New Rocket launcher for TR is OP(read this developers)

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Navoletti, Mar 12, 2013.

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  1. Flarenza

    It's been stated that this is exactly how it's going to work. My question though is if flares will have any effect since this is effectively a laser targeting weapon, NOT a heat sensing one. I hope flares don't work, but any for of smoke does work to block it.
  2. Ronin Oni

    NC are the only faction to have a weapon that can be fired without exposing the firer.

    VS need to charge up.... but of course once fired can move.

    TR need to stand in the open in direct LoS of their target at all times to maintain lock with multiple rockets firing out to give away their position.

    and of course, anything the release OP will get the nerf hammer in 2-4 weeks anyways
  3. Drippyskippy

    Pew Pew Lancer lasers. With the new flashes, have your passenger use a lancer and coordinate hit and run tactics against tanks. Sounds like it could be fun. Of course this is assuming the Lancer is going to be similar to the Lancer in PS1. The promo video made the Lancer look really bad, so i'm a little worried.
  4. pucwyczes

    NC one will have to stand still, have no control over character movement, probably it will not be able to make tight turns and very slow velocity. How is that advantage? If its not able to make tight turns NC soldier will have to expose himself anyway.
  5. Takoita

    No new information in regards to ESRLs was shown in that video.

    That said, many of TR players I play with are concerned about them. The common fear is that TR launcher would need more exposure on operator's part to land all those shots and actually make use of the whole damage potential of your magazine. Other widely spread misgiving is that the current situation with ESHA specials will repeat itself and the new additions to our arsenal will be less useful than already existing options in the majority of combat situations.
  6. Duff_Chimp


    Without actually knowing the power how can something be overpowered?

    On a related note I saw the concept art for the faction buggies, OMG the Vanu buggy is OP, nerf please. I mean the engine looks more powerful than the other two, plus the wheelbase suggests it will have better handling...

    ...and again sigh.
  7. Kastrenzo

    Maybe the peanut gallery should cry to have the Annihalator buffed again after it was castrated.

    because that's basically all the Striker is, albeit firing 5 weak rockets
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  8. Dhart

    I think as NC... it's time to fold and move on. I've been whining a long time about BIAS and such... but this?

    This is the final straw. Why Dev's thought this was a viable option for a front line front soldier is the limit.

    Time and money better spent elsewhere.
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  9. Luewen

    Yeah, the whining started again before they are even released. Perhaps i should start pre-whine thread 6 months before they have even though about a new item into game?
  10. Sharmanti

    It's obvious they are to change it. She even said it in the video, that it WILL have. Idk why they used a normal rocket for the preview... Purpose of it seems lol
  11. Loegi

    You do realize that the video was edited, right? I can kill anything with anything in seconds with some good editing.
  12. AtotehZ

    If they really go with that laser beam I might cry.. It is so revealing. Firing something with that beam is begging to be spotted by all infantry, tanks and aircraft in a 500m radius.

    Another thing is that introducing more powerful launchers will make sunderers and and other vehicles easier targets. That is NOT needed. If 1 heavy > 1 tank, the point of having a tank is practically moot. Might as well use sunderers then.

    I saw a post not long ago where a guy predicted that it wouldn't be long until vehicles were only used for transport. Infantry was buffed while vehicles were nerfed all the time.
  13. Navoletti

    Remember this post well this weapons is very beautifull is a versión best of anhilator and kill much people of air XD.....

    well my request is....

    anhilation need a buff...other factions have only for look on this weapons and lose time in each look on.
  14. RadarX Moderator

    Please use the thread at the top to discuss this new item. Thanks!
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