New Pistols! Overview and impressions

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by Plague Rat, Jul 15, 2013.

  1. Van Dax

    The best part is that when you reflexively shoot an ally that surprises you it'll totally nuke 'em.
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  2. Cswic

    Has there been confirmation that this is not the charge pistol or is that simply your speculation?

    Because if so, the cerebus is nothing special given the recent NS pistols. It looks cool and has a very nice sight, would be nice for it to be decent. The CoF of .6 for ADS is just absurd. Are they afraid people are going to pistol snipe with it or something? With NS pistols and the rebel already existing and fully capable of that very thing?

    Seriously, what is the logic behind .6 CoF for ADS?

    I still think it looks super cool though :D
  3. Alarox

    This is wonderful.
  4. Elrobochanco

    The cerberus looks really cool, but I don't think its stats were well thought out. If it was a charge or lash pistol that's one thing, but the weak damage and poor accuracy hobble it too far that its other abilities are kind of a joke. Who wants a pistol that effectively tells enemies when you're missing them or alternately lashes you when you ADS up close.

    I was hoping for a charge up for heft damage pistol, obvious that you're doing it, but good for executing the oblivious up close.

    I don't get the optimal use case here, spam a doorway with 8 weak lasher shots on any class? Seriously, what is the situation where this could be more useful than an NS pistol (super damage, non VS specific sound), heck even compared to a beamer which can crank out the shots.
  5. SpaceKing

    The NC's pistol is more powerful in CQC than th' knife.
  6. ShumaKun

    Cerberus will be fun for LA
  7. Blitzkrieg

    Out of all the new pistols, I think the Desperado wins.
  8. joshua

    Looks like the stats are a little out of date. Same with the NS SMG, actual recoil and hip COF values are not on test yet.

    Couple of notes on the big things:
    The NC pistol has a forced burst delay that isn't factored into the displayed ROF yet. Working on a fix for that.
    The VS pistol has no indirect damage. That was removed.
    These are not the faction pistols. Those are still incoming. These are intended to fill the current gaps in each faction's pistol spread.
    All the existing pistols have been improved in very small ways, excepting the Commissioner which is untouched, and the Repeater which had its damage at range brought in.
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  9. Lafladitu

    I really like Cerberus. fast reload and nice accuracy.
  10. Plague Rat

    Awesome! Thanks for the clarification and the extra info, especially before the misinformation got too out of hand. Much appreciated.

    Now I gotta jump between live and test and see how the other pistols 'feel' different until the stats go in or they hit live :p
  11. PS2Freak

    So this are NOT faction pistols, means we all can use it? right ?
  12. exLupo

    Looking forward to having access to the finalized NS stats.

    They have special faction themed pistols in the pipe. These pistols, while not being those, are still limited to each faction.
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  13. Eclipson

    You nerfed . . . MY REPEATER!?!?!?! :mad: I will never forgive you for this SOE! :mad:
  14. PS2Freak

    new camos are funny, some of them looks like shiny like fish-skin

  15. Hypest

    LOL semi-auto gun with the theorical ROF of 531?
    It's like making the Gauss SAW semi-auto.

    The Inquisitor's stats not only ****e, but it brings nothing new to the TR.

    Altho i expected some kind of lockdown for that pistol too so not only the terran tanks and MAXs can't move, but neither does the infantry.
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  16. PS2Freak

    i agree - Inquisitor's stats are not so awesome.. i dont buy it when inquisitor is released. no niche for it.
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  17. PS2Freak

    Like some other member of forum said :

    "So NC get a faster firing burst pistol than TR? Great. But wait, it also has NC's higher damage? That's just dandy.

    And TR get a pistol with a high mag. Yeah, that's great in a sidearm. Also lower damage, but no RoF to compensate for that.

    Seriously hope this is just a case of test being test."
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  18. Koldorn

    Nice next round; but I am still disappointed that the VS don't have a close range self defense weapon.

    TR: Repeater
    NC: Desperado
    VS: ???????

    Won't be buying any new weapons until something fits that role.

    Well that all depends; does it get the 0 cof first shot? That could be useful.
  19. Master

    Filling the gaps in each faction's pistol spread?

    The VS need a close range pistol more than anything. If we wanted a hard hitting pistol, we would go for a revolver. I'm hoping for the "beamer storm" burst fire pistol.
  20. KillSwitchWes

    As a VS player that loves the Repeater on my TR char and also likes the new Desperado for NC, Where the hell is the VS burst pistol? Very nice preliminary review by the way.