New Player, Some tips please!

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  1. Tocaefoge

    Hello guys, i just found out about this game 1 mounth ago and wow i got in love with it, its been so fun!

    I came here looking for help because every guide i try to find are so outdated, so just 2 fast questions if u don't mind.

    I mainly play LA, i have so much fun with it, not the most efficient i know... as NC, can you tell me what 1000certs weapon should i go for? A carbine one, all around good 1st big buy weapon...

    Also like infiltrator, but not very long range, mid range sniping , can u also suggest me a good Bolt Mid range sniper?

    Thanks alot in advance!
  2. Vixxing

    You got the SAS for free just slap a deadpull bolt and a 4x sight on it... (120 certs or sum) best midrange boltaction AND its free :p (hold breath 3 is nice implant for it)
  3. Tommyp2006

    Don't specifically look at 1000 cert weapons, it doesn't mean they are the best and often aren't. The stock mercenary is a great all around weapon, the GD7F (which is 1000 certs) is a great close range weapon, and the Razor (250 certs) is great for medium to long ranges.

    For sniping, look at the SAS-R, it's a bolt action sniper rifle that does not have a scope on it, so you can equip anything from a 1x reflex to a 4x scope for shorter ranges.
  4. Alan Kalane

    To answer your questions - don't, just don't buy new weapons until you have some basic suit slots certed. Definetly buy medkits, at least lvl 2. Then nanoweave, grenade bandolier or advanced shield capacitor (your call). And only then you can buy weapons.

    As for the mid range sniper rifle, it's basicaly the reign of SAS-R. But I warn you, it's a tough one to master.

    The NC LA has access to three great carbines I really like : the Mercenary (default, great all-rounder), the ACX-11(a Gauss Saw carbine, high damage per bullet. Great at mid-to-long ranges) and the GD-7F (incredible DPS. Seriously, this weapon fits TR more than the NC with the fastest RoF of any carbine)

    Also remember not to spend all your certs on one or two classes. I advise you to spend some certs on the Medic and the Heavy Assault classes before dumping more certs to LA or Infi.

    Finaly, if you haven't already done this, try finding a good outfit (good basicaly means non-zergfit with actual leadership). Cooperation is seriously the most OP weapon in this game.
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  5. Czerń

    LA is actually awesome for killing infantry and immobile vehicles. Best assault class if you are not going straight into enemy guns IMO.
    I've been mostly switching between Razor and GD-7F, and while both are awesome, they are pretty situational.
    Mercenary with LS is the most versatile NC carbine, and you need only 100 certs for an attachment.
    Bandit is much less controllable at medium range and Gauss Compact and Burst are overall harder to use. Stick with the Merc.
    Unless you want to have a more specialized weapon then either GD-7F/Bandit for CQC or Razor/Gauss Burst for longer ranges.

    Sniper rifles: stock one with straight pull bolt or SAS-R. 4x scope magnitude is enough for medium range combat and you don't have sway with it.
  6. GhostAvatar

    The default Mercenary is probably the best all round carbine for NC. All the others lean towards either closer or longer range engagements. So without knowing what kind of play style you like or favor I cant really suggest one.

    As for BASR, I would suggest the SAS-R also. Although it isn't free by default as Vixxing suggests, it does only cost 250 certs to unlock.
  7. Tommyp2006

    It's one of the options for the new player survey, as is the Razor, which is what I believe he meant.
  8. Goretzu

    That's a bit tricky, because it depends on how you play.

    The Merc (Generalist starter one) is very nice however, as are GD-7F (CQB), Bandit (CQB/mid range), Razor (mid/long Carbine range), and many like the AC-X11 (although that is likely to be more a love/hate thing).
    You can trial weapons too (in VR and actually in-game combat for 30mins or so at a time) so give them a try first.

    SAS-R with 4x scope, straight pull bolt and 1 shot headshots is a lot of fun.
  9. Tocaefoge

    Thanks alot for the asnwers guys, really helpfull! :)

    As for Heavy Assault, what do you recommend?
  10. GhostAvatar

    A bit late to mention that a month after they started playing. I would assume that someone would have done the survey by then.
  11. Computiverse

    For heavy, snag the one cert and ten cert upgrades for nanite mesh generator as soon as you can. Also keep in mind that the default NC LMG, the Gauss SAW, is very difficult to use until you buy a compensator and forward grip for it. Once you do, it's quite a nice weapon, though still a touch difficult to control. If you don't like it, I'd recommend the GD-22S for medium range, though that's not everyone's cup of tea. If you want close range, the Cyclone and Anchor are very good choices, though expensive.

    Also, Wrel has some nice videos for new players, including one about the Gauss SAW:
  12. orangejedi829

    The NC Cyclone was the first gun I bought, and I don't regret it. It's not very good at long range, but it's better than most SMGs at mid range and is devastating in CQC. I should think it is one of the best guns for new players because it has VERY forgiving recoil for its muzzle velocity/damage profile. Also, it can be used by every class. NC may hate the VS Orion Heavies, but VS loathe the NC CycloneCQC heavies ;)
    Other good guns?
    - Gauss Rifle S/Gauss Compact S + underbarrel smoke grenade launcher + HS/NV scope is a very fun one, and only costs around 700 certs total.
    - For HA, my favorite gun is the Anchor. It's a perfect balance of CQC power and effectiveness at range, thanks to high bullet damage, good ROF, manageable recoil, and reasonable accuracy. Reload time is a little long, but you also get a clip large enough to tear through multiple enemies before you have to do that =D.
    - If you ever play medic, the SHOOM-SHOOM effect of the 200/167dmg A-Tross is very satisfying. Just make sure to kill the enemy well before he has a chance to get anywhere near you, lol. It's a bit of a niche weapon, so I wouldn't recommend it as a first buy. Just wanted to put it on here because it is genuinely fun to use.
    Those are just my suggestions, though I tend to prefer weapon variety and joy-of-use over pure 'best technical stats', so take them as you will (I often run with a PA shotgun purely for the joy of pointing it at someone's face point plank and pulling the trigger. KER-CHOOM! Epic. But PA's are, overall, really not very good guns from a tactical or statistical standpoint.)
    Anyway, hope that helps?
    Best of luck out there!
  13. Enguzrad

    Here you go:

    This site will give you a lot of useful information. Youtube videos are not bad source either, there are few people who makes great guides for example Wrel.

    If you are willing to learn, you can find almost all you need quite easily just by typing right words into google. And if you don't, you can enjoy the game without it too, shooting is not that hard and you will figure out important things on your own.

    And don't forget to get your own two bricks of C4. Sometimes you are just the only one in a base with enough brains to look for enemy sunderer.
  14. day ofm one

    Don't even try to fly, you will only get murdered by ace pilots anyways, you simply don't stand a chance.

    Also, don't play Heavy Assault.
    It gets boring after a very short while and you do not credit your team in any way, every other class can kill as well.

    Play medic or Engineer, that's a good way to get some XP and your faction will love you.
  15. The Rogue Wolf

    NC budget beasts: The Razor for the LA and the GD-22S for the HA. 250 certs each, exceptionally versatile. The Razor is the first weapon I ever Auraxiumed, and I had a lot of good results slapping a suppressor on it and using it fairly close/mid range (the thing is inaudible at any real distance suppressed). Slap on a reflex or IRNV sight, get some elevation and rain hot freedom on the heads of the enemy!
  16. Tocaefoge

    You guys are amazing ! :) feeling really welcome in this community, thanks everyone, lots of interesting stuff i didn't know.. and ye air is so hard ahah :p i also find Heavy Assault kinda boring, but i got the idea that they were the strongest like mid-long range, like for defending a facility, also the bazoooka seems handy.. while LA are more like close-mid... i have been trying the medic for some XP farm, def worth it. Any way to destroy a vehice with a LA? like a ninja atack? claymores?
  17. Tocaefoge

    Also hows the balance between factions? was NC a good choice, i am BR 20 now, feeling curious about others, especiall VS but don't want to start all over again
  18. Gorganov

    The most important thing to learn in this game is how to read the map. Proper positioning is key; know where your allies and enemies are, try not to overextend and regroup when necessary.

    Be aware of your spawn options; galaxies are great for bypassing obstacles. Sometimes it's a good idea to redeploy, observe the map for a second, then make a decision

    Listen to your platoon lead, or find another squad to play with. If the platoon lead tells you to redeploy to the otherside of the map,. drop everything and do it.
  19. The Rogue Wolf

    C4. You can unlock up to two bricks of it; the first is 200 certs, and the second is 500. It will stick to any surface you drop it on (including infantry, if it gets a lucky landing on their chest or head) and is detonated manually. Any full-health tank will require both bricks to destroy it, and even a default Sunderer will survive that (though barely), but a single brick can destroy most Harassers or MAXes. Its blast radius is fairly low, but since it's manually triggered, you can set up ambushes.

    It takes some skill to know how to approach a vehicle in the open field, though, so I'd unlock the first brick for primarily dealing with MAXes but hold off on investing in that second one for a while. No sense spending so many certs on a weapon when you're going to find yourself smeared across the landscape before you can even use it a majority of the time.
  20. Enguzrad

    There are just few differences between faction. Mainly faction specific weapons, maxes and vehicles. The rest is the same - classes are the same, weapons look different and have slightly different stats but overall they are the same and most of vehicles are not only the same in stats but also in looks.

    Practically you'll just stick to faction either because you like they're looks / lore / music, or because you like some specific thing only they have or because you have friends there.