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Discussion in 'Connery (US West)' started by Bear with a Beer, Nov 3, 2013.

  1. Bear with a Beer

    Hey everyone,

    I'm a newer player (15ish hours on a friends account) who finally bought the game. I'm looking for a very active outfit that incorporates casual play with more coordinated and tactical play for certain events. I have not spent much time on my new account so I am not picky about the faction. When I play a game I certainly want to have fun but I also want to win. To me the competition is the fun part about games. I've got a mic, a few VON programs, and can get additional stuff if needed.
  2. Brasidas

    We are a fairly relaxed, yet highly regimented and professional outfit so we may be what you are after. There are people on throughout the week but our main sessions are Fridays and Saturdays from 6:30pm PST, and we usually run a training of a Monday (also at 6:30pm PST).
    Otherwise you can always come along to one of our sessions and see if we are the right fit.

    Sergeant Brasidas
    The Bastards
  3. BorialisAurora

    Helps to know what faction you play for :p but welcome to PS
  4. Hosp

    Feel free to checkout [PG] Praetorian Guard. We're a smaller group and not active all of the time. During those active times, however, there are times we're more casual and times we get tactical. But we're also not gonna hold your hand. My pet peeve, be active. Lower BRs get culled regularly for periods of inactivity.

  5. Kaal87

    Hey if you're feeling a bit on the authoritarian-oppressive side, check ou tthe Dread Legion . We're a small tight knit group of like-minded that get off by pushing objectives hard and to the best of our ability. Winning isn't everything, but we know it feels damm good when group efforts lead up to one.

    Stop by our forum site check out our Codex to see how we operate, and feel free to jump in our TS3 channel for a squad invite.

    Good luck in finding an outfit.
  6. kaptinkrunch88

    TUBB - Still running the best "meals-on-wheels" program Amerish has ever seen! Breakfast is served b*tches!
  7. darkstarzx2

    If you play New Conglomerate, check out A Different Kind of Gaming Community. ADK is a multi-gaming community with a strong following in Planetside 2, BF4, BF3, and many other PC games. We have over 2000+ members in our PS2 outfit and have platoons running every night. ADK is also a very dedicated casual outfit who believe in having fun and bettering yourself rather than K/D ratios and stats. But when push-comes-to-shove, there's no better outfit to get the job done.
    If you're interested, check out www.adkgamers.com and look for our outfit on the Connery server!
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