New PS2 event streaming service now available

Discussion in 'Developer Notes' started by RadarX, Apr 2, 2015.

  1. RadarX

    Hello Census Developers,

    We're making a new PS2 event streaming service available to census developers. There is more documentation and a rough example page here:

    This new service may be useful to you if you have a census app that polls for ps2 event data. By "poll" I mean you make the same query repeatedly to check for new data. You may want to know everytime an alert start or ends. Or whenever you character dies, kills another player or destroys a vehicle. You can do this will polling but it is highly inefficient. The idea behind streaming is that your code makes a websocket connection to the service and subscribes to the events you are interested in. The websocket connection is persistent--it remains open unlike an http request and when an event occurs in game a message is sent to you over the connection. Streaming is much more efficient--all those wasted requests (has anything changed yet? now? now? now? now?) become unnecessary. If you have an app that polls census I encourage you to try out the streaming service.

    The types of events available at this time are:

    Good luck and please let us know if you have any problems (on the forums or at