New NC and VS AP mines.

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by m44v, Apr 26, 2013.

  1. Cirevam

    Wow... I was already starting to use AP mines more since they made tank mines hilariously large, but I might have to stop using AP and run with tank mines 100% of the time as pseudo-C4.

    After thinking about it... AP mines might be okay since I try to place them where people won't notice the mine until it's too late, like Ravenorth said, but we'll see. Hopefully the lights get toned down.
  2. Caserion

    Have you ever used claymores? the most obvious, unusabel things with 2 lasers in front of them?

    If i can kill people with those ******** mines, than you should easily kill people with these flat mines...
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  3. EvilNinjadude

    It should only be an Issue at night, really. You won't notice anything the other half of the time, and as was said before, people are DUMB. And some (like me) have FPSlag that makes us unable to stop before we stand on top of the mine. Other people see the mine but are pursued by other enemies and/or their bullets, and find themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place.

    It will be harder, but not dramatically so, is what I'm trying to say.
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  4. Syphers

    Wtf the NC light is way too visible
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  5. ColdCheezePizza

    I was hoping the NC/VS would recieve the thick crust treatment the tank mines got, but guess this is a generous compromise, considering TR has had to live with Winnebago sized landmines this whole time.
  6. Tekuila

    You aren't any worse off than tr engie now.
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  7. ColdCheezePizza

    if cheap kills were your only motivation for playing engi, instead of repairing and resupplying teammates, then your probably better off using a pump action shotgun with an overshield instead. Or even better, a wraith infil with a fury flash for some of that ohk suprised buttsecks fun. I know its alot more work than setting and forgetting a mine, but I guarantee your kill rate will increase drastically for barely a little more effort.
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  8. TeknoBug

    LOL this is silly, after they fixed the mines sinking into the ground I most often had no problems seeing them, now they're going to be obvious to see and nobody will be dropping them anymore.
  9. Siveon

    Placing mines around corners or to the side of the doorways works... but then the target is not usually close enough to the mines to be killed or they just don't do enough dmg all together.

    I'm fine with making them more visible but they should be more deadly too, but chances are I will just stop using mines all together except for AP mines which are now only viable as a C4 alternative.
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  10. m44v

    I killed two harassers, a flash and a magrider with the oversized tank mines on the test server, and that's without spamming them (because I was short in resources) nor with suicide runs. Just mining the roads and trying to be clever about where to put them.

    They're not useless.
  11. RANDOMpercentage

    They lasers only show to allies. but they are really visible since they stand up.
  12. Fenrisk

    Put your settings to medium and you can see the bright green lasers on your Vanu and NC characters.
  13. m44v

    No, lasers are visible to enemies as well, it depends of where you are when they are placed. If you are in the same hex when the mine is placed then you will see the lasers, if you enter a hex with claymores already setup then you won't see them.
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  14. Van Dax

    I know it may not be correct but I've never seen the lasers on the claymore even if I can directly see the mine itself.
    So to me they've appeared to be directly superior to prox mines. Anyone else not able to see the lasers?
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  15. m44v

    I usually see their lasers more often than not, screen.
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  16. tbot

    So instead of improving the TR claymore they nerf the other 2 .... good move.

    Why not give the bouncing betty and the claymore to all 3 factions (NS mine)? Problem solved.
    You can choose if you want to use directional or 360 mines and we all have the same tools?
    Its not that we have Empire Specific C4 right?
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  17. Syphers

    Yeah this would be better
  18. RANDOMpercentage

    I just heard it was a glitch when non-TR could see the lasers but you may be right. As to playing on medium, I play the game on a laptop and can only get decent FPS on medium when there is a very low continent population.
  19. OddChelsea

    The only problem aside from TR claymores being so different was that sometimes the mines would sink in through the floor. When they did not and I was actually paying attention, I could see the mines. This change is not something I support. If you were paying attention you would see them anyways, mines shouldn't have flashing "watch out I'm a mine!" lights...
  20. VSMars

    Instead we should have:

    VS: Proximity, Directional, Sticky (like Directional, but slappable on any structure - including walls and the ceiling), Booby-Trap (activates on interaction with something, usable to anything you can hack or interact with, like terminals, turrets or generators), EMP, Concussion, Sensor ("paints" the enemies in target area for a minute or two on the minimap and with "doritos" above their heads)
    NC: Proximity, Directional, Sticky, Booby-Trap, EMP, Concussion, Sensor
    TR: Proximity, Directional, Sticky, Booby-Trap, EMP, Concussion, Sensor

    ... you get the idea.
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