New personal milestone and realization

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Fiatsu, May 2, 2013.

  1. Fiatsu

    Got to 3k certs, i've always been bad at keeping them as i got them, spent my first few K on ESF and Lib.... Boy do i regret those.

    I saved up waiting for MAX updates then looked through the certs for each class to pick which to dump certs into.

    Realized all of them are **** and there's nothing to look forward to in the game cert side.

    PS2 has become my MW3, jump in, kill some people, rage at shotgun being silly /quit game, back to work :(

    Rinse repeat.
  2. FA18

    That's why I play strategy games, it at least takes me a good 2 hours to commence rage quitting.
  3. Roland2TowerCame

    I recently unlocked the M20 Basilisk for the Flash and dual C4 for my LA. They both lead to fun times.
  4. sustainedfire

    I have not played for a few days. Had over 3000 certs banked.

    I loaded in today, bought some harasser upgrades, and did not even bother to spawn one. I just logged out.

    Its looks like it will be some time before anything "new" and "interesting" is added to the game.

    Im sure the harasser adds something to the game, but PS2 is just losing my interest. Maybe because summer is near, or maybe because as you stated, its rince - repeat gameplay has stagnated at the moment.
  5. NoctD

    I have 2.5k certs on my main, and 2k certs on one of my alts. Didn't find anything to spend it on really today... put some into AP main gun for tank, not sure if I'll run with it much though since it does make hitting infantry quite a challenge unless they're not moving. I haven't pulled a Harasser once today, except in VR... though I did ride on someone else's a bit.
  6. Llaf

    I'm starting run out of stuff to cert into too. Bout' the only things I have left are MAX, Infiltrator, and vehicles I never use.
  7. ShopTrain

    Why do you regret spending them on an ESF and Lib? Is it because you can't kill anything with them or what?
  8. Fiatsu

    That etc
  9. ShopTrain

    In my outfit's Air Squadron we have great Lib Gunners that get an insane amount of kills (in the 100s). You just need to put time in your Lib to know how to fly it and gun it. It's important to find a good gunner or driver so that you can communicate well, and in the end you both get a whole lot of XP.

    This is who I'm talking about.

    With the ESF, I don't know; but there are great Scythe pilots out there.
  10. LightningWolfTigrBer

    Oh man, seeing a lot of names I recognize. Some damn nice flying/shooting. Guy really knows how to lead with that Zephyr.
  11. ShopTrain

    Here's a Scythe video to get you started

    the cutest video ever