[Guide] New loadout to use with shotgun

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Maxence822, Feb 27, 2015.

  1. Maxence822

    Hello! So I was starting to get a little bored with my current standard loadout of regular jump jets, smg/carbine and all the other stuff. I decided to create a new loadout for myself using a pump shotgun as primary, drift jets, C4. Before this idea, I had previously (many months ago) managed to get a grand total of 2 kills with the mauler and that had been it for me and shotguns. Well I decided to first try the full auto so I trialed it and really did not like it, it is more of a spray and pray weapon in my opinion. Well I then moved on to trying the mauler again and did not like it anymore than the first time. I then tried out the pump actions starting with the bruiser and it seemed slightly too bulky and slow. The claw was simply perfect! During my 30 minute trial (with level 2 drifter jets), I managed a grand total of around 60 kills (around 20 were from C4, but you get the idea). So right after the trial was over, I purchased the Claw for 1000 certs and immediately stuck an extended mag on it. I picked up the nanoweave simply because I had it already but maybe the adrenaline pump would be good for closing in distances and for even more speed while drifting? The drifter jets are great for starting from a high place and going around dropping c4 and hovering over areas to check for hostiles. So basically the loadout is as follows.

    Claw pump action shotgun (or ES equivalent) - 1000 certs + extended mags 100 certs = 1100
    Any secondary (i prefer the rebel or regular gun with silencer for infiltration)
    Drifter jets- 100 certs to lvl 2, 200 to lvl 3, etc.
    Utility slot- C4- 200 1st brick, 500 2nd brick
    Suit slot- your choice

    Hope everyone enjoys it :)
  2. Skiptrace

    Drifters IMO are one of the most useless things to ever be invented... I've never been in a situation where Drifters worked better than the regular Jump Jets. even the Icarus Jump Jets are more useful than Drifters due to their high upward velocity and quick recharge which is great for Tower Busting. If i want to C4 something, I don't do it from 100m up, I want accuracy, not blind potshots. If I'm taking out a sundie, i'll die trying over risking missing.
  3. Maxence822

    Well I do admit I agreed with you before trying drifters. They are actually pretty useful, at least with my limited experience.
  4. Caydn

    Stick to jump the drifters are junk and even the sweeper is better then the claw and get the crossbow with explosive bolts to back up your c4 to get more vehicle kills ( shotguns best for tower and biolab fights otherwise use a carbine or a decent smg )
  5. BurntDevil

    Drifters and shotguns work great together. Anyone who says otherwise doesnt know how to properly make use of drifters.
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  6. Caydn

    Dude stick to playing eng nobody I knows recommends drifters they a waste of certs
  7. Iridar51

    There are a few guys, but mostly they're using drifters for C4 fairing. Drifters seem inferior for any other purpose.
    Though frankly I've never given them a fair chance.
  8. Maxence822

    Well Iridar51, I know disagreeing with you is very very very seldom a good idea especially about the light assault. But I must disagree because the drifters may not be that good for ascending building and all that (which they actually do a decent job of) but they are godlike if you swoop on your enemies and get above them, you can basically drift from enemy to enemy moving too fast for them to shoot you effectively and kill them one after the other with the pump action (ohk shotgun). I think you should definitely give them a chance and see how you like them, be warned, it does require a different playstyle than the regular jump jets.
  9. Iridar51

    Yeah, now that drifters are buffed, they are on my to-do list. I thank you for your insight.
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