New main battle tank secondary weapons

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Immortalgz, Jul 26, 2014.

  1. Immortalgz

    So higby stated there would be new 2nd weapons for the main battle tanks in the upcoming patch, anyone got any possible info or leaks on what they will be. Thanks.
  2. Pikachu

    What? Where the butt did you hear this? You're sure he didn't just say 2 of the secondary weapons would get buffed? Marauder and c85.
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  3. Maljas23

    This ^
  4. Flag

    Adjustments to the ESAI guns.

    Maybe that's what you're thinking about?
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  5. Frozen-K

    Has to be buffs/nerfs to the ESAI weapons.

    But it's sad that he thinks they're "new". Just goes to show how much they're actually used.
  6. Aelyn

    Oooor... maybe he just misunderstood/-read the announcement about adjustments to the ESAI weapons.
  7. Frozen-K

    No I'm pretty sure what I said is relatively accurate. Because let's be honest, when do you ever see a marauder or C85 modified?
  8. Alarox

    Every time I pull my Vanguard. Other than that? Once in a blue moon I see a tank with one of them, but they die shortly thereafter. Either because the Vanguard gets in close to infantry and dies or because I kill Prowler.
  9. Frozen-K

    Pretty much what I meant. You just never see them barring those special circumstances, and the tank with them usually explodes to someone running HEAT and a halberd.
  10. EliteEskimo

    The Marauder is barely getting buffed, I highly highly doubt anything will change. If the NC get a usable C85 though that will make me happy. :)
  11. Pikachu

    Yes velocity goes from 150 to 175 woopdidu. :rolleyes: My general opinion is that if a change is less than 25% and does not pass a threshold then its too low to be meaningful.
  12. Flag

    C85Mod CoF buff is about 10% improvement.

    Not enough?!
  13. Pikachu

    I see one once a day maybe. The marauder is far more rare and I mean when I play TR.
  14. Pikachu

    I doubt it. Also the change I want is its old 250x12 damage.
  15. EliteEskimo

    That's like putting a spiked collar on a Chihuahua and expecting it to do better against a great dane :rolleyes:
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  16. WTSherman

    Honestly, they need to make the C85 into the unholy bastard child of a Jackhammer and a Kobalt. A shot-machinegun.
  17. KnightCole

    Or an LA hops on the roof, after lazily walking 250m across the board to the Vanguard, who up to that point has fired in excess of 350 rounds at that LA. THe LA then jet packs up as the Tanker reloads for the 153rd time, lands on the roof as the Tanker unloads yet another magazine and commences to casually plant the C4 in the turret ring, down the barrel and 1 in the tracks for good measure....after paying no attention to the guy in the Shotgun thing...he hops off it, casually strolls away, putting on his sunglasses, as per Horatio Kaine from CSI Miami, and the scene cuts out with the Vanguard exploding....

    And BTW, what the heck is a Marauder? That the 2 barrel gun thing that goes on the TR vehicles? Yeah, I gotta say its rare as hell....Only Marauder I know weighs either 75 or 100t, has 2 PPC in the arm a big gun up top and is very spindly and Mech like :)
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  18. Frozen-K

    Your vanguard...:cool: was unguarded.
  19. KnightCole

    I would never mount such a blasphemous weapon on my tank. When I pull it, its either M20 or M12...those are much nicer =D
  20. Calisai

    That is an improvement. The spikes will help it get caught in the dane's throat and become fatal. ;)