rpm. 500 velocity. Heavy recoil. Reload 2.5-3.25 accuracy .01

    125 dmg up to 20m drop to 100 at 60m. Velocity 400 2 modes. 24 round mag 2.8-3.4 reload
    700 rpm full auto
    Shoots 3 bullet at a time semi auto 4 times a second.
    Cant decide accuracy
  2. Zagareth

    Cute to see, that there is still someone who didnt lose his faith, that the DEVs would follow any suggestions made here on the forums. :p
  3. Redoubt

    I'm going to go out on a limb here, I'm going to suggest that they release Arena. We'll soon see whether they read the forums or not. And I'm also going to ask if i can play tomorrow, if i get to play, I know they've read this.

    I'm also keeping the faith!

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