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  1. Nighda Venesis

    General Aesthetic: I really like how there is more color neutrality while keeping the planetside look with the sparkly blue nanite dots. The lack of curvature works well and makes it feel more spacious for whichever screen you're looking at, especially on the map screen where the added transparency really gives extra breathing room over the old menu.

    Top Left: The addition of the equipped banner being displayed here is great, as well as the BR / ASP icons, level and level meter. It makes banners more meaningful for personal customization, and it is a good display to show off one's time sunk into this game. However, I could see how some people would enjoy not having their character's name there, or a setting to remove it, as some people create content and try to keep their character names secret. I personally may prefer my name not being there just for the look.

    Top Right: The hamburger menu is good, including what it should include, and will help reduce rare occasional accidental log outs. However, not being able to see all currencies at a glance is a downgrade from before in some screens, and I also believe it makes more sense to have this information in the bottom left as before. The boost display is a good addition, but I believe "EMPTY" should either be completely absent or in white to remain consistent with the theme. It's noticeable enough when there is no boost present without having additional text. Timers there are good, but an option to move them to a hover popup would be nice to keep things cleaner for those who want that. Its presence in this corner; on the top along with the banner, etc. to the left is good as they are both part of the My Character menu.

    Bottom Left: The all access messages take away from the immersive feeling the menu provides elsewhere and is more invasive than before. Resources should be in this corner instead with all currencies visible without a drop down or rise up menu. If you really want to keep the all access aspects on this menu, then it makes more sense to me for them to be on the bottom right, closer to the depot button. Just the icon itself would be enough, or please give us a setting to disable the thank you texts if you really want to include them. We appreciate the gratitude, but this is more invasive than it was before especially since it is now visible in more screens.

    Bottom Right: Currently empty, all access stuff should be in this corner if still present.

    Bottom Center: Much more visual breathing room than before. My only dislike is that the smoke portion of the button hover animation doesn't really fit well with the rest of the animation itself, since it's mainly just pulsing light, or the rest of the nanite dots theme.

    Thank you for reading and considering.
  2. Nighda Venesis

    Second PTS Iteration:

    Top Left: The addition of directive points is good. I would also hope that the metric no longer counts points from deleted characters, coming from somewhat of an OCD standpoint.

    Top Right: The logout button shouldn't be right next to the hamburger menu, and its presence as such may increase accidental log outs. I almost pressed it by accident wanting to go into the codex. It would probably belong best in the bottom right, and have a pop up to select between logging out and the new exit game option found in the hamburger menu (now there's two places for such accidents) to make an additional click necessary to confirm logging out or exiting. Don't forget to update the settings and exit button positions, maybe icons, in the log in menu as well to keep them consistent with whatever you go with. I still maintain what I said about the currencies. They literally don't fit there with the current spacing and with the new log out button it's starting to look cramped up here. Also still maintain what I said about the boost texts.

    Bottom Left: The new membership icon is good, and the previously intrusive message now sliding out upon hovering is a nice touch. I also still maintain this should move to the bottom right next to the depot button as mentioned.

    Bottom Right: It's still very free real estate.
  3. Nighda Venesis

    With what's been changed on PTS I can say that I believe this menu is now a funcitonal improvement over the previous one in every respect. Well done :)
    I'm still getting used to currencies being on the top but it's been growing on me. Things do make lots of sense the way they currently are on test.