New Map! Koltyr! :D

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  1. KnightCole

    Not unlike now with cont locking, cant play on 50% of the maps as it is. See, I think SoE is preparing us for maps like Koltyr with cont locking so we get used to not being able to play with a vast majority of the game content...
  2. Strottinglemon

    Read the OP.
  3. Pikachu

    The more the more maps that are added, the higher proportion of them will be locked obviously. Adding maps is for variation not increasing playable area.
  4. KnightCole

    Cont locking is ******** anyway.....

    By SoE logic, WWII woulda been fought in a series of rows.....Army Group A for the Germans woulda been stuck near Leningrad and absolutely unable in any way to flank around it.

    Then, down wiht Army Group B in Stalingrad, they woulda been in there and you know that flank and encirclement that the Russians did to finally take the city back? Yeah, that wouldnt have been possible due to "Cuz lattice" ......we gotta take back Stalingrad before we can flank these guys.

    And then while all this is going down in Russia, the Allies would be entirely unable to even go south of France, making the entire bit in Africa having never happened, cuz it would magically have been cut off until the US/Brit/Canada had taken back all of France.....ofc, the lattice lane woulda been from each of the 5 beaches, with Utah prolly leading up the Cotenin Peninsula and the path down towards StLo would be blocked until Cherbourg woulda been captured. Oh, and the bombing raids into Germany? Not possible cuz Germany is locked until we take back France......

    Its ******* stupid........

    Is Indar being hammered? Good, wanna maybe get some pressure off one front? Ok, take 3 platoons onto the mostly unguarded Esamir and begin taking spots back there.....that will ease the Indar with less on Indar, one side is better able to make progress...and evne Lattice I still think is dumb....Eisa Tech under heavy siege and need to convince some forces to leave? roll behind Eisa and take back Saerro....but can we? Naw, cuz Lattice MUST fight until you take THIS ZERG IT!!!!

    And between lattice and cont locking, this game became just so goddamn boring 1000x faster......
  5. Frostiken

    Keep in mind they told us that moving vehicles through warpgates was 'coming soon'.

    This was during the beta.
  6. MasonSTL

    Woooo there cowboy. This map is there as the others DL. It's going to be a bunch of headless chickens running around, no real need to make it competitive.

    And I am going to assume that the UI will tell them the jist of why there are there and when they can leave, no player is going to see this place and say "This is it? **** this game!" before BR5... and if they do, good riddance.
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  7. Whiteagle

    ...God damn it SOE!
  8. Pikachu

    Dayum you're angry lately KnightCole. :eek:
  9. KnightCole

    Kinda lol. Atleast towards PS2. Its sad to see how the game has kinda changed for the overall worse....
  10. Gazatron

    This could stop people making characters to tk with because they would have to get to BR5 first anyway if I've read it correctly. So would they risk losing their main accounts for petty things?
  11. ajma

    If going through Koltyr is mandatory, then yes, this could actually help with that issue.
  12. AdmiralArcher

    actually it should be about as good as has 1 of each of the large base types....and presumably a large outpost, a tower, and a small outpost 3 warpgates varying terrain. i think this will work well...but perhaps making boot BR a tad higher, say 15 or so might be a better idea. dont let them leave until BR 10 i think.......they would probably hav the option to skip it....but if they complain after skipping this area that is completely their fault.

    cant wait to play on it on test
  13. AdmiralArcher

    what? koltyr is a traning level meant to act as a live tutorial...its not meant to be played on like we do indar.

    the Nexus battle islands are different, they only have 2 warpgates and are smaller.

    and please continents unlock with little effort and if enough people are playing then only 1 continent can lock.
  14. KnightCole

    Point is none should lock, cont locking shouldnt even be a thing....its just a cat herding mechanic to force everyone onto the same continent......
  15. Whiteagle

    True enough, you would not believe the argument I had in the comments for a Youtube Video promoting the Original Planetside with some idiot trying to argue that PS2 becoming nothing more than another FPS was a good thing...
  16. AdmiralArcher

    there are alot of reasons why they wanted to do it, part of it was because there were fewer large scale fights (those things this game is known for) and there was a lot of ghost capping (pre-lattice) each empire would sulk off to their own continent duing the night and the fights were pitiful.

    another reason is it is meant to have strategic value, its supposed to be part of a larger campaign style system where the factions fight until one locks enough continents. it was designed to be a faux endgame type thing, battle islands, MLG tournaments and the WDS were all supposed to be a part of this whole thing. i think it will be better once the whole system gets relased in like...3 months, for now, yeah locking isnt the best way to do things, but just because you want to go frolic around on amerish doing nothing useful, doesnt mean you should keep others from enjoying good fights that arnt happening because too many people like you are getting high on life on amerish.

    when the ANTS will tank the devs for what they did
  17. RIctavius

    Extra hardcore mode, Vehicles has FUEL....
  18. Halo572

    Wow, way to non-event something.

    2 1/2 years later they are introducing a sub-Rank 10 entry area and some of you are getting hyped?

    About as innovative to improving the title and making it worthwhile playing as t-shirts and player spotlights are.

    Or is this an SOE strategy to diversify from an alleged MMO FPS and draw attention away from what it actually is by every means possible? Creating a brand which tries to make sure nothing actually improves the core product?

    Next up - the McDonald's PS2 Happy Meal with free hats to collect.
  19. Grayson

    Yeah, with the BROKEN, HALF FINISHED resource system we really need a "city continent" with even smaller buildings that we currently have.
    And we shall call it Nade Jersey the city of lolspamm!
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  20. KnightCole

    When ever it starts to have a point.

    As for ANTS, what? as in a limit to the number of spawns at a base? Where shooting the guys will actually start to matter? Where your sunderers can run out of spawns and nanites? then KD would actually matter some lol. Those who are getting just mercilessly killed off will become a serious detriment. Then maybe the idiotic BS will stop, or slow down some. TKing and the like. Maybe then the game will become more serious and overall better. But until that day, I vote Cont locking does Lattice....