[Suggestion] New Medic Abilities

Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by Dgross, Jun 27, 2015.

  1. Dgross

    Core Mechanics: Corpsman, Soldier Revival & Anti-Infantry

    Portable Triage Unit (PTU) – area effect healing aura that can be placed on the ground. Heals for a limited amount until the batteries are drained dry

    Medical Applicator Virus Needle (expanded ability) – alternate mode of the applicator allows the medic to infect an enemy soldier with a virus. When the soldier dies, the virus spreads to the respawning unit (spawn tube, Sunderer, Galaxy) and any soldier spawning from that respawn unit is also infected.
    The virus injects into the bloodstream and acts as a mini GPS, which pings the soldier on the map like a motion sensor. The shield recharge timer is also increased by (X) seconds, where X is increased by the rank of the ability

    Medical Applicator Antidote Needle (expanded ability) – alternate mode of the applicator allows the medic to cure any infected soldier or a respawning unit from enemy viruses

    Revival Grenade (expanded ability) – two grenades are now carried by default

    (Remove C4)
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  2. LazyAsian

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  3. Dgross

    What a compelling argument.
    Why did you even bother posting?
  4. Skiptrace

    Replies in Bold.
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  5. Dargadon

    Only PTU and Revive Nades buff are somewhat sane. Virus implementation in game`s current state will result in tons of bugs. Not to mention that description is OP`d as hell.
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  6. LOLdragon

    PTU is basically the same thing as the shield regenerator. Different, yes, but serves the same "limited-use stationary area-of-effect infantry health sustain" thing.

    The virus thing... seems like a neat idea, but probably would just needlessly complicate the game. I've spent 250 hours as a medic, and my job is plenty tough enough juggling the health and lives of my squad without having to juggle whether they've got an ailment indicator over their head. I just don't see it adding much to the game, and the mechanic seems like it would be difficult for new players to grasp. On top of that, I can see this either being overpowered or not powerful enough to matter if it somehow is easy to heal... I don't think too many medics will run toward the enemy with medic gun in hand, even if they can infect one or two players.

    I'm not too fond of the grenade or C4 changes either... C4 gives CM at least ONE anti-armor option.

    TL;DR: Nah. :/