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Discussion in 'Official News Feedback' started by Mithril, Aug 20, 2021.

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  1. DankBudha

    How can you even talk about New Player Experience when there is such rampant hacking going on in the game? I don't know if this is still due to a hacked and broken Battle Eye, or if while your anti-cheat was broken the hackers figured out how to fully inject themselves into your systems, giving themselves some sort of access they shouldn't have, but it doesn't matter. I've been playing this series since alpha of PS1, and until the last few weeks, I've never had to log off due to hackers ruining my play experience to a point that I couldn't even attempt to get away from or kill them....this has gone on too long now.

    If you don't have the money to pay actual mods to do the job, then you need to recruit trusted members of your community so that there can be a Moderator on AT ALL TIMES! I would also highly suggest to give players that have been putting up with this nonsense some free DBC or certs or something, because I believe that it's unreasonable, regardless if it's your program or not (you had no back-up anti-cheat just in case), to expect players to continue to put up with such flagrant cheating. You still need to take some of the responsibility for your player's experience.

    This is a very sad time for a franchise that has always had more potential than any game EVER, yet has always failed to live up to it's true potential. Please, get it together.

    Edit: I forgot to add, this is exactly why a free-to-play model is trash. At least when people have to pay and put their CC# on file, they either have to know how to get other people's CC#s or they risk actually getting banned in a manner that can make it at least semi-permanent. I wish that you all had copied PS1s model more closely, this was never such an obscene problem in that game.
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  2. typnct

    All that you are missing right now is making an A2G launcher that doesn't rely on lock-on's with high velocity

    alongside some genuine increases to infiltrator visibility or counter tools(like the old heat scopes that could see them).

    add to that a-100 health increase for the combat medic or the personal regen ability(like the one heavy assault had during the campaign that could last for a long time and didn't heal the people around) or a passive Flak shield(the combat medic is the least used class in the game, in 1/2 fights I might be the only medic in the entire square kilometer - no IM not joking)
    also - on the medic side - add a high dps weapon for the nso so we could counter heavies or at least finish the medic directive without having to deal with the yumi(horrible weapon, prob the 1st or the 2nd worst in the game alongside the arbalast).

    Another really important change is to give us a Scope that doesn't have a crosshair on it so we could place one from recursion that we want in the size that we want
    on this note - disabling the hipfire crosshair would be useful as well as a lot of players from other games would like to turn it to off as well.

    RED - important
    GREEN - would greatly improve the class performance so people would actually play as a combat medic.
    Cyan - can be skipped, but would greatly improve QOL(quality of life) for some players.
  3. Sumguy720

    I like the direction things are going.

    I think making the G2A launcher default will help with the balance of A2G and G2A but I bet you'll need to iterate more.

    Right now there are two major issues with A2G:
    1. Stealth
    2. Counter-intelligence

    Positioning is one of the most vital piece of information available in planetside 2. Being able to deny that information to your targets while simultaneously getting it about your attackers is extremely powerful. ESFs particularly being so fast and agile, and existing in full 3d space rather than being bound to the terrain, combined with their incredible killing potential and ability to escape make them nearly impossible to deal with in small fights unless you get multiple people with lockons.

    But then, you give everyone lockons and what happens? I predict ESFs will just get shut out of most base fights.

    My suggestion: Find a way to nerf the infantry farming potential of ESFs in exchange for passively increased lock-on time for that platform. Maybe remove stealth completely from the platform.
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  4. Arkanakaz

    I sometimes see new players running on foot from their Wapgate, towards the fight that is taking place in the middle of the map. We know the game so its hard for us to appreciate that the key things in the game that are second nature to use, new players just don't know about. For example:

    • Using redeploy and instant action to enter combat. The prompt for instant action takes a wile to arrive. Maybe if they haven't dealt or taken damage for like 1 minute it should come up.
    • How to switch continents. Considering it is an essential part of the game at times, after a cont lock for example, it is in quite a small subset of the interface. It is in the current tutorial but way to do it needs to be simpler.
    • Opening the map and setting personal waypoints is essential we don't want them having the experience of getting lost and not being able to find the fight.

    A few small changes to help them once they have finished the new tutorial and are actually in game, would go a long way.
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  5. victusfate

    I recommend adjusting the business model from loot crates & insanely overpriced customization to something more approachable.

    Wanna buy all the different weapons and cosmetic tweaks for your favorite classes/vehicles - spend $60 bucks. Currently that price is thousands of dollars. New players figure this out very quickly and walk away. Old whales like myself love the gameplay so much (nostalgic outdoor massive battles) they dish out whatever they can afford to keep the game chugging.
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  6. MasterDk78

    its amazing how ps2 can get away with it so easy, esp when it comes to implants. i used 4k certz on deluxe packs, and got 0 "zero" legenday. bought 1 pack for real money and got 4 in one pack. I often write to angry joe and Jong yea about this and ask them to look into it
  7. math368

    It would be nice to learn how to play all the classes in the tutorial how to play sniper this invisible
    meter, how to play the medicine explains,explain to the medic how people resurrected, how people succeed or how to play light assault more explained
    the equipment for each class it is good to make new tutorial put the least of the things to do it right
    also not used for nothing.use of different vehicle would be well all explained instead of just doing it for the sunderer.
    Tips for aiming well or how to throw grenades well would also be good.
    I hope that redo a version of your tutorial with more things than you had not thought of a tutorial
    for the different uses of implants and also explains that using the headshot kills enemies more easily
    your tutorial than I would also like who in the tutorial area we also see all the main L-shaped
    buildings, powerhouse, the double stack, V-shaped buildings also the i-shaped and square buildings and amp station
    bio labs the tech plant, watch tower, containment site would be well shown all different building configurationalso allow me to give you this little link I find it explains a lot of things could meter in your tutorial.also explains all the implants or even the translation of implants in French there is some poorly
    translated it is boring.added weapon strengths and weaknesses in weapon stats. or explain to people how to use mines properly.

    here is to make a true and in depth take explains any aspect of the games to the players.
  8. Ssymm

    One question, probably sure it's just a fail of the patchnote, but you'll give the XM98 to the Vanu right?
    The V10 is a 1000 certs sniper rifle which is the same as LA80 and SR-7. While the XM98 is the 325 certs counterpart of M77-B and NC-14.
    I can't imagine you will give a different sniper rifle to the Vanu. It would not be fair. Since the V10 is an insane rifle. To me it's just the best. Better than Parallax / Rams and EM4.
  9. Truzen

    I am a new player and that's what bothers me most. I can't long range (range>200 m). The only viable stratgy is rush to the point, since kill cam will show your position.
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