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  1. Torok

    Make it 2 seats. :>

    Would be cool imho.
  2. Tar

    there's quite a few vehicles missing from the game that should come before something that is not actually missing
  3. Acceleratio

    A big NO from me. I already hate how there is so much NaniteSystems stuff watering down the factions. If I play Vanu i want to feel Vanu and keep the immersion for me. How about a a second ESF for all factions? 2 seater maybe?
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  4. jiggu

    He's probably on his phone or something, thus the misspellings.
  5. Ash87

    Could be interesting.

    I would want it to have a role. Most NS stuff is faster, less heavy, and with more versatility so maybe an NSF (nanite systems fighter) could be a faster fighter, maybe with a cloak or something.
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  6. Kurohagane

    Not really.

    First of all, personally i find the other two to be way easier to emergency land. Once you get to red health, a slight nudge will make the scythe explode, and the decreased handling negates any hovering buffer you have when landing. Meanwhile, you have invincible landing gear on the other two ESF's which is what i really like about them. Furthermore, the scythe does not have different momentum physics, it has better deceleration if that's what you mean, and it does help when landing, but otherwise it only has a bit more inertia in hover-mode (but only for acceleration). As far as i know during cruising it has no difference, maybe expect less speed loss during turns than the reaver, then again the mosquito has even less as well. It is also way more susceptible to ambushes due to it's flat airframe shape, and is easier to hit from ground level.
  7. Strottinglemon

    Please, no. NS vehicles in general just water down the game. I want to be fighting for a unique and individual faction with unique and individual vehicles. I would be fine with new ESF's, perhaps heavier bomber type things, but please no NSF.
  8. Delta102

    ESFs are so similar that they already are NS in all but name.
  9. sustainedfire

    I would love to see more Empire Specific Fighters, but im quite sure it would not happen.

    An NS version goes a long way, one model, one weapon set, across all Empires.

    It could be produced quickly, and efficiently.
  10. treeHamster

    The Scythe DOES actually have different physics. It's a LOT stiffer to fly, which makes it fly MUCH more predictably, which is what makes it easy for noobs to learn to fly. But it also makes it INCREDIBLY easy to shoot with ground AV weapons (tank turrets, AV turrets, and dumbfires).

    The only reason I like the Scythe more in some situations is because it can land in the vehicle bays of the major facilities with little effort AND be able to exit them. The other two can't do it very well at all. Otherwise, the Mossie is superior when playing in anything but a 1v1 dogfighting tournament.
  11. NinjaTurtle

    How about a Dalton for a nose gun :eek:
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  12. DeadliestMoon

    I think we have too many vehicles as is, but that's just my opinion.
  13. Tar

    2 tanks, 2 helicopters and 1 ******** buggy? I don't think so.
  14. DeadliestMoon

    Don't forget the ATV, the one manned tank, the armored bus, and the armored air bus.
  15. sustainedfire

    The ATV, Armored Bus and AIr Bus are all Transports. Need more battle vehicles.
  16. DeadliestMoon

    The Flash can be an effective battle vehicle, it just needs a buff in survivability.
  17. MFP_TK_01


    Personally I'm with a couple of others in this thread. Rather than make another generic copycat vehicle which in turn would make each faction less unique, I would rather see a second ESF per faction. And their heavy gunship idea is exactly what I have had in mind for a while. The heavy gunship would be a slower but more HP ground attack craft where the pilot controls A2G missiles and the copilot has a rotating rotary. Our current ESf can then be changed to take on more of the role that the OP would like with more air superiority and less ability against ground.
  18. Tar

    I said 2 tanks: ES MBT and Lightning.
    And transports don't really count.
  19. Prudentia

    don't tell that my 'instagib-everything-Battlegal'
    Infantry? OHK Bulldog!
    Tanks? OHK Whalehug!
    Aircraft? OHK whalehug!
  20. Nephera

    an air superiority fighter would be rad.