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  1. 1john

    What this game really needs is a new map.
    Cyssor, Solsar or Searhus. Oshur would be too much like Ishundar, Ceryshen like Esamir.
    Cyssor might be like Forseral but with more interesting choke points.
    My vote would be for Solsar or Searhus.
    A new map sure would liven up the map rotation..
    What would you want for a new map?
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  2. RabidIBM

    Maybe they should add Hossin to the game?

    Jokes aside, I didn't play PS1, so I really can't comment on any of its continents, but I like the idea of adding more to the rotation. One thought I had about something that might be fun to do once (I'm not asking for this to be standard, just something that comes through the rotation) would be to add a 1 minute builder base to the middle. Imagine at the end of the alert, after most bases are out of play, all 3 factions crash the middle for a final 3 way climax. It would also help the construction play to matter a bit more.
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  3. Demigan

    This game would be massively hurt by adding a new map.

    All it does is take away developer resources for a map that will be interesting for a month and then be old news. This map will have all the same problems that we complain about now. From the spawnrooms being too easy to spawncamp to the bad balance between infantry, aircraft and tanks, the end-game design of capturing the continent that rewards players for avoiding fights or zerging them etc.

    It will not solve anything!

    Only if we've solved all the problems with current continents and have a solid gameplay on our hands can we start thinking about new maps.
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  4. DarkQuark

    A new map would be refreshing. Maybe something like the caves from PS1. I miss those.
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  5. pnkdth

    Yeah, instead of working on a new map I rather see a more condensed version of the ones we have. I don't mean smushing them together but more like connecting them in different ways so we get different kinds of battles we only otherwise see with footzergs, for example, fights over the ridges and mountains of Indar, tenches and tunnels on Esamir (thinking the battle of Hoth from Star Wars), etc, etc. Every base doesn't have to be a base. It is a war zone, after all!

    There are so many cool places that barely ever gets fought over and that's a sham, cause everyone deserves to experience a proper battleline push rather than teleporting around like magical pixies and riding the bus.
  6. DarkQuark

    Those are good points for sure. But I think a new map with some new twists or mechanics would generate interest and some excitement. Even if it were a condensed map.
  7. FLHuk

    The last time a map was touched it had most of itself erased.

    The next time a map is touched Ti Alloys gets erased.

    There's a pattern here but for the life of me I just can't see it....
  8. OneShadowWarrior

    Been asking for this forever.