[Suggestion] New Patch renders Mags obselete

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  1. BorgUK1of9

    With the advent of the new patch and lots of over powered super fast Harassers (again, did you learn nothing) the PS2 Mag cant turn fast enough to deal with them (being light armoured due to its so called manoeuvrability).
    Who makes a main battle tank that dies so quickly to Jeeps with 50 calibre guns. If the US army took the same stance they would never dare roll their Abrahms tanks into a lot of African dictatorships.

    Why SOE felt the need to give the Mag the fixed main gun over what we had in PS1 I don't know.

    However I think its about time Daybreak went back to this...[IMG]
    From this and gave the VS a tank again that's fun to gun and made use of its manoeuvrability or give it a lot more armour.
  2. Nregroepis

    Ah... good ol' asymmetrical gun placements.
  3. 0fly0

    Try not use wqsd, i know it's hard to turn against harrasser and i don't know if you know that but you have your usual movement key wqsd and the arrow touch are bind with "look on the left" "look on the right", it's way faster to turn with those touch, wat i do when i use vehicule is i bind those two key right on top of my ordinary movement key it's perfect for quick turn
  4. Mythologicus

    From what I understand, PS1's approach was basically the opposite of PS2's. Give the driver a PPA, and the top gunner the big cannon. Works for me, though it kills soloing.
  5. Takara

    The top gun...wasn't exactly a big cannon either.

    The top gun had 25 rounds and took 3 direct hits to kill infantry.(6 or so with splash) But it was fairly accurate and decent rate of fire. The PPA on the bottom was very fast rate of fire but hard to aim due to the low profile and bumps in the ground. Over all it was the best ANTI-TANK tank...just because it had a good stand off range. You could sit far away and let your gunner snipe away and drive enemy tanks off. The low damage didn't usually grant you tons of kills unless you worked with another mag in a team.

    The other empire tanks all had HEAT shells that were able to 1shot infantry with the inner splash radius. (The Vanguard's had a rather large inner splash) Honestly the game's tank balance was pretty dead on. The TR always complained about having to have 3 people to fully man a prowler. But when they did the firing of both the dual cannon and the twin 17mm AP MG would throw out some pretty great DPS. The vanguard's gunner had to chose between Coaxial MG fire or Main cannon. Well the Mag had the PPA and the Main gun the PPA was generally a close range option only.
  6. WTSherman

    Actually I expect the Aphelion to be pretty popular with Magriders once the VS start to figure out how to use it. It's a more accurate Vulcan, so it should make a pretty decent anti-Harasser weapon. How it stacks up to the Saron against vehicles at point blank depends on whether the Saron would have had to reload for that engagement or not, but the Aphelion's performance against infantry will likely set it apart. Last time I checked it was about as good as a Basilisk against infantry, which isn't bad at all for an AV gun. It's also better against aircraft than the Saron is.

    So the Aphelion might end up becoming VS' general-purpose weapon, while the Saron is for situations where you want to tap-fire at long distance, or seek out flanking attacks where the enemy will die before the Saron needs to reload.
  7. BorgUK1of9

    Absolutely the MBT's were more balanced.

    I know Daybreak wont do this, the argument will be too many things being worked on that we didnt need like another lock on device and MBT's that are now AA with their main gun.

    They will also never admit they screwed up from outset.
  8. FocusLight

    Classic Vanu mentality to see the negatives and not the positives. This is why your whining is so tiresome: You don't seem to think of the bigger picture.

    Factor one: Yes, there are more Close-range AV Harassers out there now. The only ones you need to deal with are the old TR Harassers, and the new NC Harassers.

    Factor two: In return you now have more allied close range AV Harassers, and most importantly - you now have a VS version of the Vulcan on the most mobile and agile tank in the game, where you aim is not impacted by terrain nearly as much as any other vehicle is, and the reason why the TR Prowler never got good use of their Vulcans don't apply to you. Remember, you are the one's with the hill-climbing, side-strafing, speed-boosting tank able to float around while keeping your strongest armor facing the enemy at all times.

    Saron equipped Magriders was already a major pain, now we get plasma-repeater grade Magriders for more close-range pain, making it EVEN EASIER for you to deal with the fast movers out there, like Vulcan Harassers.

    There goes the one down-side the Magrider had, and the most reliable response the TR had.

    And yet, VANU are the first to complain.

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  9. MasterOhh

    I don't think that the Aphelion will be used much as a secondary for the Magrider. It is a nice sidegrade and personaly I don't think its either OP or UP, but its primary strength (good DPS over time) is mostly irrelevant when being used on a Mag.
    The aphelion shines when you can constantly pepper a target with shots. The way I play the Magrider (and many others do, too) is to constantly pop in and out of cover. Therefore a weapon with a high burst or alpha damage is better (saron or if you have a good gunner, the halberd).
    I've dumped 5000ish cersts into the aphelion for my Mag and after I used it for a bit, most of my usal gunners wanted the saron or halberd back. I don't regret spending those certs and maybe I'll find some good use for that weapon in the future, but not now.

    Using the aphelion on a harrasser is probably another story. The harrasser can circle targets, and stay in constant line of sight. That might give the gunner the opportunity to fire the whole magazine in one go.
    But I do not drive harrassers, so I cannot comment on that much.
  10. gigastar

    For one thing i dont think for a second that any close range AV Harassers will go after another close range AV Harasser. That means a fair fight, and nobody (Harasser drivers least of all) looks for a fair fight in this game anymore.

    And i doubt youll see many Mags running Aphelion, since Mags are generally long range fighters as thats only where they can make effective use of thier mobility. Up close, theyre too big and too cumbersome to escape the crosshairs of the opposing Vanguard or Prowler while keeping the main gun trained on the target.
  11. Machine Spirit

    I aint even mad. You're level of biased attitude is damn funny. Did the Magrider touch you places? XD
  12. FocusLight

    What a brilliant and well though-out reply.

    I suppose you will argue my point with some good counter-arguments next?
  13. Taemien

    You think this statistic is going to change because a 1/2 Magrider might be vulnerable to a 2/3 harasser:


    If not, then what's the problem?

    Harrassers with Kobalts (the .50cal machine gun in PS2) cannot deal damage to a Magrider.
  14. TheMish

    Eh, no. You're just used to be practically invincible, now some things are changing that are finally making the VS weaker, and you guys don't know what to do.

    Plus I can tell you, from often going on runs with a Vulcan H, and soon to try the Gatekeeper, if the enemy is paying attention to me, it's very hard to do much in a harasser, especially if its Vanu, because they smack me with the point and click Lancer or Vortexes.
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  15. Steza

    The magrider is still a powerful tank, you may not be able to use it as a conventional tank but it screams anything but conventional just by looking at it.

    Think of it like a Light assault, you could run down this hallway where all the enemies are located firing in your direction and probably die. Or you could jump above the building run behind them and kill them. For the magrider the situation would be similar, climb up high and have a nice rock to hide behind those other MBT's will scream with jealously at you and send there jealous shells for you.

    As for harassers use the buddy system? if both top guns are sarons you can chew through a harasser pretty fast. If they want up close and personal use your AV main cannon if they are behind sarons again. Other words buddy up and have a full tank with communications and you'll see a huge performance boost in your magriding ways.