New NS tank revealed - Multi crew maybe?

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  1. Soldat

    i just can think about the hitbox .. and render distance ...
    Looks like it can stuck between 2 bases and any AV infantry cant miss anymore .. stupid small lighning hitbox he really can hide
    behind one of these two rocks in the open
  2. Torok

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  3. Flukeman62

    They nicked our prowler. fixed it. and put it on steroids.
    Seriously. They centred the cannons and made it look more bad-*** while keeping he general shape. This is what the TR have been asking for since beta yet it's NS?!
  4. Torok

    NS got more money

    To compensate SOE should give each cannon 500m AOE radius :p
  6. Zapon

    I hate to say it, but that's what some of the Mammoth tank variants in various CNC games specifically use their missiles for..


    hey, i aint complaining- although you might start seeing these



    (and as it is , we need these)


    Anyway. , the devs HAD released art for empire specific heavy tanks


  7. Flukeman62

    seriously though this is a major kick in the balls for the TR. it's like SOE are taunting us with this
  8. MonkeyOnTheWing

    I think the assumed scale everyone is going off of is mistaken TBH. Going off the size of the hatches, I would estimate the main body section is about the same height as a Sunderer, with the turret making it 50% taller. it also looks the foot print is roughly 2 MBTs long and wide. Not too big for roads, but certainly not something to want to drive across mountains. It may even be small enough to fit snugly into the vehicle bay in towers, although most tankers should know better about getting into such a tight spot.

    As far as game breaking, people need to stop comparing 1 to 1 against other vehicles. If this is a four man vehicle like we suspect, it's actually taking two fully manned MBTs or four Lightnings(which can do allot of damage in the right hands) off the battlefield for every Colossus.
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  9. Zapon

    or they could also introduce that super prowler i posted the prototype for above that hte devs showed
  10. Zapon

    I would be shocked if it didnt fit.

    Honestly, we need a tank that takes firepower like that, currently tanks die to way to little firepower- tanks need a armor buff against everything but other tank rounds as it is.(some willl say no because they are frequently use,d but they forget, that a commander who WANTS to pull all heavy armor should be able to spend some cost, no matter how high, to pull it off- it should be doable to spam the strongest vehicle, )(part 2: tank platoon usage has decreased among commanders since the early days)

  11. Flukeman62

    that's not what i was complaining about. the fact is they practically designed a vehicle that is almost exactly the same as the prowler that the TR community has been desiring for ages. And then decided "hey! lets make it a new NS tank instead of using the design to fix the problems presented to us via the community!"
  12. Zapon

    all images fro mSOE minus the CNC one for comparison(hey, i aint hating, it's a good design, I say go for it, honestly, sides, they might not have been inspired from it)


    Now we just need a VS heavy tank


    SOE, comon , where's our super-magrider that can take 3 Mag riders at once?
  13. Klondik3

    Wonder what will be role for this thing.

    And more importantly, will it be able to survive suicide C4 Flashes.
  14. BengalTiger

    If it's not on fire after the first one, I suspect the forums will go wild.

    It won't matter that the tank will be so huge, it would be an easy target for Bulldogs from as far away as it could be spotted from, not to mention proper AV weapons.
    People just don't like to change their ways, and they don't like to actually put some effort into achieving something.
  15. LibertyRevolution

  16. dopy7dvs

    My suspicion is that this will not be primarily a battle platform. Looks large and too cumbersome to be extremely mobile. I wonder if this would be a mobile platform, with defenses, to support some sort of base construction?
    NS would mean available to all factions...size would indicate multiple troop transport/spawning. Large defenses would mean it would take considerable time to build a base. May even be able to spawn vehicles.
    Would be amazing to build bases outside of lattice.
  17. Grayson

    It's only a matter of years before we get this....i can't wait!!!!:)
  18. DeadlyShoe

    Hmm. I see only two spots for crew: the left and right ladder/cupola things. I know that doesn't actually have any bearing on how much crew it has though, not in PS2.

    Thing looks like a deathtrap though. It's going to be the priority target for everything. Daltons could hit it on Indar from Esamir.
  19. ISKNausicaa

    Just seen a recent test fire of the colossus weapons against the tr Zerg

  20. Aegie

    I think it kicks TR and NC a bit- seeing as how it appears to be another NS item that will be more NC than NC (i.e. tougher with more alpha damage) and yes does completely rip off the Prowlers 2x barrel gimmick. Now, if only they could make it hover we would have an NS weapon that completely negates any ES counterpart. Yipee?
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