New rocket launchers

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  1. TheZetifate1745

    shoots spinning air in plasma ball. (see through). 800 damage up to 400m and then bullet disappears. (does 1.5 damage to heavy armor and 2x to esf.) 750 velocity. 3 ammo must be charged for 2.5 seconds. 50% smaller hipfire cof than base launcher. 3.5 second reload

    shoots 3 missles at once can lock on to air and has laser guided mode. each does 300 damage (1.5x to air) 160 velocity) 3 rockets in mag shoots all at once. if locked on to air missles will spread apart until 10m apart then track target. 4.25 second reload

    shoots large missle that can lock on to ground or an aircraft that is parked on the ground. first missle will go 40m into the air then come down does 1000 base damage. 5 second reload.
  2. Demigan

    VS: Basically shoots twice as hard as a Vanguard AP gun (misses 100 damage compared to 2 AP shots), and with 2,5 seconds charge inbetween means it deals waaay more damage. With 3 shots you deal a whopping 4800 damage, or 80% of a Vanguard's health (96% of a Prowler). It's got extremely fast velocity for a rocket, as in 3x as fast as tank shells. The old Lancer had 800m/s velocity and was practically considered hitscan.

    NC: Deals less damage in one magazine than the regular G2A launcher, requires you to wait for all 3 missiles to launch before reload and has higher reload to boot compared to regular G2A launcher.

    TR: deals slightly more base damage than a Decimator but can lock-on, deals 25% more damage than the regular G2G lock on but also has 25% more reload time, with the bonus of being able to hit landed aircraft (assuming the engine can handle it). Also can't be used from indoors.

    So basically the VS get's a wonder-weapon, the NC gets crap and the TR get's something that's barely any better than what's already out there.
  3. FateJH

    Your TR is too NC and your NC is too TR.
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  4. TheZetifate1745

    the nc one is a shotgun
    and the tr one is kinda like jackal more nc like.

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