[Suggestion] New Lockdown for TR Max

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  1. Villanuk

    Well the new AMR has very much put an end to using lockdown. Every other Faction ability has no risk when using their special feature, no risk for reward. LD was always a risk for reward but now you are a bigger sitting duck than ever and as two of my VS mates made clear, sit on a hill with all the ammo you need and pick off the Max as the LD time is just not quick enough to prevent death. The AMR has no sway, you just cant miss a static object, you cant.

    So I have come up with a very simple idea so the Devs may do something about it, complex ideas are just not going to happen, they do not have the resource for it.

    LD stays in the slot if you choose to use it but you do not have to press a button to activate LD.

    If your stationary for 5 seconds and only using the mouse ( as you would do with LD ) then you get the increase rate of fire but as soon as you move Max ( with the keys ) you loose the perk and return to normal ROF and then you need to be stationary for 5 seconds if you want to get LD back.

    For me this way you still get LD but not instant ( due to the static time) but if you have AMR focused on your head you can at least get out of the way or have a chance to so. LD lock and unlock would be just to slow unless its instant which is quite pointless with my idea.

    Naturally you will only have a 180 rotation as before.

    Your unbiased opinions are most welcome and more so from one of the DEVS.

    Cheers Villan.
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  2. FieldMarshall

    I would personally like to se the un-lock instant. I dont mind if the lockdown process is 4 seconds to compensate.
    (Or release it as a new lockdown variant if people dont like 4 second lockdowns.)
    Most complaints i have heard about lockdown is that they cant escape high damage threats (part of why charge is so awesome i guess)
    Sometimes 1 second is the difference between living or getting hit with a C4, AP tank, RL, AV turret, AV grenade.
    The biggest weakness of the MAX (imo) is its slow speed. Lockdown is the only ES ability that makes your weakness even worse.
    (Again, why charge is so great)

    Or leave lockdown as it is now, but instead of being stationary, you are 50% slower.
    That way you can peak corners and avoid OHK damage.

    Just adding my thoughts.
  3. Villanuk

    Hi FM, I do agree with your points, and I think this has been mentioned before and I would certainly with this option.
  4. Goretzu

    This would buff Lock-down certainly.

    But then I'd argue with this buff, that Aegis Shield should be allowed to still fire (at a reduced rate of fire) and ZOE should be buffed (somehow - I've no idea how to buff it without making it OPd).

    That's plain untrue, try advancing underfire with Aegis Shield, or even just holding your position underfire with Aegis Shield and see how effective it is. It has basically one effective use moving a short distanced to cover, which Charge does at least as well.
  5. Liewec123

    cool idea, but on my TR i like to use it aggressively, for example when a vehicle is retreating you can jump on a rock, instantly hit lockdown and rain hell on them, having to be stationary for X amount of seconds for it to activate wouldn't allow for this kind of playstyle that toggles it on and off a lot.

    my proposed lockdown buff is even simpler, allow crouching,
    this would let you lay down some fire and then duck back in to cover when needed.
  6. Villanuk

    I disagree. The shield protects you, i don't see a risk of using that, more so when under heavy fire and your getting away and i dont see how the new rifle will expose you when using a shield. LD is exposed drastically as you are a sitting target not just for tanks but now a 2 shot sniper rifle with no sway or need to hold breath?
  7. Villanuk

    Again i would go with that idea. If a sniper ( AMR ) was having a pop, crouch and stand will make it a little harder to get you, although i still think the LD timer would need to be reduced so your not a static target in some cases, but even if that were not possible, i would still go with this.
  8. Goretzu

    Lock-down you have more offense, but you cannot move.
    Aegis Shield you have more defense (sort of), but you cannot fire.

    With a good enough shot you should be direct fireable to the feet behind the shield (especially with high mag scopes on AMR) or the head if you cover the feet (an astoundingly bad idea now, of course). Aegis Shield has always been poor at anything but a short movement to hard cover, AMR may make this worse, but doesn't create the situation.

    Use the Aegis Shield, see how it works, you still cannot effectively advance under fire with it, all you can use it for is to keep you alive whilst you move a short distance (usually backwards or sideways) to hard cover (not to mention Aegis Shield has a deployment time, even ignoring clientside which tends to make it even longer)

    Lock-down currently has significant power, it just tends to be fairly situational power, Aegis Shield is less situational, certainly, but still is just generally worse than using Charge.

    I'm just saying this would buff Lock-down way above Aegis Shield and ZOE.

    The idea that you can effectively do away with the main downside of Lock-down (having a delay to movement - which has already been reduced to just 1.0s - if you can just move as soon as you want like a normal MAX there is no effective movement downside) and yet leave Aegis Shield and ZOE as they are is plain unbalanced!
  9. Villanuk

    This will still have a downside, your static if you use LD but all this does now is address the AMR in the game, which has to be done. If your going to bring in a MAX killer then you have to look at the overall outcome to that factions max and the NC and VS have no downside with using their feature, the TR do and thats the point im making and focusing on or LD will be pointless, so we will have NO feature. Yes we will have a quicker get away but a good shot could still take you out, but it gives the TR a chance. Im not talking about 10 yard away engies, i talking 130 meter away snipers where you cant get them or see them, that will not effect your or the VS max, but its terminal for a TR max LD. The other downside is, if you are being shot at and your moving then you dont get to engage LD. I see what your writing but your focus seems is about the NC and immaterial comparisons and this thread is about TR
  10. Goretzu

    Your version has a minor downside to being able to use it, but absolutely NO downside to actually using it as you can move the instant you take any fire.

    So there is never a reason not to use Lock-down with your version - that is you would always use it unless you are taking fire, in which case you can instantly move anyway.

    Your version of Lock-down would likely be superior to Charge and would be way, way superior to Aegis Shield and ZOE..... that is not immaterial, that is BALANCE! (otherwise the old ZOE would have been fine :confused: )

    To make the Aegis Shield work something like you are suggesting for Lock-down you'd need 5 seconds stationary to deploy it, but then you'd be totally immune to all damage (or rather your shield would take all incoming damage of every sort from every direction) and you'd be able to instantly undeploy it and fire when you wanted - and even then the Aegis Shield would still have the downside of not firing and still might need a reduced RoF to balance it.

    Now that is fine, IF you buff Aegis Shield and ZOE by as much as well (as I said a comparative buff to Aegis Shield would likely allowing NC MAX to fire with Aegis Shield up at a reduced rate or total immunity to all damage for the duration of the shield - either allowing it to be more useful to advance under fire - I have no idea for a comparative ZOE buff).
  11. Villanuk

    I see your point about not having a direct downside, but should that be called downside or risk?? Downside, you cant use it for 5 seconds, but ive taken that figure out of the air, if it was 10 seconds that would be even a bigger downside yes and make it less versatile? You will then say you dont have any risk but a downside,yes correct and that would even things up and the other maxes dont have direct risk when using their ability.

    I wont comment on what other factions should have etc as i wont this thread just for the TR max and not to dilute any opinions.
  12. Goretzu

    Even if you make it 30 seconds stationary to activate, there is still no downside to using it (as you can move as soon as you want), only to activating it. So effectively any sensible MAX user would activate it every time they could and there'd be no great reason for them not to do so. If you made it like the Vanguard shield where you had 10 seconds of use then a forced 45 second cool down till it could be used again then that would be a significant downside (although I dunno if that would be better than the current version).

    However with just a 5s stationary activation time I don't see the drawback to using it at all, it would just be plain out and out better than Charge, and especially than Aegis Shield and ZOE........ and you cannot just say the TR should get an uber MAX ability without considering NC and VS (or else VS would still have ZOE 1.0)
  13. Villanuk

    So 30 seconds has no downside, really, thats the whole essence, your a sitting duck, a big cross hair on your head. Your missing the whole point !!

    To use our special we have to stand still, fine we accepted that risk but now with wham bam slam snipers from 130 meters your just an easy target, understand, so LD deploy is just to slow for a TR max to have any chance of using LD without now a massive increase in risk, its not hard to understand is it. The flip of that is VS and NC have NO negative that will get you killed by using your special and quite Franklyn they ONLY help survive against the AMR, ours is a death sentance !!
  14. Goretzu

    You're not a "sitting duck" though, that is the point! The second you take fire you can move, that is exactly the same as any MAX.

    The ability you are proposing would always be used when it could be, as there is no downside to using it (only a very minor critera for activating it).

    Furthermore the ability you are proposing is much more powerful than Charge, Aegis Shield or ZOE (which would require buffs to Aegis Shield and ZOE).

    There is no amazing "risk" to having to stand still for 5 second to activate it, because as soon as you come under fire you can move like any MAX can.... if you choose to stand still and be killed....... that is just like any other MAX doing that too.

    Trying to do anything, but move a short distance backward or sidewise to hard cover with Aegis Shield will get you killed, it has no practical use other than that! If you've got AMRs firing at you as an NC MAX you're as least as well off with Charge (and probably better off with Charge) than with Aegis Shield.

    As it stands with Lock-down with the new 1.0s undeploy time you should be moving before a 2nd shot can land.