New Player looking for Outfit to become better

Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by DurainusX, May 4, 2016.

  1. DurainusX

    Hey guys,

    First: I didn't set a prefix because I don't care which Empire I have to play. I have played NC until now, but I'm just BR 13 or so and it kinda feels like the overall intelligence of my random NC comrades is... questionable. (I hope I didn't offend anyone)

    I'm not new to the FPS Genre, I'm pretty good at e.g. CS GO, meaning I already know things like Spray Control.
    I already played PS2 a few years ago but had no one to team up with me. So I quit because I didn't know how things work. This time I watched "Wrel" on youtube, to atleast get some basics into my head.

    I also have a few friends that might want to join up aswell.

    I'm looking for a Outfit that is willing to help a new player out and wants to have fun.
    I cannot say if I want to play full competitive or just for fun, because I really don't have that much knowledge of the game.

    Preferably a German speaking Outfit, but my English should be sufficient enough to even join a english speaking one.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask them :)
  2. Sovereign533

    Hi, welcome back to Planetside. :D
    It's a great game when you get a good group of players around.

    The outfit I belong to is an old outfit that has been alive and kicking *** since early closed beta, quite a few players are from that time as well. On top of that on our private forums we have guides and Standard Operating Procedures that explain why we do certain stuff and how to do it.
    And most of our members are helpful and will explain what they have and more importantly why they have it (some sometimes get a bit too exited and you can't get them to stop explaining anymore ;) )

    However, our outfit does have a few facets that might not be for everyone. First of all a minimum age requirement of 18 years old. And you are required to have and use a microphone when playing with us. (why be in an outfit it you don't want to play with us?)
    We have regular operations and they are mandatory to join at least 1 a week (especially during your probation) and if you are online, we expect you to be in the platoon.

    At other times of the day we generally have members doing casual play where you can ask members to do stuff or explain stuff to you. For example, if you want to learn how to fly effectively you ask one of our flyboys and generally they will take you into VR training to teach you the basics before going back to the live servers and putting what you learned into practice with other flyboys.

    If this sounds interesting to you, send in an application at PS2 is somewhere near the bottom of the list. Fill in the form and an officer will get to you when they are available.
    If you ask more questions, either ask me here, send me a PM or register on our forum and ask us there.
    If we're not what you are looking for then we have a few friendly outfits that are quite good as well.

    Here are some outfits that are recruiting with a short description of what they are about.
    If you can't find anything there then he's a link to the TR page :
    I can recommend BRTD, they've been long time buddies with us and really annoying ;)
    And ofcourse the spandex faction :
    Where I guess DIG would be something to look at. They are specialized in taking anybody and I would guess they would teach new players a thing or 2 as well.

    Sorry that all my recommendations are English spoken outfits. The only German outfit that I can remeber is and I heard they quit. But you might have a look at them as well. They are also a long time friend with us as well.
  3. IndianaJens

    Hallo Durainus,
    wenn du ein aktives deutsches Outfit suchst kann ich dir [DWHQ] DRUCKWELLE ans Herz legen. DRUCKWELLE ist eines der ältesten deutschen Vanu Outfits, bereits in PlanetSide 1 gegründet - auf Miller das größte und aktivste deutsche VS Outfit.

    Wir haben momentan 4 verschiedene Events die regelmäßig im 1-Wochenrhythmus stattfinden. Darunter sind sowohl lässige Spaßaktionen als auch koordinierte Kooperationen mit anderen Top-Outfits der VS.

    DRUCKWELLE ist ein Taktik-Outfit, das heißt vor allem bei den Taktik-Events wird auf Effizienz, Effektivität und Kooperation mit anderen Outfits Wert gelegt. Die Teilnahme bei den Events ist nicht verpflichtend.
    Da du ja nicht weißt ob du nur casual oder auch competitve spielen willst: Ich bin davon überzeugt dass man niemals wieder casual spielen möchte sobald man das Spiel versteht und kann.
    Zur Kommunikation nutzen wir vor Allem TeamSpeak.

    Weitere Informationen und ein Bewerbungsformular findest du auf unserer Website/Forum
    Du kannst mich natürlich auch einfach ingame anschreiben (IndianaJens) und unserer Gemeinschaft auf dem TeamSpeak sowie unseren Aktionen testweise beiwohnen.

    Wenn du Fragen zum Spiel hast kannst du bei eins jeden jederzeit ansprechen. Ich selbst bin bei uns für die Ausbildung sowohl neuer als auch erfahrener Spieler zuständig.


    DIG has an open-door policy, but they rarely teach their members. :(
  4. Sovereign533

    Did not know that... that's a shame...
  5. DurainusX

    Thank you all for your time, and recommendations.
    I really appreciate that :)

    Well, Teamspeak and Microphone is pretty much basic equipment for every gamer and I'm above the age of 18 years.
    So I meet these requierements.

    My only problem at this moment is that I really don't know if I want to play competitive. And I don't know if some pretty new player will be much helpful in the mandatory events.
    But like IndianaJens said, once I get into the game I might even don't wanna play alone or casual anymore.

    The one thing I already know is, playing PS 2 alone totally sucks.

    Would you guys be mad if I take a day to think about which one I want to join for a test?

    The biggest problem with me is that I usually don't play on a regular basis, meaning: I switch the games I play every few months.
    And I'm not one that always plays at the same time. But maybe that will change.

    If you are OK with a new player that wants to get better, but maybe doesn't have the time to be at all events (cause of work shifts and sports) we should get along pretty good. ;)

    Long story short:
    Really big thanks to you guys, for your effort.
    I will think about it and maybe talk with some of my friends.
    I hope I have an answer tomorrow.
  6. IndianaJens

    Take your time, it is very important that you find an outfit fitting your playstyle. Make sure you check out all the other outfits too!
  7. Sovereign533

    If you contact me I can give you our TS details. Probably best if you add me as a friend ingame. Because then I can drag you down as well. I will then give you a temporary friend tag so you can login and move about our ts server (until we do another 'friend tag'-purge.

    Our operation days are on Sundays and Tuesdays and sometimes also on Thursdays. If you join us then in the first month we would like to see you regulary. After that then it's not THAT important anymore.
    Apart from PS2 we have a large variety of other games that we're active in as well and we have quite a large memberbase that hop from game to game so you might have someone to play with in every game.
  8. FlippyWarbear

  9. DurainusX

    I'm sorry for answering that late. I had some unforeseen troubles.

    Once again I'll say 'Thank you all'
    It's cool to see that some online game communities still are so nice :)

    I decided to go with WASP, it sounds best for me at the moment.
    And Sovereign really made a nice job here.

    Do you want me to send further Infos to your Forum Inbox?

    Edit: I will send my application in the next few minutes.
  10. Sovereign533

    Got your application and you're accepted, together with your friends.
    When you come on an officer will have a little chat with you to welcome you and so you know what's what. He'll answer any questions you might have.

    I won't be on for a week due to real life stuffs. But my fellow WASPies will help you out ;)
  11. Moz

    Nice! You got an invite to WASP!!

    Wont go far wrong with those boys DruaniusX!