[Suggestion] New Player Experience Band-Aid

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  1. SupaFlea

    Howdy, I have no coding or dev experience what so ever so not sure how or if this could be implemented but have an idea as follows.

    BR1-25 5x cert amount gain(% buff certs received then X5) with a 1x reduction every 5 levels till it levels out or something along these lines.

    It allows for mistakes and allows news player to really taste the game and STAYING which is always the issue, people try the game, find its to chaotic to stay long enough to really learn the game.

    Planetside 1 only made you weight 6hrs-8 hrs to get certs back you mistakingly spent or if you wanted to change up your class so it didnt penalise you for mistakes really and allowed variety with perminent cost. The average new player doesnt stay long enough to make 1000certs etc.

    Any Thoughts.
  2. TR5L4Y3R

    or OR ... they could extend the time a person likes to trial something (without it recieving directiveprocess) allong with the ability to actualy use extentions, meaning if a player wants to trail a primary for example that he then is also able to use scope and railattechements ect.

    there is always are difference using a setup in VR and in liveplay ...
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  3. Johannes Kaiser

    Remember something like this a year or two ago, and spitballed some scaling numbers, going lower with the bonus the higher the BR went. It's as OP stated definitely a bandaid, but it would help new players get over the starting pains.
    Problem with this is, as was back then, that veterans rolling new alts would also get this bonus, despite not needing it.
  4. RabidIBM

    I'm not sure how much would be helped by better exp payout. Truly new players don't have the frame of reference to know that they are getting certs faster. I don't mean to shut down the conversation about how to help newbies, I just don't see this as changing much.

    I would say that this game ultimately sells itself to it's target audience IF nothing is going wrong, and that's more what to address. Retaining new players needs to be about making sure that they experience PlanetSide as it's meant to be experienced in their first hour, and that isn't achieved by bribing them with free-to-play currency in a game they're not committed to yet.
  5. SupaFlea

    Yeah this is true but Vets wouldn't affect gameplay much since the vets strongest tool is his ability to headshot and we already have them as persistent players.

    I know if I joined Planetside and was forced to start with VS or NC I wouldn't stay very long because I don't like the feel of weapons. What my suggestion was mostly about is opening up access to find those weapons you like the feel of rather not giving them any reason to stay if the learning curve is difficult and the weapons isn't fun or comfortable to use.
    I don't know if I am alone in this but sometimes I can do better with lower tier weapons than the superior ones just out of their sound effect or control? I'm sure a lot of has have failed to get fellow FPS gamer friends interested in the game because its too much learning before you can focus on fun lol.
  6. JibbaJabba

    Lot of discussion to be had around details but broadly, yes this is a great idea. Hope Dev reads forums.

    There are enough challenges that new players have to face that are out of anyone's control. A painful grind to get access to content is something that can be controlled though. We should make this easier. I say this as someone who already has all the stuff.

    warning dark **** of questionable moral value incoming...

    Player retention also needs some good old fashioned Operant Conditioning just like the mobile jackpot games have.

    So yes, somehow buff cert gain for new players. Let them experience more of that Fixed Ratio reinforcement schedule.

    Once you have the first dozen or so levels increasing faster (more fixed ratio reinforcement) you can then add the dark psychology and use variable ratio reinforcement. At each level up give a big but random reward. Put a flashy open the box animation for added cheese, but the sprinkle in rewards that a noob would like. A weapon. Some attachments for default guns. A cosmetic that doesn't suck (kind important it not suck).

    Also throw some variable interval reinforcement scheduling in there too. Drop a "bonus box" at some random time each hour of gameplay while under a certain BR. Again, make it stuff noobs would want. OOOH a new top gun for my blah blah vehicle!
  7. RabidIBM

    If uncertainty about faction gear is the issue than maybe for the very first character of an account they should be given access to a locally generated VR where they can flip factions around to see which guns they like the best before committing to a faction.
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