[Suggestion] New Prowler Turrets

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Cavadus, Dec 2, 2014.

  1. Cavadus

    The whole offset dual barrel stuff has been beat to death since launch but fact of the matter is that our projectiles do not land where we aim which sucks.

    Whatever, keep the dual barrel turrets for those who like'em.

    Anyways, introduce cassette auto-loading cannons. What is a cassette auto-loading cannon?

    A cassette is a vessel which acts similarly to a rifle's magazine. It holds a variable quantity of munitions. In real life the French explored this concept very heavily with a series of AMX tanks in the fifties and sixties. They all used cassette based auto-loaders on oscillating turrets (meaning that when a turret traversed vertically the entire turret traversed, not just the cannon inside of the turret).

    For an example you're all familiar with, the Lightning's C75 Viper cannon is a prime example of what I'm describing here.

    It allows the tanks to unload a lot of shells very quickly but once the cassette is fully expended this high rate of fire is offset but a longer reload period since an entire cassette of ammunition is being reloaded rather than just a single round at a time.

    This keeps the Prowler in-line with the Terran modus operandi while providing a very different experience for the player as well as a cannon that might actually be properly zeroed to the reticle.
  2. MasterOhh

    As far as I know, was the barrel offset problem the Prowler (and Magrider) had, were fixed ages ago. The origin of your shots are in the center of your screen and not at the tip of the barrels, even if the optical effects might suggest otherwise.
    It helped the Prowler (for obvious reasons) but was also an indirect buff for the Magrider because due to its low mounted cannon, most of the shot fired by it, ended often on the smallest pebbles in front of the tank.

    So your premise, that the Prowler has some kind of disadvantage because of the barrel offset is wrong.

    Now your suggestion. How would you balance a clip fed maingun for the Prowler? Would a longer reload time of the clips matter, if you can atomize everything with one clip? Or would you reduce the damage of the single shot in a way, that the dps stayes the same as the actual double shot? There is a reason why the Viper C75 does only little damage vs vehicles.
  3. Cavadus

    Same way World of Tanks balances it: long *** reload once the cassette is empty.