New nanite system means members are buying power

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Kalivix, Aug 9, 2014.

  1. Kalivix

    This might seem an extreme thing to say but think about it... before members got more resoruces but they had to wait for the timers so at least they couldn't spam tanks/air/MAXs non stop.

    HOWEVER this new system means that they actually can... a member will pull a new tank/MAX/air 50% faster than a non member possibly can meaning they are literally buying power now.

    I know they are apparently planning to do more changes but the current system is a complete shambles, they should have waited to finish it all not release a half finished mess that completely breaks the game and makes pw2 a reality, even if it is just going to be for a short time.
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  2. FLHuk

    I'm F2P, played since release, never spent a penny as I don't need to. The great resource of time fixes all :)

    Can you please explain in detail why payment should not equal reward worth having?

    Why shouldn't a new paying member be able to burn through a LOT of tanks in order to learn? While all this time feeding FUN to other players. Who may also be new paying members trying to learn tanks.

    Same for MAX, same for AIR.

    Personally I think a BR10 paying £xx.xx should be able to spam tanks, max, air, grens, mines at me at BR96 and have fun doing so. We need the new blood to stay!
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  3. volth

    Now membership is actually worth it.
    Before patch it was more "Why pay for membership when you don't get anything good"
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  4. Kalivix

    It should be worth having but it shouldn't give you a power advantage over other players who aren't paying, thus why its normally exp boosts and cosmetics.

    I imagine when they finish the resource revamp it wont be pay to win anymore (I hope so anyway) but right now it is and its not good to have a p2w model EVER..
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  5. Pikachu

    But but, you all wanted the resource revamp so much. :eek:
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  6. SpaceTimeSpace

    ^.^ Haven't you try it, the best way to use your resources is if you weren't just standing there.
    With the Nanites resources you can spawn a Tank and use C-4 or
    Spawn a Liberator and crash and have a Max....
    It's not a BAD thing, it just people DON"T know how to use it all.. But it's bring more
    EXP ...And no You don't realize it just yet. The old system can spawn Air, Tank, and infantry at the same time...
    Make use of it.... Before it's "changed".
    P.S. I see where you going with this, but tatics as destroying their's armours will stop them from having it another 5 minutes won't WORK anymore :\.
  7. Kalivix

    I thought the revamp was going to have a pool of resource thats shared by the entire faction so that zerging isn't so much of an advantage as they'll quickly use them all up while the smaller faction can hold them off then spawn lots of stuff to fight back.

    this system gives zergs an even bigger advantage and its actually making the subscription p2w as people can spawn 50% more vehicles/MAXs than people who aren't members.
  8. M4gn1

    membership provides you with 75 nanites instead of 50 nanites a minute. on 500 resources the member can grab his vehicle after 7 minutes instead of 10. And this is without the continent owning boosts that will half the needed resources. I think those 3 minutes are less important than the time bonus BR100 used to have over BR 1 players
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  9. Salryc

    There will always be imbalance in games. If you want to play for free, you give up the luxuries that go with a membership (which aren't much IMO). If you have less time, you give up the luxuries that go with hours spent fine tuning your skills. If you.... well you get the point. Nothing will ever be fair.

    With that said, SOE needs to pay the bills to keep the lights on. There's been no real reason for me (dunno about anyone else) to bother paying for a sub. Pops were so low that the idea of going to the front of a queue was laughable at best. My 15 bucks got me 5 in station cash (made more sense to simply buy station cash) and with the xp boost? Um, there's a whole lot of BR 100s out there with no need of that either. So now, I have a reason to buy a sub. Yippee.... and stuff. That still won't get me hours in game to play. That still won't make me aim any better. That still won't help my situational awareness. Yeah, I can pull a ton of "stuff" out of a terminal, and someone with a free account can still trash my face if they are good enough. It's not like it's exactly a gear gated game.
  10. Taemien

    Hate to tell you this, OP, but being a member or not is part of defining whether or not you are casual or not.

    Casual players only play to have fun, kick back, get a couple of kills and drink/smoke/whatever they do, and then logoff for the night. They don't need to be using serious resources to do that.

    More serious players however do. They need to be able to deploy to continents where they are needed, need to use resources non-step, and be where their outfit/platoon/squad leader needs them to be.

    If I'm on Indar and just pulled a Vanguard and I need to be on Amerish, stat. Then I need the extra resources to offset the fact that I just pulled a vehicle and now have to abandon it. Freebie casual players don't need to do that. They can get their buzz and truck along at whatever they're doing.

    As I said in other threads. If you're serious about playing the game, subscribe. Any sport or hobby requires money spent on better gear for those playing. PS2 is only $14.99 a month. Other hobbies such as Warhammer 40K, Cycling, Golf, Paintball, ect. Are much more expensive. When you go to the paintball field, the serious players don't use rental equipment. Having a golf membership costs far more than going to a Golfin Dolphin. And same thing in PS2, having a membership means paying more than not having one.
  11. Kalivix

    You really don't seem to realise the problem here do you, free to play games should never sell you power, and right now thats whats happening as vehicles and MAXs mean power.

    And you are massively underestimating casual players, you seem to think they'll log on for 5 minutes and not play again and that anybody who plays over 5mins is subscribed, I'm sorry to tell you thats entirely not true. Casual players can still play for 2-3 hours on a weeknight and longer on weekends.

    Still the main point remains you should NEVER sell power, and giving subscribers the ability to pull 50% more MAXs and vehicles is selling power.
  12. Taemien

    If I bring a tank, and you bring a tank. We're on equal footing. I get to bring mine more often, but because I'm not casual, I need to. Casuals don't. I'm not underestimating casuals. They're not playing seriously. They could play 24 hours a day and they are still not being serious about it.

    If they were serious, they'd sub. But they aren't.

    It'd be like going on a hiking trip for a few days up some rough terrain. Four guys are going and a fifth offers to tag along. We've got full rucksacks with camping gear and the like and he comes with a fanny pack. Tell you what, the guy wanting to tag along is going to get told to go take a walk around one of the paved natural trails instead.

    The difference with PS2 is its cheaper, and freebs can still somewhat participate on a competitive level. But they shouldn't fool themselves. If they truly wish to be as competitive and be able to help a platoon take something (and not just cert farm) they need to sub.
  13. Kalivix

    You're example is ridiculous, its more like if theres a hiking contest and you can only bring a fanny pack unless you pay the contest organisers money then you get proper supplies.

    Thats whats happening here, when you both have a tank your on equal footing but the member will have a tank 50% longer than a non member will meaning they will have the upper hand 50% of the time. I honestly don't get why you are so determined to defend pay to win, its universally hated and something companies avoid yet you are acting like its an essential part of all f2p games.
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  14. Gicod

    I subscribed for the first 6 months I played and have probably burned through 40k station cash on boosts, weapons, etc. That was mostly just to get caught up a bit faster. I have no issues playing casual now for free. Still have no talent, but at BR67 the certs come in fast enough to keep me happy. As a "freebie casual" I have no problem with the system. I can pull more maxes and tanks than ever before with the changes. Subscribers get a few more than I do. Big deal. They deserve to. A subscription isn't an I WIN button. If you want the same deal, scrounge under your couch cushions, knock over a gumball machine, start a lemonade stand, 15 bucks ain't squat. I get your concerns, but I think you are talking a mountain/molehill scenario.
  15. acksbox

    Not a member.

    Have never run out of Nanties, ever, and can't see how I could unless I was being incredibly, uselessly, reckless.
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  16. Crator

    If you want the benefit of being a member then subscribe. Just because a member can obtain resources faster doesn't mean they have an advantage over you. Primarily because this isn't a 1v1 game. You aren't going to go against someone with a tank the same way as you would if you also had a tank. You most likely won't go against them 1v1 at all. But that's ok, because you weren't meant to go 1v1 against another tank without a tank yourself in the first place...
  17. FLHuk

    But why? Why should it not give a power advantage over me as a F2P? Define what you mean by power advantage as there is no gold ammo!

    ---- Something like ----

    DETAIL : I think a member should get a power advantage over me as a F2P because he is paying the wages of the people developing the game. He is paying for the bandwidth, the servers, the development. I define "power advantage" as resources, XP, kit, toys and ammo. Not gold ammo.

    I think a F2P player should be encouraged to play as he is providing the members something to shoot at! This encouragement should be enough resources to play say spawn max, air, tank, c4 every ten mins.

    Opinions are great and everything but detail man, detail.
  18. acksbox

    Sounds like an advantage to me...or something that would be an advantage if you could run out of resources.
  19. david06

    Only if both players drive out of the spawn and immediately die. If a player can stay alive for a few minutes then it doesn't matter if they are a member or F2P because they earn back their resources and hit the cap.

    The spawn timers were the absolute worst, the forced cert-poor new guys and F2P players to spend thousands of their precious certs on something that didn't really help them in combat. This new system is much more egalitarian.
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  20. Liberty

    The resource system (and much of PS2) is still F2P done right. (In my opinion)

    If a free player comes up against a member with a similar build (ap/ap tank etec) then the two of them will be on equal footing and it is down to skill / positioning etc to see who comes out on top.

    P2W would be if a member could go buy something that gave him or her 10% more armor than a strictly F2P player or a special weapon that did 10% more damage or whatever.

    Membership = convenience, you don't have to grind as much to get what you want and you don't have to wait as long to use the shiny toys.

    I'm a big fan of the idea that "If you make a good game players want to play, they will also want to pay". Personally at this point I don't need a sub and the benefits it offers, but I keep it going anyway because I enjoy the game and figure I can do my small part to keep it going. If you enjoy something, support it.
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