New MAX abilities + Bursters = Completely broken game.

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by phreec, Apr 27, 2013.

  1. phreec

    By only allowing two of the three factions to get some sort of Super-Bursters are you creating a severe butterfly effect that unbalances much more than just the MAX class.
    Just think about it, buffing the hard-counters for two factions while leaving the third in the dark will completely break the balance of this game. It's not like the Reaver wasn't the worst ESF already or anything...

    They should make it so the new faction specific abilities can't be used with NS MAX weapons, or at least not the Bursters.
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  2. Malsvir Vishe

    -insert some comment about the abilities not being final so let the freaking devs re-tune them-
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  3. ChickenCurrys

    Fully agree with that, bursters mit extented mag are already way too OP, AA dont need ANY buffs, and no, I barely fly anymore - just disable ZOE/Lockdown bonus on bursters.
  4. Siveon

    Looking at SOE track record its clear they can't balance anything with their own common sense, therefore the community needs to voice their concerns.
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  5. phreec

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  6. TintaBux

    There is no need for vehicles in the game now, its going more infantry, yes MBT's getting health increase but it won't change anything because new AV arms are coming on top of everything else already there, so it will be the same.

    Next plan is to stop the air and give them big disadvantage, though for NC it's worse considering they don't have the super busters and have the worse ESF.
  7. Tanelorn

    Just wait until you see harassers with bursters in the rumble seat. They will outperform skyguards and the resulting QQ will hopefully provoke the devs to buff skyguards and nerf bursters. A LONG needed adjustment.
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  8. MortarionX

    Just being the devil's advocate here, but Bursters with Lockdown aren't all that useful in the long run. Why? Because by simply being in Lockdown, you lose half of the air space. Sure you have X% faster projectiles and reloading, but it ain't gonna do you any good if they just fly beyond your available airspace.

    ZOE on the other hand probably does need damage tuning with Bursters.
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  9. Glenndal

    The reason bursters were buffed is because ANY other AA at game launch was impossible to get without purchasing with cash or sinking tons of time into the game. Not a whole lot of people wanted to sink money into a fledgling game, and those that did got the most effective weapon they could: Rocketpods.

    Since then, all the changes the game has gone through have drastically changed the face of air. Currently on live, Air is right where it should be, but as AA continues getting unlocked by general players, its going to close up the skies more. At this point, in the test server, it would probably be ok to take the training wheels off and reduce burster damage slightly.

    This should also come with a small amount of reduction in the damage required to get "surface-to-air" exp, so the same number of hits from bursters will still trigger it, but the hits will deal less damage. That way people will still use burster-MAXs at all which is important for fending off air-pushes, but air-pushes themselves will find AA slightly less toxic.

    Particularly in games like this, small changes make a HUGE impact on play.
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  10. Neopopulas

    Honestly i'm surprised that they are allowing the abilities to work with NC weapons. Flamers and Grenade launchers and Bursters, i mean i know WHY they did it (its harder to disallow some things) but still, they probably shouldn't.
  11. Malsvir Vishe

    The only problem with Lockdown "Slightly affecting NS weapons" (in what that means to me) is that it will be made COMPLETELY pointless for bursters. If there's not enough of an increase, then the risk isn't worth the reward. If there's too much of an increase then it's overpowered. I think they need to make it affect different weapons differently on an individual level.

    That being said, I agree with it not affecting the flamethrower too much because then you could just lockdown flamethrowers behind cover in point entrances and just spam-win.

    But yeah. Balancing something is hard. (Even outside PS2... flippin' difficult to perfectly balance a meter stick.) It takes a ton of fine tuning and I really hope that SOE takes their time with balancing passes.
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  12. Van Dax

    ERMAGEHRD METER STICK OP:p I agree with you though I'd rather the abilities just not work at all with NS weapons-It takes the whole purpose of common pool weaponry away.
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  13. Malsvir Vishe

    Meter sticks are definitely OP. :p
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  14. NoctD

    Just reduce Bursters effectiveness for all factions by a large margin, even today they are totally OP!

    Somehow I think VS have it made here - the ZOE Burster isn't even limited to certain angles of fire unlike a lockdown TR MAX.

    OTOH, 2 of 3 factions get AA, but NC gets the only laser guided non-dumbfire new AV weapon. That aspect seems balanced, but Bursters have to be seriously toned down nonetheless if this game is meant to have air play a role at all.
  15. Alarox

    You mad that someone is giving feedback so that said developers know what to look into?

    I think somewhere, a long time ago, someone told me that forums and public test servers are designed for player feedback.
  16. Malsvir Vishe

    The classic "you mad" post always brings a smile to my face, especially when it is blatantly obvious that there is no anger in a post.

    It's called a joke. If I wanted to be "mad" I'd go play on the live test server at 2AM when the TR faction falls apart on Connery. :p
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  17. Lyel

    Yeah, nice and clear. Give any feedback you can the moment you can. If the devs are already going to fix it, this will tell them how. Don't be shy, dev's aren't offended when you call out to nerf something. They're only offended when you outright insult them like "SOE obviously can't balance anything!". Pretty mean things to say to a company who puts their time, money, and dedication into these things.
  18. phreec

  19. Nobalification

    By only allowing two of the three factions to get some sort of better ESRL . . . etc. This i can say to you if you really mean this. . .
  20. gigastar

    All i really noticed with ZOE Bursters today was the massive tracers added to the flak shells.

    Not that you could do anything more to give away the position of my glowing, pink MAX to everyone in a 500m radius.

    Though i will say, those tracers make it really easy to correct your target leading, and those lovely chaps at [IPT] obliged me by sending my platoon an air zerg to practice on.