New NS tank revealed - Multi crew maybe?

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  1. MonkeyOnTheWing

    My favorite thing about this Tank design is how it's a blatant rip of five or six other tank designs that in no way rip each other off.
  2. CHDT65

    This is not a tank, this is a moving artillery plateform.
  3. Jachim

    I agree!

    I would much prefer seeing some updated empire based light tanks, etc and get rid of the NS stuff entirely, or make them simply an alternative.
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  4. Trelfar

    This render was just posted on the PS2 Europe Facebook page:



    Edit: Combined with the first render, I'm counting 5 personnel hatches here.
  5. EliteEskimo

    So it's the Prowler Version 2.0?;) It evenly has a mechanical sound tank design by having a centered turret like a proper tank should.
    I'm hoping it will be a 6/6 tank. 1 Driver, 1 Main Gunner, 4 secondary Gunners. It will be the ultimate crewed and team base vehicle. It would be a cherry ontop if the driver got like a Kobalt to fire.:D
  6. Alarox

    I'm a bit confused. I see one gun on this tank and 5 hatches... 1 gun... 5 hatches... Potentially the opposite of the other tank concept arts, which actually had more guns on them than they ended up with in-game.

    Wait a second... it is a tank version of the Galaxy! You are correct.

    One driver, one main gunner, four secondary gunners with weapons like the Basilisk, Bulldog, and Walker!
  7. EliteEskimo

    *shrugs* Maybe the Driver and Gunner get in through the same top hatch? Eitherway 5/5 or 6/6 this tank will be awesome to bring to battle. Organized outfits could cause absolutely havoc with this as long as they give it proper front and side armor. It will make me so happy inside to have an image like the following, but with a colossus in a middle.:cool:


  8. BengalTiger

    The Liberator seems to have 2 cockpits and seats 3, so the number of hatches shouldn't be considered the final word when it comes to crew count.

    The rear hatches also seem to be just a few inches above the track. Where do the crew members fit?
  9. Alarox

    What do the crew members even... do? I don't see where these guns are supposed to...

    Sorry, my eyes just caught sight of something as I was typing this. This tank is as large as I thought. I just noticed something we can use for a scale that confirms that the weapons in the tech plant are likely the same size as on this tank.


    At least in terms of height this ought to give us a decent idea as to its size. The distance between each bar of the ladder should be around one foot, so those 5 bars of the ladder should cover about 4ft (1.2m). This thing has to be at least 20ft tall.
  10. BengalTiger

    The hatch would be similar in size to the one on the Vanguard I suppose, so the hull of that thing will be as tall as a Sundy at least.

    My current guess is 3 Sundies wide and long, and about 2 Sundies tall.

    Nonetheless, those rear hatches, if the design was real, would open up right onto the rear tracks.
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  11. vincent-

    Those could be hatches or the place holder were the turrets for our gunners go.
  12. WTSherman

    Well, it wouldn't be the first time they modeled something that was physically impossible. Remember the NS-7's magazine? :p
  13. DorianOmega

    Hmm wonder if anyone else wants to see new vehicles added to the game :)
  14. Bullborn

    You all got it wrong.

    Its 1 gunner, 4 drivers, with each track driven by a different player. It will be great :D
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  15. LordTankT9

    The more - the better! I personally wish for a rocket bike.
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  16. DorianOmega

    personally I want to see a bike with a gun mounted to a sidecar, something like this:


  17. Gleerok

    This looks AWESOME.

    But I am saddened to see that this was posted back in january, and we haven't heard official news about it yet.

    So far, only the Valkyrie, and even that is not coming so soon.

    Business guys at SOE need to review what they are doing, 1 vehicle per year?

    Vehicles equals more unlockables, more unlockables equals more station cash opportunities! So, more stuff and vehicles too please :D

    At this rate, in 5 years we'll have between 5 and 7 new vehicles. For a game such as Planet Side 2, all its variety and quantity, I don't think that is just at all, considering the game nature itself.

    As of now, ground vehicle based gameplay is like: "Oh, Lightning, Sundie or MBT." (since harassers are an annoyance only unless)

    Its too tight. More variety would be just to the amazing thing that Planet Side 2 is!

    The ES buggies, this tasty piece of artillery, the Valkyrie. And who knows what else (ES stuff :DD!), ES small class fighter?

    I'm excited!
  18. Archiadus

    I'd rather have 1 vehicle that works properly each year than 12 vehicles that are bugged to heck / OP / UP.
  19. LT_Latency

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  20. Pootisman

    A tank controlled like that would be like Ash in Twitch plays Pokemon.


    BTW, the kid, Brent Rambo, works at SOE. No joke.
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